shayarisms4lovers June18 12 - Goose Punches – Part One

Goose Punches – Part One

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The first in a series of short independent poems…
You can call it a package of micro poems … enjoy!

When I see her gravitate towards me.

Very uncomfortable I feel.

It’s all because of her hills.

Not her heels beneath south.

But the one pointing east.

And the other facing west.

It makes me shudder with passion.

When her hills quake with violence…


Yesterday is a fade.

Today is a new cake.

Take your blade.

Cut your portion.

Let’s celebrate.


Poetry is noise, sounds and voices.

Garnished with words and phrases, shared.

With yourself and your world.

Your world, your peers.

Your world, your lovers and haters.

Your ‘huswife’…

The audience…


I had love for her.

She never knew, it was hidden, growing, until.

I never knew she wanted me a brother.

I never knew she wanted me, not a lover.

She had love for me.

I  never knew, it was hidden, growing, until.

she never knew I wanted her a sister.

she never knew I wanted her, not a lover.


When my eyes see you through the fire stone.

And you still can’t see me love you through the flames.

If I meet you again, I will look at you.

Like this…

You are strange to me.


Those moments when you sincerely didn’t mean it.

But it was too late.

And you continue to ask for forgiveness.

Not with clapping lips…

But with falling streams from your eyes.

And you are really sorry…


If love was forbidden in my world.

I don’t know how I will cope.

Because songs of love from the Bible.

Taught me it was a beautiful cup everyone should drink from.

If love was forbidden in my world.

I don’t know how I will survive.

Because songs of love from the Bible.

Taught me love was God’s way to mend and revive us…

…to be continued


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shayarisms4lovers June18 210 - Take My Thoughts Far – Part One

Take My Thoughts Far – Part One

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A short poem to goose your thoughts…

That was my first time;

I never saw a lizard flying to catch a butterfly over the wall.


How uninteresting the world will be

if we had just one colour to see.

What interesting songs a womanizer will sing

if it was right to wed every female finger with rings.

How the sun will burn our beings

as we continue to kill the trees.

How Africa will rise beyond a million degree,

if he scraps the schools billion fees.

If their land is clean, check the bins on the street, Africa.


What chaos there will be

if all creatures had wings,

including the sea and its beings.

How healthy the vein

that eats the green over again

How happy the saint who meets Jesus face-to-face

How snappy the snail

if every delay had a price to pay.

Tortoise will fly,

if static speed attracted a moment without breath.

How Bolt Usain would have bolted pass the plane

if speed meant everlasting life.


Marry a wife, keep her to your side,

enjoy her, everyday, she is a gift.

How the earth would have quaked in pain

if it welcomed only sun and detested rain.

That was my first time…

I was walking by the mountain.

Then I started jumping.

I didn’t know why.

My heels wanted to jump over the hill.


How sinful, men will be if we had many lives to see.

There is only one life to live.

So be…


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