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20 Of The Best Female Movie Monologues To Inspire Your Inner Leading Lady

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Because sometimes we all need a little movie-motivitation to inspire us to say what we need to say.

Whether we’re inspired, motivated, or entertained by our favorite female characters in our beloved movie classics, there’s a part of us that relishes those moving or sometimes even sassy monologues.

These are the ones that make you think twice before you let someone take advantage, or the ones that make you believe in love again, or even the monologues that have you laughing off the edge of your seat, letting you know it’s okay to be yourself and to let your goofy-flag fly!

These are movies we grew up watching, or recent hits we’ve been begging our friends and family to watch. Read on as we discuss our top 20 favorite (and down right empowering) female monologues from movies varying in every genre.

1. The Help

“You is smart, you is kind, you is important.”

While not a long monologue performed by Viola Davis, it’s impactful nonetheless. As a nanny to an uptight and ignorant family, Davis’ character Aibileen grows a deep bond with the young girl she cares for.

Not only does the mother of the house treat Aibileen horribly, she also is a terrible mother to her only child, often times ignoring her or letting her cry alone and sit in dirty diapers for hours. To show the young girl she is loved and special, Aibileen repeats these words to her: “You is smart, you is kind, you is important.”

2. Pretty Woman

“Do you remember me…” 

The ultimate f*** you. We love when Julia Roberts shows up to the luxury boutique (that initially denied her and turned her away), with thousands of dollars in clothes, shoes and accessories. And oh, the ultimate gut wrenching moment: “You work off commission, right?”

3. He’s Just Not That Into You

“I’d rather be like that, than be like you.”

When Ginnifer Goodwin as Gigi (can’t help but be the hopeless romantic) begins to imagine herself and co-star Justin Long have begun dating based upon on the time they spend together, she quickly gets shut down. Her epic monologue following her denial speaks to every hopeful girl looking to meet her one-and-only.

She mentions how it’s important to put yourself out there and to have faith, because that’s how you meet someone worthy of falling in love with. If you play it cool …

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