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20 Iconic Quotes From ‘The Bachelor’ Every Super-Fan Remembers

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Hey, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Ah, The Bachelor. Some people hate it but many are obsessed with it and plan their Monday nights around the new episodes.

Personally, I’m a fan of The Bachelor franchise, or as Chris Harrison calls it, The Bachelor Nation. I can’t get enough of it — the love, the drama, all of it.

Although there have been many breakups and heartbreaks throughout the seasons, there have also been a good amount of happy endings! If you look up past contestants from the show on Instagram, you’ll find happy couples like Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. They met on Bachelor in Paradise, got married and have a daughter named Bella together who just turned one. There’s also Jade and Tanner Tolbert, a.k.a. “Janner,” who have an adorable daughter named Emmy. They recently announced they’re expecting their second child.

Another bachelor couple who recently got married in January and is expecting a baby girl in June is last season’s bachelor, Arie, and his wife, Lauren Luyendyk. 

Even the people who hate the show must admit that it’s a hit! The numbers speak for themselves.

Since it first aired in 2002, there have been 23 seasons of The Bachelor, 14 seasons of The Bachelorette and 5 seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, as well as many other spin-off series. Not to mention, The Bachelor franchise is international! Places like Australia and Asia even have their own seasons of The Bachelor to get immersed in. 

Although it’s supposed to be “reality TV,” The Bachelor still casts like any other TV show would. It needs a villain to start drama and interesting people to keep viewers coming back for more. It also needs the men and women that the bachelor/bachelorette will like. Casting each season perfectly has made for some interesting TV. Contestants have said many memorable lines that real Bachelor fans still know to this day.

People say and do some crazy things in the name of love… and reality TV! Here are 20 quotes from The Bachelor franchise that any member of “Bachelor Nation” will remember.

1. When Ashley S. was just plain odd during Chris’ season of The Bachelor

“If it’s a pomegranate then God bless it.” — Ashley S. 

2. When Caelynn, who’s been in beauty pageants her whole life, said this about Hannah G. during Colton’s season of The Bachelor

“I just

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