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25 Powerful Quotes About Being A Single Parent Every Single Mom Or Dad Can Relate To

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Thank you for all you do.

Single Parents Day on March 21 was a day to celebrate all of the amazing efforts displayed by single moms and single dads all over the world, but you can never appreciate all of their hard work enough — especially all in one day.

A single parent’s job is difficult because they’re playing the role of a mother and father while juggling work and keeping the household in check.

Some of the most hardworking and amazing people I know are single parents. I would know — I was raised by a single mother who immigrated from Vietnam in the late 80s. My mother spent most of her life working so that she could earn enough money to send my brother and myself through college. It’s her selfless, hardworking, strong personality that I hope to have even a fraction of. For this, I understand and appreciate what all the single parents in this world do for their kids.

But single parents are only human and they have emotions too. Just like everyone else, they have their limits and breaking points, which are often hidden behind a strong and smiling facade.

So in honor of all the brave and strong single parents, here are 25 relatable and inspiring quotes about being a single mom or a single dad to remind you how amazing these parents really are, year round.

1. Doing normal things is a luxury to them.

“I’m always working, and I’m a single parent, so I don’t think I have time for stuff most normal people do.” — Charlie Murphy

2. No amount of preparation is enough

“I was not prepared to live as a single parent”. — Annette Funicello

3. They work 10 times harder than anyone else.

“I was illustrating, and I was cleaning people’s houses; I was doing whatever I could to take care of my kid as a single parent.” — Emil Ferris

4. Everything has its pros and cons, but the pros make it all worth it.

“Being a single mother is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.” — Unknown

5. It’s a superpower of its own category.

“I’m a single parent. What’s your superpower?” — Unknown

6. A single parent has the power of two.

“She has to have four arms, four …

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