27 Jenny Slate Quotes, Jokes & Memes About Heartbreak & Having No Regrets

She’s weird and we love it!

Jenny Slate is an actress, author, and comedian. She started performing comedy with her best friend Gabe Liedman after meeting him at Columbia University in 2000. They became comedy duo ‘Gabe & Jenny.’ In 2008, they then began doing free stand up shows in Williamsburg with Max Silvestri called Big Terrific. Around that time, Slate started performing a one-woman show called Jenny Slate: Dead Millionaire at Uprights Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCBT).

In 2009, Jenny Slate appeared in sketches on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the television shows Girls, Bob’s Burgers, Important Things with Demitri Martin, and others. During this time, Slate was hired on Saturday Night Live for one season. In her first episode, she accidentally cursed during her first sketch “Biker Chit Chat.”

In 2010, Jenny Slate co-wrote and voiced the …

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