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20 Best Danny Glover Quotes About Life, Activism & The Entertainment Industry

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“I try to do what I believe in.” — Danny Glover

40 years is a long time to do anything. From being married to living in one place, doing anything for as long as that is impressive — and acting is no exception. While there are a handful of actors and actresses that have managed to stay in the industry for that long, one of the most influential is Danny Glover.

Glover was born on July 22, 1946 in San Francisco. Both of his parents worked for the post office and they were activists for the NAACP. When the time for college came around Glover attended San Francisco State University, but he didn’t graduate. Instead, he’d go on to work in city administration before going into theater. After that, he moved to Los Angeles to become a full-fledged actor.

Debuting in 1979 as an inmate in the movie Escape From Alcatraz, Glover has gone on to star in others films such as Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple, the Lethal Weapon franchise and the sequel to the original Predator. He also played a role in the 1985 Best Picture nominee Witness.

Throughout his career, Glover has been nominated multiple times for Best Picture and personal Emmys. Glover also won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actor in a film he helped produce, To Sleep With Anger. On the small screen (television), Glover received an Image Award and a Cable ACE Award for his work in the HBO movie Mandela.

Along with his acting career, Glover has made a name for himself as a humanitarian and activist. With his work and advocacy for economic justice and access to health care and education programs in the United States and Africa, Glover won a DGA Honor in 2006. In 2010, Glover was awarded the Doctorate of Humane Letters for his humanitarian efforts with organizations such as United Farm Workers, UNITE HERE, The Algebra Project and the Black AIDS Institute. Most recently, Cuba awarded Glover with the Cuban National Medal of Friendship for his continued stance with the Cuban 5 during incarceration.

When you’ve worked in the entertainment business for as long as Danny Glover has, you’ve got a few things to say. So from over the years here are 20 of the best Danny Glover quotes:

1. Remembering how the world is.

“Every day of my life I

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