shayarisms4lovers June18 234 - Communist Pillow Talk | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

Communist Pillow Talk | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

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“In my opinion, true love is expressed in reserve, modesty, and even
shyness toward his idol, and never in temperamental excesses or too
premature intimacy.” —Karl Marx, in a private letter, London, 1866.

Come a little closer, my comrade
and I’ll whisper my confession:

Nothing turns me on
like fighting against oppression!

In the midst of class struggle
there’s always time to snuggle.

(Better red and in bed
than bourgeoisie, I’ve always said.)

Who cares if we wake the neighbors
with the sounds of our surplus labors?

For it’s more than evolutionary…
If our love is revolutionary!

So seduce me, my scarlet darling;
let me give you a tickle.

You got the hammer
and I’ve got the sickle.

Dialectical materialism
is the tune to which we dance.

Workers of the world Unite!
There’s an insurrection in my pants.

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 188 - The Poor Truth | A Poem by P.K. Deb

The Poor Truth | A Poem by P.K. Deb

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All the sceptic noses— flat or pointed
Are shrivelled as something wrong in the air
Surprisingly all hands— black or red
Close their ears as something harsh to hear.

Suddenly all heads—block or inquisitive
Turn down as reluctant to feel and see
And finally all feet— lame or sportive
Run to avert something scaring and flee.

‘’Please don’t run away’’ cries out the stranger
‘’I want to change you all’’ he utters
‘’Don’t be afraid, I am not a beggar,
Realize me, I am the truth’’ he mutters.

Alas, the poor truth is miserably left alone
No one returns to hear or bear it
And care it sympathetically as their own,
As to them, it is quite obsolete and unfit.

A noise reverberates in the air and the sky
Some lunatics approach to the fallen truth
A samba they dance and sing to pacify
The truth, lift it and sneak to their booth.…

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 09 - My Fantasy World | A Poem by Joseph Romano

My Fantasy World | A Poem by Joseph Romano

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I look out into space and I constantly stare.
At a distant land I know not where.
I’m in a world that has meaning only to me.
When I’m living in my world of fantasy.
I drift away many times it seems.
To my little world of fantastic dreams.
With my troubles behind, I’m in a world without cares.
And with a blink of an eye I’m transported there,
My world is soothing and suspended in time.
It’s where I go to relax my mind.
This is a world of my very own.
Where the dreams are mine, mine alone.
Nothing in the world ever matters it seems.
When I’m lost in my world of fantastic dreams.…

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shayarisms4lovers June18 234 - The Old Folks (Who Live Where We Live) | A Poem by Wendy Lee Klenetsky

The Old Folks (Who Live Where We Live) | A Poem by Wendy Lee Klenetsky

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You can see her;
that little old woman who peers out secretly from behind the
yellowing curtains on the window.
This is as close to the outside world that she dares to come.
She sees no one and no one comes to visit.
you can see her…
Here he comes;
that small, bent-over little old man with the rickety cane.
He hobbles as quickly as he can down the street,
not looking up at the people who stare as they pass by.
Here he comes…
They live this way thanks to us and our society;
She, afraid to come down from her 2-room apartment,
and He, racing (as fast as he can) by all so as not to
have his few packages taken, or be knocked down for the few pennies he
has in his ripped pockets.
Look at them…
Look very closely…
We be BE them shortly…
The Old Folks!
Look very closely……

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shayarisms4lovers June18 270 - Murk | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

Murk | A Poem by Billy JnoHope

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I saw my phantom
murked in a hindsight
Smelled the ghost red
rich and empty
Failed in Brooklyn
hell of a nightmare
Woke up guilty
gunning for my conscience
Skin it before it snitches
murked it for the world to breathe
Whittle my blessings
I deserve the lesser god
Rusted dagger sawed off baptismal
separate the sun
Liberate libra apologist
Saw that bleeding when it flirted red
I could have milked it yellow
but I lusted red…

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shayarisms4lovers June18 265 - Fair-Skinned Warning | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

Fair-Skinned Warning | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

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Fair-Skinned Warning | A Poem by Ivan Jenson

I will pick
your pockets
thumb through
your secret stash
of intimate details
jimmy your locks
jangle your nerves
and shake the
makeup off
your face
till you stand
and powerless
like a frightened
Ford model
who has just
had her
Bob Mackie
wig and dress
ripped from her
skeletal frame
and who now
and oh so
by a world
of lights
and my
hard boiled
soft focus

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 77 - Adam’s Flight | A Poem by Naduni

Adam’s Flight | A Poem by Naduni

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When you loved me
We were the ideal couple and
Our love was the Eden
But when the world got to know about it
Adam fled and hid his head
While Eve was open to all the blame
The stones flung and the words spat
At the slender face and the slenderer heart
Were all borne with silence
Silence, grand with awe and reverence
For my love
Pure and sacred with the memory of yore
While you kept hiding in a hidey-hole, afar;
While your manhood fled even farther,
Without coming back to see if
Eve was, at least, still alive
I didn’t hate you
Not because of any remaining bond or trust
But because of my superior womanhood.…

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