What Does The Bible Say About The Beginning, According To Genesis 1

God makes no mistakes.

The first book of the Bible is Genesis. Written by Moses, and part of the Torah, Genesis 1 describes how the Universe was created.

There are several theories about how the Universe was created. As you looking at the stars, do you wonder how everything began?

Science studies the origin of mankind through various creation theories.

Where does Genesis mean?

Genesis literally means ‘the beginning’.

In Bible scripture, verses reveal that God had a plan to create the Universe, and he began with the stars. Some scientists, who are Christian study the beginning of time as cosmologists.

What is Christian cosmology? Cosmology is the study of the Universe and its origins, and it often does include The Big Bang theory, but for Christians, the Bible says God was the root cause of everything.

The Bible teaches creation from a Biblical worldview.

Not to dispute with science, …

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