Excerpt: We started hanging out together daily. We went on dates and one day he proposed me in a very special and beautiful way.

It is the time when everyone passed his or her 12th standard. It is a turning point for everybody in career as well as love. Many relationships get apart because of the thought of the distance and some just casually break up but here, I am in love with somebody.

We started our relationship so causally on the note that we will never going to get serious about each other but that time who knows what will happen in future.

Our relationship started in 11th’s summer break. Summer breaks is the time when you don’t have things to do. It’s just time to rest, enjoy and family trips. I was having rest because my family did not go to any trip and there are some more …

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Namak Ka Daroga Kahani

namak ka daroga - Namak Ka Daroga Kahani

Namak Ka Daroga – Munshi Premchand

जब नमक का नया विभाग बना और ईश्वरप्रदत्त वस्तु के व्यवहार करने का निषेध हो गया तो लोग चोरी-छिपे इसका व्यापार करने लगे। अनेक प्रकार के छल-प्रपंचों का सूत्रपात हुआ, कोई घूस से काम निकालता था, कोई चालाकी से। अधिकारियों के पौ-बारह थे। पटवारीगिरी का सर्वसम्मानित पद छोड-छोडकर लोग इस विभाग की बरकंदाजी करते थे। इसके दारोगा पद के लिए तो वकीलों का भी जी ललचाता था।

यह वह समय था जब अंगरेजी शिक्षा और ईसाई मत को लोग एक ही वस्तु समझते थे। फारसी का प्राबल्य था। प्रेम की कथाएँ और शृंगार रस के काव्य पढकर फारसीदाँ लोग सर्वोच्च पदों पर नियुक्त हो जाया करते थे।

मुंशी वंशीधर भी जुलेखा की विरह-कथा समाप्त करके सीरी और फरहाद के प्रेम-वृत्तांत को नल और नील की लडाई और अमेरिका के आविष्कार से अधिक महत्व की बातें समझते हुए रोजगार की खोज में निकले।

उनके पिता …

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The Uncertainty

Excerpt: Where the old relations were getting loosen enough, she was getting bonded with Ariyan more and more.

People say time changes people, or in reality, times can show us the real face or nature of people. Ipshita is very practical and can accept the changes in people with time. Time was changing, equations of her life were also changing with the change of time. Raj and she met rarely nowadays. Raj is very happy and excited to start his new life where there is no more fear of losing Ipshita.

Anisha and Meenakshi were also about to finish their graduate studies and only 3-4 months are remaining of their togetherness. Though like all others Ipshita and her soul sisters were promising to be together forever. Somehow Ipshita knew there was a change between Anisha and Meenakshi’s connection which will make the bonding loose and may be faded away.


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Back to start

Excerpt: The story has just begun and now I know if it is not love then it also not friendship. May be in between some where.

I never thought in my whole teenage life that I would ever experience that thing ,the thing which people at my age call love. I always felt that teenage people can get attracted to a person but love is big word. I mean although it is a four letter word but the hindi cinema and society makes it a big deal . Well it was not that big , I mean you never invite Love, you feel it.

After my school life , I was left with one year to find my passion and study for entrance exam . Studying all day made me bored so I used to go to this park side near my house . As I was literally in my

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The Power of Destiny!

As I walked home on a hot scorching day in Delhi, I stumbled on a wallet that someone had dropped accidentally in the street. Immediately I bent down; picked it up; opened it; and looked inside to find some sort of identification which would help me trace its owner. But the wallet contained only 3-one rupee notes and a crumpled letter that appeared to have been there for several years.

The envelope was tattered and all that was legible was the return address. I opened the letter hoping to find some clue of the receiver and the sender. The date on which the letter was written was marked as 13.12. 1957- Yes it was written about 60 years ago.

The beautiful hand writing appeared to be that of a lady and it was written on a pink stationary paper with a small flower on the right-hand corner. It read ‘Dearest …

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Love forever – Ateet ka Parinda – 1

वो शाम फ़िर तन्हा ना होना था…मगर तन्हाई बोलकर थोड़े ही आती है
जब याद आती है तब ही तन्हा होता हूँ और जब भी तन्हा होता हूँ वो ही याद आती है शाम के ५;३० बजे, नवंबर ११,२००८
ऐसा लगता है अब वो समझ चुकी है मेरे मन की बात….ना कुछ बोल रही है ना कुछ सुन रही है
ख़ामोशी अगर सब कुछ ना बयां करे नज़रें सब कुछ बोल देती हैं
चुप रहना काँटों की तरह चुभ रहा था, मगर बोल भी नहीं सका क्योंकि जुबान लड़खड़ा रहे थे
ना उसने कुछ कहा ना मैंने कुछ सुना, मगर दिल की आवाज़ सीधा दिल पे लगती है
आज ऐसा क्यों लग रहा था की सब कुछ झूठा था, प्यार तो झूठे थे ही जस्बात भी झूठे थे, आरजू झूठी थी तमन्ना झूठी थी
ना उसने समझा मेरे जूनून को, ना मैंने जाना उसके शुकुन को
घंटों निकल गए मगर …

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The Unexpected

Ipshita, an ambitious girl who is looking for growth, betterment, and true love. She joined recently in a small developing company with a good package. She loves to give a challenge to every arena of her life and to get expertise in most possible areas. Until then her life was going well, she had a few good friends, a good job and a decent lifestyle, lovable and frank parents and most importantly a supportive younger brother. She was very popular among everyone always for her sense of humor and attractive personality. She was doing well in every aspect of her life but continued to expect her dream man and the love and future partner of her life.


It was her first day in the new office and she reported on time and started working on joining formalities. Post of this joining stuff she has been forwarded to her department,

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Unanswered Questions

Rosa Magdalina looked straight into her reflection in the golden lit mirror in front of her, she placed some crimson lipstick on with more intensity than necessary, the drying pink roses in the vase next to her softened the drama a touch, but i’m sure even they felt the intensity in her demeanor. She turned and left into the softly lit streets of Paris. Clutching her purse, in which lay a train ticket, a love note of the boy who would never know where she left to, a photo of a little girl, her sister, who now would be a fine young lady, probably married with children. Although Rosa would never know.

Her heels make a soft clicking sound on the cobbled streets as she walks, it’s hauntingly quiet tonight, a tear stains her cheek. She clutches her purse tighter, turns down the street to the train station and never …

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By my soul

Never did you tried nor did I

To express how I felt for you time to time

But if I find you now I might say these words to you

Do listen to me , for it is just for you

Times when I see you are the times that I miss

To feel like what I always wanted to feel

Your black shiny hair and blush on the top

Smile on your face and dimples by your cheeks

Shine on the face and six fingers on your wrist

Are the memories I have till I forget how to breathe

Loud are my feelings though it never reach to you

But it’s just mine and will rest by my soul

If you ever see this you will know who am I

The girl who always loved you and gave you shoulder when you cried

The story will live ,I may

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Tu mujhe chhod jaaye ye nahi ho sakta – Abhishek

Hyy guys mera name abhishek hai aur waise toh mere love aur meri life ka name varsha hao par maine use ek aur name diya hai shanu ab mai start karta ju hamari love story voh age bhut hi zyada kam thi but feelings wahi se start ho gayi thi mai 6th class mai tha jab varsha mere school mai entry leti hai maine use first time dekha tha jab hi se mai use like karne laga tha shayad use kuch bhi pata nahi tha phir 2 saal guzar gaye hum 8th class mai aagaye phir mere classmate ne mai uska name nahi batana chahata hum use tarun name se bulate hai toh usne varsha ke ek freind ko propose kiya aur unka affair chala mai tarun ke saath varsha ke bench ke peeche bhethne laga tarun aur varsha ki freind busy rehete the varsha mera mind khaati reheti thi …

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