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39 Best Quotes To Keep You Motivated (Or At Least Entertained) At Work

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Just the kind of motivation you need to get through today’s 8 hours.

Work is one of the few things in life that is inevitable for most of us. While financial gain is a huge benefit of working, we also tend to get bored or depressed if we aren’t being productive in some way.

Whether you love, hate or love/hate your job, there’s no denying that you draw at least some benefit, financial or otherwise, from dedicating 30-40 hours of your week to it.

The luckiest people on earth are those who work within their passion (and, of course, make money from it). Passion drives work and often results in the most successful outcome.

Even if you must start at the very bottom, it’s important to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind to motivate you while you work through the rough patches on the way to the top.

If you’re stuck in a job that feels like sandpaper rubbing against your eyeballs, it’s important to ask yourself this one question: is this a necessary step to where I want to end up?

If the answer is yes, then keep grinding! If it’s a no, you should do what you can to navigate your way onto the right track.

No matter your work situation, some days are inevitably more difficult than others. On the worst days, you might even lose sight of your goals. For days like those, I have a list of the best motivational quotes for work so you can make it through the day in one piece.

Some of these 39 quotes for work are meant to motivate you, and others are meant to make you giggle or make your daily issues seem a little bit less overwhelming. If you or a coworker is struggling with the daily grind, you might just need a quick pick-me-up to put you back on track for success. Hopefully, you can at least finish the work day feeling like you’ve accomplished something.

Here are 39 quotes to get you through today — that’s all you need to do right now!

1. Sometimes less-than-becoming words slip out (and it makes you feel better).

“Maybe swearing will help.”

2. Make sure you’re dedicating your time to something worthwhile.

“Do it with passion or not at all.”

3. Accomplish something today and be proud of it.

“You didn’t wake up today to

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shayarisms4lovers may18 41 - 20 Bittersweet Quotes For When You’re Leaving A Job You Love

20 Bittersweet Quotes For When You’re Leaving A Job You Love

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Thanks for the memories.

There’s this stereotype that everyone hates their job, no matter what it is. That they just can’t stand being there anymore and would quit in a heartbeat. Well, that’s not always the case.

There are people who love their job so much that they would rather not quit it for a new one, which makes leaving it even more difficult when a new employment opportunity comes that’s too hard to pass up.

Some people actually love their job for different reasons. Sometimes we love a job because we enjoy what we do. Other times we love our job because of the friendships we made along the way. Regardless, loving a job so much that you don’t want to leave it for a new one, isn’t as rare as it seems.

Sometimes, we reach a point where we need to move on from where we started. We feel like we’re at a standstill, and we crave some change and adventure.

That sense for a change could mean moving on to a different job for a new employment opportunity.

Getting up and leaving behind a place we loved and found comfort in hurts. We grew as a person as we worked, made memories, had laughs, and made friendships we vow to cherish forever.

Our coworkers became friends that helped keep us motivated and inspired, even on our bad days — and we can’t thank them enough for all the times they were there for us.

This is a scary concept; moving on and doing a brand new thing. We’re scared, yet so excited. But not only are we absolutely ecstatic, we’re also sad.

Our job was more like a hobby for us, rather than a chore. But we realized, we had overstayed our welcome — and it’s time for something new.

The unsettling mix of sadness and joy you’re feeling is normal. Leaving somewhere you grew to love for something new feels wrong, but just know that it’s for the best, and it’s what you have to do.

To battle your negative thoughts about leaving your old job for a new one, here are 20 bittersweet quotes to help you cope with leaving a job you came to love.

If you’re searching for the best quotes and memes to share with the people you love (or just want to feel inspired yourself) … look no further! From the

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