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50 Best Gratitude Quotes To Share When You’re Feeling Thankful

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Grateful, thankful, #blessed.

Having a grateful heart includes taking the time to count your blessings. Once you realize just how blessed your life is, you want to share your gratitude with the world with the best gratitude quotes and thanksgiving quotes that inspire you to remain thankful and motivate you to count your blessings.

Maybe that’s one of the many reasons why Thanksgiving is such a special holiday. It’s not only a time to celebrate with food and family, it’s also a day to reflect on gratitude and thankfulness. All too often in life, we get caught up in what we don’t have and lose sight that having a grateful heart is a year-long practice we should all have.

Hey, its okay it happens to all of us. We can get into the “poor me” mood. Sometimes we even dress in green with envy for something someone else has. It’s human nature to be a little envious sometimes. But it’s up to us to be able to not dwell on that.

Focusing on what you do have instead of what you don’t opens your heart and your mind. You begin to realize just how truly blessed you really are. Instead of being jealous of your friend’s car, be thankful you have one that works. It allows you to travel, it doesn’t give you problems. So who cares if her car is pink anyway?

Instead of being envious of a promotion your friend got at work, use that as motivation. If you feel like you deserve one too being salty about it isn’t really going to help. Be determined to get what you deserve! Be tenacious, be grateful in your heart that you have an opportunity to have your hard-working nature shine!

Obviously, material possessions and career successes aren’t the only things to be thankful for. The people in your life who you love most are the real treasures of the holiday.  The best part of the holiday really isn’t the food.

When you look around the table the people that you see are the real reasons you feel warm inside. It’s not the moments in life it’s who you spend them with.

It is a choice you can make.

“Choose to be thankful.”

Hope is always a good thing.

“Small seeds of gratitude will provide a harvest of hope.” 

It is the time of year.

“Let our lives be full

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shayarisms4lovers mar18 60 - 50 Thanksgiving Memes & Funny Quotes To Share Through The Holiday Weekend

50 Thanksgiving Memes & Funny Quotes To Share Through The Holiday Weekend

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If anything, your friends and family will be grateful for your refreshing sense of humor.

Thanksgiving is finally here! It’s a fabulous holiday in which we get to eat turkey and lots of delicious food with friends and family. And lucky for us, it’s also a very meme-worthy holiday.

When it comes to the holidays, there are plenty of thoughtful Thanksgiving quotes and funny Thanksgiving memes that perfectly represent the dynamics of this celebratory feast of gratitude.

There’re certainly plenty of aspects of Thanksgiving that we can find the humor in. From the over-indulgence of food to the stress of being around relatives, there’s no funny meme or thoughtful quote left behind.

In this divisive political climate, Thanksgiving has simultaneously become a holiday in which debates about politics can also take center stage. Even more ironic is the fact that the holiday is so close to Election Days. Naturally, there’s hilarious Thanksgiving memes and quotes for that part of Thanksgiving family gatherings as well.

According to, Thanksgiving originated in 1621 when the Plymouth Colonists and the Wampanoag Native Americans shared an autumn harvest feast together. Over 200 years later, it was officially proclaimed a national holiday by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 — and ever since families and friends have developed many beloved traditions.

First, there’s the traditional food, such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, yams, and pumpkin pie. Many families have their own variations on Thanksgiving meals as well.

Another contemporary Thanksgiving tradition is the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Each year, this parade heads down 34th Street in New York City. It is perhaps the most famous parade in the U.S. and is a great lead-in to the holiday season.

So, regardless of whether Thanksgiving makes you smile, cringe —  or both — these funny Thanksgiving memes and hilarious quotes are sure to give you some laughs. Enjoy the 50 best Thanksgiving memes and quotes that will leave you full of laughs.

1. Literally me, right now.

“This is me thinking about Thanksgiving”

2.  Eat your heart out, Miley.

“I came in like a butterball!!!”

3.  These are my Thanksgiving pants.

“Thanksgiving…come at me bro.”

4. There’s always room for second’s.

5. Savage!

“Isn’t that your third plate?”

“Isn’t that your third husband?”

6. I can totally empathize.

“How I feel after Thanksgiving.”

7. On a positive note…

“Just remember: it might

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