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Hello everyone! Here i am back after 4 years on this website from the time i posted my last post back in 2015. A love saga that started in  feb 2014, ends on apr 2019 with my gf getting married #arrangedmarriage. I am sharing with you the last somewhat poetry of our journey which i gifted her before her marrage.
You can read my earlier story when it was all started on this page –

It was an immence beautiful journey of 5 years of long distance relationship where we haven’t met ever in 5 years. The reason behind it was either to meet for lifetime or let it be. Since we were very well aware of our culture we decided not to meet because we don’t want to satisy with little happiness for few time. Let me tell you all those who felt broken after such instances we love each other a lot we were best friends and are best friends. I would recommend all the lovers to live in reality and not in dream world which would give you more power to accept the ongoing and limit expectation. Neither of us are broken because we promised oursleves to stay as best friends for life no matter what.
She even shared everything with her hubby who completely understand her now she is happy with him and me too. I know most of you will ask we should not talk now as she is married now and have someone else in her life, very true. We decided that if her hubby is okay with our frindship we will continue our friendship and else we would stop talking as to not complicate either of our life. We would have stopped our talk if her hubby is not fine with it.
Love never dies if you love someone by heart you don’t really curse them both of us know that we could not avoid such circumstances due to so many issues regarding our mrriage and have to accept for this life we are not meant to live together and rather decided to face it maturely. Yeah it felt bad, you miss those days and memories but it’s important to cherish them think for future we didn’t went to #devdasphase probably because we were prepared to face the reality.

It was the night of madness
when i came out of sadness..
An angel walks into my boring life
who ought to be my inspiring wife…
our love life was at it’s full pace
we forgot that’s it not a race…
we fought, we cried in the arms of one another
everything seems to be wrapping together….
but it’s was never an end of such a beautiful saga
we accompanied each other like  sui dhaga….
journey together was a bit of roller coaster ride
it gives the feeling our love grown wide…
she smiles, she irritates she is a volcano
i like, i desire for my beautiful marshmallo…
she extends her love to a boring guy
that’s y i never want to say her bye…
she is neither hot nor sexy like a unicorn girl
but truely my cutest, hottest and boldest pearl…
she is a true example of wisdom
i always aspire her to be queen of my kingdom…
carrying sorrows in her own heart
just to make sure I won’t break apart….
it’s the destiny that made us separate
even if we know how much we are desperate..
if stars in sky are all the people in my life ever
u will be my pole star in that sky forever….
make sure you water the buds of love inside
don’t let your trust and loyalty beside….
wherever you go spread the light of peace
even it’s not me, love with all ease ….
some come, some go, some stays forever
may be for few days but never let you alone ever…
i vill remember these mrng wishes and kisses
u vill find me around whenever u misses….
keep your smile as a gift of mine for a new journey
probably not for now but i will be there for you hnny…
i shouted i hurt and even broken her in all pieces
still want to live with me, she unleashes…
tough to find a girl with such a  pure soul
getting this girl was always my goal…
May be u r  not mine in this life
if there’s a second birth u will be my wife…

I appeal you people don’t limit your love, but limit your exception and live in reality to deal with any adverse circumstances and cherish every memory you create as a couple.

When you love someone it’s important to respect love for lifelong and not curse it. Hopefully you will read my love story on this page and share your views.
After reading the poetry and love story on that page if you  really feel excited to know what has happened in between those 5 years which is quite interesting, let me know in comments will definitely post the beautiful part of this love story.

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