Romantic Mohabbat Shayari In Hindi

Romantic Mohabbat Shayari

1) Romantic Shayari On Tu Mohabbat hai meri

Tu mohabbat hai meri,
Tu khushi hai meri,
Tu meri subha tu dhalti shaam hai meri
Tu hi meri jindgi tu hi jaan hai meri.

2) Cute Roamantic Mohabbat shayari For Gf

Teri mohabbat mein kho gaye hum,
Tujh dekh ke bas tere ho gaye hum,
Aankhe khuli to pata chala sapna tha
Par fir tera sapna dekhne ke liye so gaye hum.

3) Hindi Romantic Shayari On Mohabbat for Girfriend

Itna haseen tera ehsaas hota hai,
Lagta hai jese tu mere paas hota hai,
Mohabbat mein itne deewane ho gaye hai tere
Jese ek bhawra kali ka deewana hota hai.

4) Best Most romantic Shayari In Hindi

Mohabbat ki hai tere naam se,
Mohabbat ki hai tere sath beeti sham se,
Jis jaam mein tum nazar aa jate ho
Humne mohabbat ki hai us jaam se.

5) Romantic Shayari

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shayarisms4lovers June18 282 - 40 Happy Quotes About Being Alone Everyone Who Loves Spending Time By Themselves Can Relate To

40 Happy Quotes About Being Alone Everyone Who Loves Spending Time By Themselves Can Relate To

I love myself and I’m enough!

Often we hate the thought of feeling lonely and dealing with loneliness. Being alone forever is a fear that many people have.

It’s no secret that people settle for toxic relationships and friendships to avoid loneliness, but we will all experience it at various points in our lives.

Quite frankly, I have never met someone in my life that has never felt lonely. Having a significant other, a group of great friends or even an adorable pet does not mean you will not feel lonely form from time to time. Loneliness creeps upon us in our least expected moments.

We have to acknowledge that being lonely and being alone are not the same thing. To be lonely is to feel alone even in the company of one’s self. To be alone is to physically be outside of the company of others.

It’s way better …

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26th Jan Republic Day Quotes

India was a slave nation before 1947 by the British Rule for a long time. Notwithstanding, after numerous times of hard battle of opportunity contenders, at long last India accomplished autonomy in 1947 on fifteenth of August from British run the show. In the wake of accomplishing Independence, India shaped and actualized its own particular constitution and in addition pronounced itself as the Republic of India. On 26th January of 1950, the Indian constitution was brought into the regime. The administrator of Drafting Committee was Dr. B. R. Ambedkar who effectively had drafted the Indian Constitution. India commends its flexibility from British Rule as Independence Day (fifteenth of August, yearly) and recalls its constitution usage as Republic Day (26th of January, every year). Our freedom fighters fought hard so that we can live the way we are living. They are the motivation and when you read some of …

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Positive Thinking Quotes To Help You Explore The Best

Positive Thinking is what you search and look out for in yourself and around you.

Are you are progressive thinker? Do you feel positive vibes? Do you feel yourself being surrounded by positive people?

You will probably the one who will reply to the mentioned questions as a big YES if you are walking in a positive direction.

Positive thinking is related to our thought process and our behavior. The more progressive we think, the more healthy we feel ourselves. The more constructive we think, the more developed we are. So we can alter our thought-process as per our needs and requirements. If we want to see the brighter side of life, then for sure we will search for light and optimism. But if we keep ourselves taking towards a negative direction, then we won’t be able to see the good and better side of a situation.

The person who …

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Spirit and Soul Revival: 5 of the Most Spiritual Travel Destinations on Earth

Spiritual Travel 1000x600 - Spirit and Soul Revival: 5 of the Most Spiritual Travel Destinations on Earth

Traveling is an inherently soul-enriching activity. We venture out, take risks, experience new and mystical things, and find ourselves changed at the end.

It’s difficult to deny that traveling changes you, especially when you venture away from resorts and traditional destinations. It takes a critical eye to find the locations that will be the most effective for spiritual travel.

Everyone has their own journey, but there are some locations that are highly regarded as very spiritual. We’re going to explore five of those locations in this article, giving you some insight into possible destinations for you to trek.

5 Perfect Locations for Spiritual Travel

There are so many things to do on this earth that choosing one particular location to visit can seem daunting. Our hope is to make the process of choosing travel sites a little less stressful, allowing you to get on with your journey.

1. Rishikesh,

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Independence Day Quotes Wishes With Images to Celebrate Freedom

On the bright morning of 15th August 1947 India achieved freedom from the British rule. This day from then was finally declared as Independence Day and celebrated every year across the country. This day is observed as a national holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom.

This year on 15th August 2020, India will be celebrating its 74rd Independence Day. This day marks a national and public holiday. It holds an important historical background, which marks subcontinent’s partition into two different independent nations India and Pakistan.

On the eve of Independence Day, the President of India addresses the nation by delivering “Address to the Nation”. And on the next day on 15th of August, the current Prime Minister hosts the Indian Flag at Red Fort, Delhi. The Prime Minister in his speech highlights the important events of the past …

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25 Thought Provoking Quotes & Empowering Ideas From Taraji P. Henson

Sometimes you need to make a change.

Taraji P Henson is well known for her portrayal of Cookie Lyon on the hit Fox series Empire. I grew up watching Taraji on TV, so it’s safe to safe I’m a big fan of hers. I’ve always admired how she always portrays strong women who overcome great obstacles. It’s so inspiring to see women portrayed as girl bosses and intelligent beings

Even her real-life story of graduating from college as a single mother and moving to LA with her son to be an actress is unbelievable. The amount of bravery and self-confidence it took for her to make such a change, goes to show that just like her any woman can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Out of all the titles Taraji has earned the most influential is an activist. She saw a need within the black community and instead …

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Jeff Bezos Quotes on Business Every Entrepreneur Should Read

The technology and retail entrepreneur, electrical engineer, philanthropist, as well as an investor and a computer scientist. After reading this valuable information, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is of Jeff Bezos. He is the CEO of Amazon which is considered the world’s biggest online shopping retailer. His net worth as of today is around 120 billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos Birthday: Jeffrey Preston Bezos Born on 12 January 1964, in New Mexico, United States, Jeff Bezos created his interest in electrical and computer related stuff. He started his early education at River Oaks Elementary School and studied there till 6th grade. Then, his family moved to Miami, and there, he attended Miami Palmetto high school. After finishing high school, Jeff obtained degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University.

Jeff Bezos Family: Biologically, he is the son of Jacklyn and a guy from …

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