12 Funny Good Morning Memes & Peppy Quotes Only Morning People Can Understand

Mornings are for you.

Some people are made to own the night while others are meant to rule the day. It’s just how we were created; it’s in our bones. Us morning people can’t help if we wake up before the sunrise or just can’t wake up at all (for you night owls).

Morning people are special. They feel the most productive in the morning, when the sun is springing up over the horizon or still displayed proudly in the sky, and their productivity shows. They’re often successful and calmer, knowing that they have an entire day ahead of them.

If you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, energized and ready-to-go, itching for your morning cup of coffee and jog, then you understand what it’s like to be a morning person.

With all its perks, there are some downsides, however. For instance, you might never be able to stay up late again. Nor will you be raring to go out for a night on the town past your bedtime. Your friends might see you as a part-pooper or an old lady, but you’re happy this way. You know that being a morning person is a great thing, and you’ll continue saying “Good morning” to everyone and anyone who will listen.

These 12 funny good morning memes and peppy quotes about morning people describe what it’s like to be a morning person for anyone who might not already know. Share them with your night owl friends and family to show them just how much they’re missing in the morning hours, and don’t forget to send them to all your fellow morning people out there in the world.

1. When you’re so ready for the day that you turn British.

“Good morning! Lovely day, isn’t it? Terribly sorry, must dash toodle-pip!”

2. When you just can’t wait for non-morning people.

“Sorry you’re sleepy but mornings are my favorite!”

3. When you need your morning run to feel OK.

“We run first thing in the morning.”

4. When you’re always early. To everything.

“I’ll have you know that I’ve been the only one in the building for almost 3 hours and the A/C turning on only scared me half to death the first 6 times.”

5. When coffee is your best motivator.

“Coffee! For everyone!!”

6. When you love the alone time you get in the morning.

“When you wake up before everyone else in the house and play video games alone for an hour or two.”

7. When you don’t have to fight for resources like your roommates.

“Yes, I will get hot water.”

8. When you share your feeling of mornings with the world.

“Good morning, everybody!”

9. When not even the best morning can make Mondays better.

“Monday morning vs. Saturday morning.”

10. When the sky is your alarm clock.

“The sky’s awake, so I’m awake.”

11. When you love sunrises more than sunsets.

12. When you know your battery can’t last long into the night.

“Low battery”