21 Scary-Accurate Love Quotes That Define Love Perfectly

What is love?

Love is a tricky thing. The word itself inspires so many different emotions, different memories, and different definitions for everyone.

Have I ever been in love? I might have said it to one person, I might have said it to five — but how many times did I really mean it? I might have meant it all the times I’ve said it, but looking back, each ‘love’ felt different.

Maybe you’ve never said the ‘L’ word. Does that mean you’ve never experienced it? How would you know? There are so many different questions.

You can look towards rom coms or Nicholas Sparks books for examples of love, but in reality, they’re still all so different. No one can tell you that your definition of love is wrong, but no one can tell you it’s right either.

There is no set number of times you have to be in love, and there is no limit to how many times you can experience it. But maybe there are some things you think are love that just aren’t. Maybe to an extent, sometimes we are way off with our own definition.

Love is not always true love, and you may not always end up with your true love. That is something I do believe.

Love is painful, but love is also happy and full of joy.

Love is both giving and taking, not one or the other.

I can’t tell you what the correct definition of love is, but I can help you build your own.

These 21 quotes cover the ups and downs and the good and bad of love and may make you think twice about what love really is.

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