25 Best R&B Songs To Play For A Romantic (& Super Sexy!) Date Night In

There’s nothing like good music to set the MOOD.

Date nights allow couples to rekindle their romance, especially since their busy schedules can sometimes limit the amount of time they spend with each other.

Some of my favorite date nights were spent at home.

There is nothing I enjoy more than having a good time with a person that I like in comfy clothes. There are no added expectations, no added pressures and no added fears. I can be myself without worrying about whether or not outside people are watching and judging me. That is what I call freedom.

A date nights in are pretty awesome. They give you and your partner a chance to spend uninterrupted time together while also saving money. You can engage in fun and intellectual conversation all while playing cute and interactive games or turning up the volume of your favorite songs in the comfort of your own home.

As the night goes on and the conversation starts to die down, the perfect combination of songs can help keep the romantic mood alive. 

Music has a way of describing exactly how we feel when we don’t seem to have the right words. The perfect beat with the perfect voice is unbeatable. It is magical, even. R&B songs specifically have a way of expressing how we feel about our significant other in just the right way. Though they can sometimes speak of pain, a good amount of R&B songs describe stories of love, happiness and triumph. You and your lover won’t be able to help yourselves as you nestle closer to each other and take time to truly listen to the words.

These 25 R&B artists will make your date night even more special as the artists’ soothing voices seep through the speaker and remind you how special love can truly be.

1. Usher — Something Special

“Baby I think we’ve got something special

girl you and me together will take over the world

You know I love you

I need your soul

So happy I just want to let everybody know”

2. Beyonce — 1+1

“Make love to me when my days look low

Pull me in close and don’t let me go

Make love to me, so when the worlds at war

Let our love heal us all

Help me let down my guard”

3. Alicia Keys — If I Ain’t Got You

“Some people want it all

But I don’t want nothing at all

If it ain’t you baby

If I ain’t got you baby”

4. Baby Face — Two Occasions

“Cause every time I close my eyes I think of you

And no matter what the season nears, I still love you

With all my heart and I wanna be with you

Wherever you are”

5. Chris Brown — With You

“And you mean to me what I mean to you and 

together baby

There is nothing we won’t do

‘Cause if I got you, I don’t need money

I don’t need cars, girl, you’re my all”

6. Daniel Caesar — Best Part

“I just wanna see how beautiful you are

You know that I see it

I know you’re a star

Where you go I’ll follow

No matter how far

If life is a movie

Then you’re the best part”

7. H.E.R. — Every Kind Of Way

“I wanna love you in every kind of way

I wanna please you, no matter how long it takes

If the world should end tomorrow, then we only have today

I’m gonna love you in every kind of way”

8. Ella Mai — Everything

“You notice everything

So I give you everything

My pain and my struggle

My friend and my lover

I put that on everything

Feels like a forever thing”

9. John Legend — Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)

“When it’s cold outside 

There’s no need to worry ’cause

I’m so warm inside

You give me peace 

When the storm’s outside

‘Cause we’re in love I know

It’ll be alright”

10. Fantasia — Only One U

“Ten, so many reasons why I stick with you

Nine and my body adore you cause of the things you do

Eight, I want you here with me, seven days of the week

Six if I let you go I’m a fool

Because boy there’s only one you”

11. Justin Timberlake — Until The End Of Time

“Because if your love was all I had 

In this life

Well, that would be enough

Until the end of time

So rest your weary heart

And relax your mind

‘Cause I’m gonna love you girl

Until the end of time”

12. Luther Vandross — Never Too Much

“Oh my love, a thousand kisses from you

Is never too much, I just don’t wanna stop

Oh my love, a million days in your arms 

Is never too much, I just don’t wanna stop”

13. Johnny Gill — Quiet Time To Play

“It’s been a hard day

For you and me

But now we’re free

Enjoy a summer’s evening

Now the work is over

Let the tension fade”

14. Disclosure ft. Sam Smith — Latch

“I’m so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch

Feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch

How do you do it, you got me losing every breath

What did you give me to make my heart beat out of my chest?”

15. Rihanna — Skin

“The mood is set

So you already know what’s next

TV on blast 

Turn it down

Turn it down

Don’t want it to clash

With my body screaming now”

16. Boyz II Men — I’ll Make Love To You

“Close your eyes, make a wish

And blow out the candlelight 

For tonight is just your night

We’re gonna celebrate

All through the night”

17. Trey Songz — Gotta Make It

“Looking at you day after day I know I

Just gotta make it (alright) I just gotta make it (just gotta make it)

Just to see that smile upon your face I know I

Just gotta make it (alright) I just gotta make it

Everything I do I do for you then we

Just gotta make it (alright)

Just gotta make it (that’s right)

To the top of the world me and my girl we

Just gotta make it (alright) just gotta make it”

18. Anthony Hamilton — Cool

“We don’t have to worry bout no groceries

We can fill up on love alone

If we ain’t got enough for a movie

We can just sit at home

Have a little role play baby, whatever turns you on

If you’re cool, then I’m cool, then we’re cool”

19. Janet Jackson — Because Of Love

“There’s only you

On my mind

And I never want to leave your side

It feels right

So let’s stay together

Never feel alone again boy

Cause your love makes me feel so secure

You got me singin'”

20. Marvin Gaye — How Sweet It Is

“How sweet it is to be loved by you, yes, baby

How sweet it is to be loved by you

Ooh, baby, I needed the shelter of someone’s arms

And there you were

I needed someone to understand my ups and downs

And there you were”

21. Bruno Mars — Just The Way You Are

“When I see your face

There’s not a thing that I would change

Cause you’re amazing

Just the way you are

And when you smile

The whole world stops and stares for a while

‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing

Just the way you are”

22. D’Angelo — Heaven Must Be Like This

“You know what

I think heaven is

I think heaven is you

You know that a place where I can find happiness

A place close to your loveliness”

23. Lauryn Hill — Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

“Pardon the way that I stare

There’s nothing else to compare

The sight of you leaves me weak

There are no words left to speak

But if you feel like I feel

Please let me know that is real

You’re just too good to be true

I can’t take my eyes off you”

24. Major — Why I Love You

“I found love in you

And I’ve learned to love me too

Never have I felt that I could be all that you see

It’s like our hearts have intertwined and to the perfect harmony

This is why I love you oh this is why I love you

Because you love me”

25. Ro James — Permission

“With your permission

I just wanna spend a little time with you, ooh

With your permission

Tonight I wanna be a little me on you, oh yeah

With your permission

I wanna spend the night sipping on you”

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