25 Best Songs To Play On Repeat When You’re Angry

Had a bad day again?

Let’s be honest, we all have those days where even the smallest things can get a rise out of us. It’s a natural part of being alive, although not a particularly fun one, but we all get mad now and then.

Maybe you’re a patient person, but everyone has their limits! Something happened today that was the last straw — your boyfriend cheated, they ran out of your brand of deodorant at Target, your manager wronged you again, you spilled your coffee on the way to work. Different things make different people tick and you are fresh out of deep breaths today.

However you came to need an angry playlist, we have you covered.

Instead of losing your cool at the store or freaking out on a friend and saying something you’ll later regret, walk it off to the rhythm of these 25 songs. Put them on repeat and blast them until you’re not mad anymore!

1. “You Don’t Own Me” — Grace ft. G-Eazy

“You don’t own me. Don’t tie me down ’cause I’d never stay.” 

2. “Dreamin’” — The Score

“I’ll never be sorry, won’t ever pretend, ‘Cause every word I write is the truth. Can you say the same thing about you?” 

3. “Female Robbery” —  The Neighborhood

“Leave everything that is worth a single cent and just take me instead.”

4. “Bury A Friend” — Billie Eilish

“I’ll meet you in the park, I’ll be calm and collected. But we knew right from the start that you’d fall apart ’cause I’m too expensive.” 

5. “Without Me” —  Halsey

“And then I got you off your knees, put you right back on your feet, just so you can take advantage of me.” 

6. “Holdin’ On” — Flume

“Hey, I can’t let you go with nobody. Cause I love you, baby.” 

7. “Genesis” — Armors

“Tell me that it wasn’t my fault and that I was enough for you.” 

8. “Hell No” — Ingrid Michaelson

“We were good at faking forever, I get it, whatever.” 

9. “RIP to My Youth” — The Neighborhood

“Might be a sinner and I might be a saint, I’d like to be proud, but somehow I’m ashamed.”

10. “You’re Such A” —  Hailee Steinfeld

“Cause you had your chance and you blew it. Yeah, you ripped it up and you chewed it.”

11. “Now or Never” — Halsey

“Never pick up, never call me. You know we’re runnin’ out of time.” 

12. “Unstoppable” — Gizzle

“Dig deep, always fight, always win.” 

13. “Pity Party” — Melanie Martinez

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” 

14. “IDGAF” — Dua Lipa

“Well, I’m too busy for your business. Go find a girl who wants to listen.” 

15. “Never Be Like You” — Flume

“Stop looking at me with those eyes, like I could disappear and you wouldn’t care why.” 

16. “Ignore Me” — Betty Who

“You don’t get to know about my life, my right, my highs, even the lows. You wanted to go.” 

17. “White Flag” — Bishop Briggs

“I’d rather die than give up the fight.” 

18. “Like that” — Bea Miller

“Can see it from the way you’re looking at me, you don’t think I’m worth your time.” 

19. “Stronger” — The Score

“I’m infected, my condition is I’m always in my head.” 

20. “Don’t Leave” — Snakehips & MO

“I’m a girl with a temper and heat, I know I can be crazy.” 

21. “Too Close” — Alex Clare

“I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe.”

22. “Roots” — Imagine Dragons

“Had to lose my way, to know which road to take.”

23. “River” — Bishop Briggs

“How do we fall in love, harder than a bullet could hit ya?” 

24. “Gasoline” — Halsey

“You can’t wake up, this is not a dream.” 

25. “Yellow Flicker Beat” — Lorde

“I got my fingers laced together and I made a little prison and I’m locking up everyone that ever laid a finger on me.” 

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