31 Sad Songs To Play On Repeat When You Are Feeling Down

A mixtape made just for you when you’re feeling blue.

Hey there! How are you holding up? Life dragging you down?

Whenever I find myself feeling sad or depressed, I find the best way to cope is to sit down and let myself work through it. Being sad is a natural part of life, and so having a good method of coping with it is a necessity. My favorite thing to do when I’m sad is to make myself a cup of tea, grab my journal so I can write or doodle, and cue up my sad playlist on Spotify. It sounds cheesy, but powerful music has really kept me going through some of the worst times of my life.

So here are the top 32 songs on that playlist, along with the best, most relatable song lyrics and song quotes — a little mixtape from me to you. 

Turn up the volume, grab some kleenex, and get ready to be all up in your feels. 

1. Just A Memory, Odesza

“But I want you back in the middle of the night.” — Odezsa

2. The Breakup, Lany

“You think you wanna be, you wanna be alone. Just wait until you’re crying on the shower floor.” — Lany

3. Sorry, Halsey

“So I’m sorry to my unknown lover; sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me.” — Halsey

4. Heaven, Troye Sivan

“Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven? Without changing a part of me, how do I get to heaven?” — Troye Sivan

5. The Emotion, BØRNS

“I lost count so long ago; maybe my heart’s numb. Don’t hold my hands accountable; they’re young and they’re dumb.” — BØRNS

6. Breathe, Lauv

“And it’s killing me, me to say ‘I’m fine,’ ‘I’m fine.’ When I really mean, mean to say, you’re my all and more: all I know you taught me.” — Lauv

7. Talk Me Down, Troye Sivan

“And I know I like to draw the line when it starts to get too real. But the less time that I spend with you, the less you need to heal.”— Troye Sivan

8. Lovely, Billie Eilish ft. Khalid

“Need a place to hide, but I can’t find one near. Wanna feel alive, outside I can’t fight my fear.” — Billie Eilish

9. Let Me Love the Lonely, James Arthur

“Lighthouse without the lights. You smile without your eyes. I know, ’cause I do that too.” — James Arthur

10. Fragile, Prince Fox, Hailee Steinfeld

“I know you’re running out of patience. And I’m running out of things to say.” —Prince Fox, Hailee Steinfeld

11. Not Easy, Alex da Kid

“We were two dumb kids, full of grand ideas, we knew this would end from the start.” — Alex da Kid

12. Champagne, Lia Marie Johnson

“So I’m putting on my favorite dress, that you are gonna miss and never see again.” — Lia Marie Johnson

13. Thru These Tears, Lany

“In the end I’m gonna be alright, but it might take a hundred sleepless nights to make the memories of you disappear.” — Lany

14. Ocean, Martin Garrix, Khalid

“Shadows play on idle hands, I lose myself, I do. But I’ve found my way to velvet sands, I’ll crash right into you.” — Khalid

15. Tightrope, The Score

“And people look like they’re specks of dust when you’re this high off the ground. I’ll do my best not to let you down, so feet don’t fail me now.” — The Score

16. Lyin’, Bishop Briggs

“In the silence, silence we drown. Sometimes violence, she makes no sound.” — Bishop Briggs

17. 1950, King Princess

“I hope that you’re happy with me in your life. I hope that you won’t slip away in the night.” — King Princess

18. Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish

“You really know how to make me cry when you gimme those ocean eyes.” — BIllie Eilish

19. Water, Bishop Briggs

“Funny how a blessing feels just like a curse. Bad lovers but somehow good love hurts me worse. ‘Cause lately I’m mistakin’ honey for the bees, havin’ trouble sleepin’ with you next to me.” — BIshop Briggs

20. With the Lights Out, Chance Peña

“Maybe we can make believe, tell ourselves we don’t see what this is and what it’s not: help me to forget.” — Chance Peña

21. At My Weakest, James Arthur

“You caught me at my weakest, and I fall for you.” — James Arthur

22. Burn Out, Imagine Dragons

“It’s just another damn part, don’t let it get the best of you. It’s only up from the floor, light everything inside of you.” — Imagine Dragons

23. My Type, The Chainsmokers

“I never know which side I’m gonna get tonight. And the closer we get, the less I think I know you.” — The Chainsmokers

24. Nobody Can Hear You, ALIUS

“You showed me you weren’t just another open door.” — ALIUS

25. Hopeless, Halsey

“‘Cause you know the truth hurts, but secrets kill. Can’t help thinkin’ that I love it still. Still here, there must be something real.” — Halsey

26. Deep Water, American Authors

“I want the flame without the burning. But I can’t find my purpose when I don’t know what my worth is.” — American Authors

27. Certain Things, James Arthur

“I’ve got no reason to doubt you, ’cause some things hurt and you’re my only virtue and I’m virtually yours.” — James Arthur

29. A W O L, Doyle Perez

“I’m not gonna cry for you no more. I’m not gonna lie for you no more.” — Doyle Perez

30. Ahead Of Myself, X Ambassadors

“I thought I was ready, ready for someone else, but every time I get ahead of myself.” — X Ambassadors

31. Across the Room, Odezsa

“The scent of your perfume has got me lost in a haze and oh this moment depends on the records that the DJ plays.” — Odezsa

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