40 Quotes By Poet J. Iron Word That Remind You That You’re Worthy Of Love

I’m just going to come right out and say it: You are worth so much more than you’re willing to give yourself credit for

I know, it’s hard to build yourself up and actually mean it. To stand in front of the mirror every morning and repeat a positive affirmations and a mantra of self-love, or to put yourself first even when everyone else around you is asking for help. It’s hard.

But how come being nice to ourselves is so much harder than being mean? Why is it so much easier to list off all your weaknesses instead of appreciating your strengths?

We often convince ourselves — or are told at a young age — that we’re only whole when someone loves us. But that someone many believe has to be another person — it can never be ourselves. We think we need our “other half” to be complete and happy in life because, somehow, this other person is supposed to save us.

Having someone important in your life is, well, important, but that other person isn’t the only way to make you whole. You have to learn how to see strength and love within yourself before you can open your heart to others.

You probably already know what it feels like to try to make new friends, or work on making your relationship better when you’re not really feeling yourself. It’s like trying to walk in quicksand; your mind just won’t go there because you haven’t learned how to trust yourself yet.

Once you can see yourself as someone worthy of love and acceptance, then you will find the love you need in someone else – or more love for yourself.

Life gets hard, but finding your inspiration to make yourself believe just how awesome you are helps a LOT.

Take J. Iron Word’s poetry on Instagram. I think I was on his page for less than two minutes and I was already pumped about myself. He’s the poet you read when you’re feeling down in the dumps and need to remind yourself that life is going to be a bummer, but you don’t have to let it get you down.

He writes that sometimes, you need to fall apart to become whole again — kind of like the Japanese art of kintsugi when broken pottery is mended with gold.

His poems are like little love letters you would send to yourself if your heart came with a mailing address.

1. Sometimes, things have to get worse before they can get better.

“Sometimes things have to become completely undone, before they can be mended.” — J. Iron Word

2. Grow and grow, then grow some more.

“I have experienced enough growth in life to be a giant by now.” — J. Iron Word

3. What will you remember most about life?

“When we look back, it will be the little things in life that mattered the most, like the sun and rain, laughing and love.” — J. Iron Word

4. You might not be perfect, but neither am I and I love it that way.

“I know you’re not perfect, but to be honest there’s no such thing and even if there was I would not want it, because I adore the shit out of your chaos.” — J. Iron Word

5. The true definition of a hot mess.

“We are all a mess, but it is how we keep it together that makes us beautiful.” — J. Iron Word

6. Always get back up.

“She has a talent for falling down, but even more so for getting back up again.” — J. Iron Word

7. Love your good and your bad equally.

“Be you, the real you, because every bit of you is beautiful; even your bad needs to breathe.” — J. Iron Word

8. Flex those (metaphorical) muscles!

“You are stronger”

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