A promise on Promise day -II -Vixxu

2 years later,

DIPA completed her GRADUATION and her family wanted her to get married but she disagree to them because she wanted to work for herself as a writer, she wanted to publish a book about her life from when she met AVIAN and how they separated.
DIPA’S MOM allowed her but in one condition if she would marry after then. DIPA agreed and next day, AN ENGINEER came from a rich family, his name was KARAN, he was good looking but as usual ENGINEERS are boring. KARAN liked DIPA, Her family also liked KARAN. So, DIPA accepted the marriage proposal of KARAN.
KARAN wanted to meet DIPA alone to know more about DIPA.
KARAN set up a date, DIPA came with wearing a beautiful dress and KARAN was completely hypnotised in DIPA’S beauty, KARAN started the conversation with a big compliment.

KARAN:WOW! you’re looking damn beautiful.

DIPA: Thank you!

KARAN: I have to say that you have to control in your diet, I want you to look slim in our marriage day.

DIPA was uncomfortable talking with KARAN and start missing AVIAN. She didn’t even reply to KARAN and then KARAN eventually asked DIPA about her love life.

KARAN:Well, I did not have any ex relationship. Did you have?

DIPA: Yes!

KARAN:Oh my GOD! Are you virgin?

DIPA: Huh? I am…

KARAN: then, its fine.

DIPA was shocked and wanted to go home immediately and without having the dinner, she went to home.
DIPA told everything to her MOM about the date and beg her MOM that not to get marry this guy.
BUT, her MOM refused her decision and fixed the date of marriage ceremony.

DIPA went for the shopping with KARAN in the market, KARAN gifted her a luxury ring worth RS.50, 000 and some wedding particulars.
They came back to home late night and DIPA set down to the study table for the final touch of her book but in the mean time, the ink of the printer had finished and she had gone to the local store but in the same time, A full speed car came across DIPA and caught her and kept into the car.
She was screaming like hell but no one seemed to care, no one informed the police and though the boys were drunk, they raped her inside the Car and thrown her into the forest.
And, when a forester saw a lady was lying there, he checked the pockets of DIPA where he got her ID and immediately informed her parents and when they got to know about DIPA, They came and when they saw the condition of DIPA, DIPA’S MOM started crying and trying to woke DIPA up.
But, DIPA was almost died only her breathe was running, her body parts were not in sense.
They admitted DIPA into the hospital but the doctor didn’t allow DIPA for treatment because it was a police case, And on the other hand, DIPA needed a operation immediately.
Her mom was crying like hell and beg to the doctor.
And, In the mean time some boys came and pushed the DIPA’s bed and ran while DIPA was alone in the room. They kept DIPA into AN AMBULANCE and took her into underground for treatment.
And, the one whom she she played a game with and showed her fake love in her college days was back in action, AVAIN.
He was also in the AMBULANCE as a doctor. He gave a treatment to DIPA for more than 14 hours and when she opened her eyes, he informed DIPA’S parents. Her MOM came and hug DIPA and said if he was not here to saved you then what was happened, DIPA replied with tears,..

DIPA: who saved me?


DIPA : Huh! where is he?

MOM: He went to police station.

DIPA: why?

MOM: BECAUSE, he illegally did your operation.

Then after, DIPA told everything about AVIAN.
KARAN came to see DIPA and when he got to know that DIPA was raped, he refused to marry her.
Then, DIPA was alone, her mother cried over her condition.
On the other hand, AVIAN looked after DIPA but he didn’t talk to her.
when AVIAN entered DIPA’S ROOM with the supper because the nurse was not available at the time.
AVIAN waked up DIPA and started chatting with her after 2 years….

AVIAN:hey! get up…

DIPA: Who? oh! AVIAN.


DIPA: SORRY! you got problems because of me.

AVIAN: Its my duty.

DIPA:MOM told me while not a single doctor agree to give me a treatment, you were the only doctor stood up and look after me.


DIPA:but, why?

AVIAN: Its my duty.

DIPA:The other doctors have also the duty, but they refused and you gave me a treatment in underground.


DIPA:Why you did this?

AVIAN:This is my duty to save you.

DIPA: I hurted you before and you helped me out, why?

AVIAN:Because, I promised you something in the promise day, remember? I promised you to never leave you alone in any condition.

DIPA:Oh my GOD! but you left the college for me.

AVIAN: No! because of my father, he got a very loss in the business, so we had to left the place.

DIPA:God is God, he never shows how great he is…


DIPA:And, I was insane.

After having a emotional conversation, she hug him, In the same time her mom entered the room and AVIAN left the room. Her mom started a conversation with DIPA.
MOM: The boys who raped you are kept in the jail and when you recovered from this condition, you can punish them.

DIPA: Yes, MOM! Now, I am pretty relaxed.

MOM: Yes! Do you know KARAN and his parents came to our home and KARAN refused to marry you.

DIPA: I knew that, mom!

MOM: how?

DIPA: KARAN came to see me yesterday and took his ring with him by saying I am no more eligible to marry him.

MOM: Yes! NOW, who will marry you?
DIPA: Don’t worry MOM! (with tears on her eyes)

In the same time, AVIAN entered the room and said I will marry DIPA. DIPA got shocked and said…
DIPA: But, why?

AVIAN(Replied with tears): because I never break promises and damn I LOVE YOU.

DIPA (got tears on her eyes too) :I LOVE YOU TOO AVIAN. But, I was raped and not deserving such a guy like you. And, I hurt you last time.

AVIAN: So what if you were raped? In this world, if a girl was raped then society doesn’t accept that girl and that girl is no more eligible to marry someone.I am against of this society. If today, I left you in this condition after loving you so much. I myself let me down and with my due respect I want to marry you, DIPA.

DIPA: But, I have nothing to give you, AVIAN.

AVIAN: I don’t expect anything from anyone. In my life, I never tried to love another girl after you and this shows my amour towards you and If you truely love me then we can live through this affection.

MOM: Say yes to him, DIPA. This is the Billeted of GOD.

DIPA: If your parents accept me then I will give you myself and my whole life to you and I’ll love you till the last breathe of my life.

Then after, DIPA had recovered, AVIAN’S PARENTS met DIPA and accepted her after a very emotional conversation between AVIAN and his parents where AVIAN gave his 200% to convince his parents to accept DIPA as his wife. AVIAN clearly explained that DIPA was raped and He loves DIPA since college days…
AVIAN and DIPA got married and they have started living a beautiful life after then.

She also published her first book named ‘A PROMISE’.



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