Activities to Keep Kids Busy After School and During Holidays

Are you looking for some ideas to keep your kid busy? Well, as a parent, it is essential to think about new ways that you can use to keep your kids active and entertained. To assist you, here are some of the best ideas for your kids.

Cooking and Baking

This idea may not be new, but it is one of the favorite activities among kids and parents. You can let your kid get involved in kitchen activities. You can teach them how to bake by allowing them to measure and mix the ingredients.


This is one of the top kid’s activities in Melbourne. You can let your kids use their creativity to create some puppets and bring their characters to life. If your kid is talented or interested in the craft, you can enroll them in classes to sharpen their skills.

Playing Games

You can let your kids participate in physical games that can keep them busy for some hours. Games such as hide and seek, Marco Polo, among others, are a great way of getting the kids outside in the sun on the cold days. If the weather is not great, you can teach them card games, which can be equally fun.

Watch Movies

After school and during the holidays are the best moments for a family to bond. You can enjoy the nights watching movies with your kids. To make it more fun, choose a different genre every night.  For instance, you can pick a suspense movie for Mondays and comedy for Tuesdays night, etc.

To make it more fun ensure that everyone in the family likes the movie. You can make it more enjoyable by preparing some snacks.

Let Them Learn New Skills

Another way that you can kill boredom for your kids is by letting them learn new skills. You can enroll them in classes that teach new skills such as football, swimming, painting, acting, among other things.  Since they have been busy with academic lessons, learning a new skill will be exciting to them.

Make Games

You can keep your kids busy by buying colored cards, glue, scissors, and any other material that they can use to make fun-games. You can let them create games such as Hoopla, snakes, and ladders, which are simple to make at home. These games will keep your children busy while at home.

Go Camping and Picnic

You can create tents outdoors or indoors with sheets and blankets. Once you are done, give the kids a torch, and they will be busy for hours in the tents.

You kids don’t have to go far for a picnic; they can do it outside in the garden.  You can pack some food on a basket and give them a blanket. You will be surprised how your kids will enjoy while eating the food on the grass.

These are some of the best kids activities in Melbourne that can make your kids enjoy their time after school and holidays. Pick the best activities that best suit your kids and let them have more fun.

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