All He Need Is Love

Excerpt: Heaven had a desire to saw Ellie at least once. He wanted to confess his love to her, but only after meeting her by face to face.

Heaven and Ellie were chatting on Facebook for three years. Now they were in love with each other. Heaven shared his so many pictures with Ellie while she did not share any picture with him.

So Heaven had a desire to saw Ellie at least once. He wanted to confess his love to her, but only after meeting her by face to face. But whenever Heaven talked about their meeting, Ellie changed the topic. So, he decided to talk to her about this concern. Because now he was fed up with Ellie’s behaviour.

It was Saturday night and Heaven was at his terrace. He was chatting with Ellie.

Heaven: I do not understand that why are you doing this. Can’t you understand? I want to meet you because I want to confess my feelings. You just tell me that whether you want to meet me or not?

Ellie: Of course I want to meet you. But at this time I cannot meet you. please try to understand it.

Heaven: No. Now I do not want to understand anything. You have to come otherwise I will stop talking to you.

Heaven was thinking that after reading this, Ellie would be afraid and then definitely she would come to meet him.
Then Ellie replied to him, Ellie: If that’s the case. Ok then.

After reading this Heaven got happy. He thought that Ellie was ready to come and meet him.
But unfortunately, Ellie gave another reply.

Ellie: If you do not want to talk to me then it’s ok.Goodbye.

Heaven was shocked. He was not expected this from Ellie.
Heaven: Are you mad. You said that you want to meet me. I also want to meet you. What is your problem then? Now I am feeling like I am failed in my love and I am also failed to understand you.

Heaven was very disappointed. He was feeling like he lost his love. He was controlling his tears.
Then Ellie replied to him again.

Ellie: Now I cannot hurt you more than this. I will come tomorrow in the same place as you planned for us at 10 am. Then I will tell you my problem.
After reading this a sudden smile has come on Heaven’s face. He got so happy. Even he could not believe that all this was really true or he was just dreaming.

On tomorrow after making himself presentable Heaven went to that place. He arrived before time. He was so tensed. He was looking at the time again and again. After waiting for a long time he saw that Alina was coming from the front of him she was a maid in Heaven’s house. Alina was a young girl, nearly twenty-one years old just like as Heaven. Her hairs were brown and curly. Her cheeks were white, her big and beautiful eyes were very attractive. She was an innocent and cute tiny girl.

Heaven was wondering that what Alina was doing there. Alina came nearer to Heaven. After looking at Heaven for a while, Alina said, “This was my reason for which I did not want to meet you.”

Heaven did not understand anything for a while.
After starring Heaven for a few second Alina said, “I am your Elie.”

Alina and Elie were the same girls. Heaven lost his all senses. He could not believe that it all was true.

He remained silent for a while then he asked Ellie that ‘How it is possible?’

Ellie said, “I knew everything from the beginning itself. But I feared that you would leave me alone when you would know the truth as I am just a simple maid in your house. I did not want to break your any dream as I can never hurt you.”
After listening this Heaven’s eyes were full of tears.

Then with a heavy pain in his tone, he said, “Ellie are you really think that these things are matters for me.” He paused for a second then he continued..”No. Not at all. The thing which only matters for me is that how much we love each other. And nothing else is important for me. How could you think that? I thought that we know each other very well, but now I think I was wrong. You said you can never hurt me but the truth is that You hurt me a lot.”

Tears were continuously rolling down on Alina’s cheeks. Heaven’s eyes were also full of tears. They both stared each other, then Heaven hugged Alina.


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