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Excerpt: The story has just begun and now I know if it is not love then it also not friendship. May be in between some where.

I never thought in my whole teenage life that I would ever experience that thing ,the thing which people at my age call love. I always felt that teenage people can get attracted to a person but love is big word. I mean although it is a four letter word but the hindi cinema and society makes it a big deal . Well it was not that big , I mean you never invite Love, you feel it.

After my school life , I was left with one year to find my passion and study for entrance exam . Studying all day made me bored so I used to go to this park side near my house . As I was literally in my last teenage years so I was willing to explore all new stuff .

One day I saw this guy looking at me from far away , I thought may be he wanted to say something . But he went away . Next day on my way to park in the morning , I heard the sound of cycle behind me . It was strange because normally people come by foot . So I turned my head and saw this guy with the uniform of some college I guess with wet hair and a bag on back . He started cycling with my speed and asked me my name and as kind of formality I asked his. He actually wanted my physics copy for notes as he heard from some people that I was preparing and so was he for the entrance exam.

Well when a guy with a cute smile asks you that or want something how can you say no. In the evening I gave him my copy and with that my heart . Now every morning was a happy morning for me as I used to see him . For the first time I was so open to a boy who was just my friend. For the next six months we met in the roads , in parks , in coaching classes but never shared phone number .

He was a gentle man , when in winter the morning used to be a little dark he used to wait for me at the corner to go together . When in our morning classes teacher had not opened door to class we used to wait outside it , laugh about stuff and knock the door , competing on whose knock will our sir listen to and open the door.

That’s how we spend six months and at the last day of our class we just were sad and said bye, that’s all . I thought of asking his number to stay in touch but the ego came in way and he didn’t tried to contact me . Or may be if he had then he wouldn’t be able to because I was not on social media . I thought it was the end but who knew it was the beginning only.

A year later , in my first class of college I hear a voice from back of row calling me . There he was nothing changed but only a few inches taller . Even now with wet hair and same smile on face . The story has just begun and now I know if it is not love then it also not friendship. May be in between some where but we can figure that later and enjoy the present . If you really have feelings for some one just wait my friend nature sees it , all good is on its way . As he says , patience girl patience and you will have the whole world .

P.S. : now I finally kept my ego aside and asked his number .

It is love they say

It is sweet I say

Let’s live he says .


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