Best Friend turned into a nightmare

Excerpt: I was very happy because I just talked to a girl I never thought I would ever get a chance to talk with and she is just like the girl you always desired.

Before starting the story, I just want to say that I am writing this story because there are lot of people who will connect it with their life. This is a true story happened with my last year. I am writing about a girl I met on internet who became my best friend but later turned into a nightmare of my life. There are two important things in this story:

1. This is not a love story and today, I don’t give a f#ck about that girl.
2. All girls are not alike.

Unfortunate news surfaced into the internet as well as on TV about a cute little Kashmiri girl kidnapped and later raped by some goons pretending to be fake nationalists in Kashmir. This news sparked huge protests throughout India and so on the Internet. There are a number of people posting news and their comments on social media with “heavily criticizing India for being a not safe zone for women “.

The same type of post appeared on my Instagram in the night. I opened the photo and it was posted by a girl I was following for a year. She was a teenage girl hails from Rajasthan. She often posts photos and stories on God so I always take a look at them. The post had a caption – “Rape is not a crime but taking birth in India Is”.

I got very angry with this caption so I commented: “Such crimes often happen in other countries too so criticizing India in this way is not correct”.

After this comment, we had a warm conversation which later turned into a normal and frank conversation. She liked my thoughts towards such crimes and started exploring about me. That night was a great night because after a year I was talking to that girl with whom I never thought I would ever get a chance to talk. After a fatiguing conversation, I asked for her WhatsApp number. I thought what if she stopped replying me on Instagram and she didn’t hesitate to share it immediately.

After that night, I returned to my old routine, going office then room and repeat the cycle again. After 2-3 days, I pinged her on WhatsApp.

Hi Aditi”. After a short wait time I received her reply.

“Hi Handsome”. Then I asked How’s she? and other regular stuff. She had exams coming in a few days so I decided not to bother her for a week. After 1 week I messaged her again on WhatsApp but I did not get any reply. I pinged her on Instagram also but still no response. I thought she lost interest in talking to me but I sent her 2-3 more messages in a row.

After 3-4 hours I received her reply. “hi”.
“finally u replied”.
– “yes”
“so how r u?”
– “fine u?”
“me too”
– “ok”

After 5 minutes

“lost interest in talking to me? :D”

After 10 minutes
-“no, r u on snapchat?”
“no, i don’t use that stuff”
-“ok then”.

Then, we didn’t talk for a week or two. Then I started thinking I should Install Snapchat and try talking to her. Maybe, she doesn’t use Whatsapp that much. Then, I installed Snapchat and pinged her there. After having me on SnapChat she was excited. She immediately sent me her photo saying Hi. Then we talked that night for a while then mistakenly I pressed the voice call button and disconnected very next moment. I thought she will think I am moving a little faster. I typed a message apologizing for the call.

But, instead of a reply, she called me back and it was a video call. I was shocked watching it but I rejected it since I was feeling nervous to talk to her on call. But, I gained some confidence and I called on her phone. She received the call and we talked to each other whole night. Yes, the whole night, We shared so many things about each other. I told her I like her posts on God and I really like her attitude. She told, she liked my thoughts on that post and very happy to have me as a friend. She also shared some personal things with me.

She told she is very religious and respect Indian traditions but she also values modern traditions as well. She striked me as very kind and soft-hearted with calm nature girl that night. She even told me that she would tell her parents and brother about me as she shares everything with her family. She also told me, she always wanted to have a friend who can guide her about her career, with whom she can discuss her issues related to studies and personal life.

I said we are talked whole night and what we got? She said, I don’t know about you but I got a great friend with whom I am gonna stay rest of my life and now if you ever wanna come to Rajasthan then you have one home to stay and if she ever wanna come to Bangalore then she will have one too. While hanging up the call, she asks if I am interested to start Snap Streak with her which means sharing one photo with her on Instagram on a daily basis. I replied to her with a yes.

After 1 minute, another snap appeared on my phone. It was Lord Shri Radhe Krishna’s photo. There is a temple in Jaipur “Shri Govind Dev Ji” and that photo was clicked there. She told that she goes there regularly and this is the time for early morning prayer. Since I am also a very religious guy I was very happy and excited to get a friend like her. I was very enthusiastic that night because I just talked to a girl I never thought I would ever get a chance to talk with and she is just like the girl you always desired. You feel very excited and enthusiastic if you get a person in your life who have all the qualities that match your desires.

After celebrating the achievement for another half an hour, I slept keeping my phone aside.


( to be continued)—