Broken Heart

High school experience:-

When I got enrolled in high school, I was wondering about the way my experience would be like. But I didn’t think about destiny. I never knew that there would be a sunrise waiting for me. So my first day there wasn’t ordinary like at all. It all started with a powerful sight! Because of it, my pain is still remaining.

When I saw her the first time, I fell deeply in her love, in her tricky web! She was just sitting over there, smiling to her peers and just talking about her summer vacation. She saw me, but she never talked to me. It seemed so hard for both of us to start the stranger’s conversation. It would be odd, at least at that level. But I never gave up staring at her unconsciously. And then came that moment, the first time when I get to talk to her. It was two weeks after the first day, which sounds pretty long! But yet, our conversation was brief and very serious.

I saw her shining green eyes, get a little bit more confidence and just said it. You may guess ‘I like your hairstyle or your shoes’ Or anything to get her attention. But I’ve never been that guy. I’m too shy to admit, even a little compliment. I told her “Your French is so fluent that it impressed me. She just smiled and said “thanks!”. I was stunned by her smile. It has a lot of magic. Its huge impact turned my life 360 degrees:

I just became another dude. But I kept treating her like all my peers. We only got to talk about homework, school project and that stuff… Unfortunately, things got so much worse, I became the pussy guy. All my classmates used to make their stupid bullies and call me names just because I was the kindest guy. Once, they said I was gay just because I wore a pink t-shirt. I felt so bad about it, and I got very mad.

But my tiny hero came and saved me with her little smile. She told me that my t-shirt was incredible, and she likes it. I could take that as a compliment, maybe build a first step in that relationship, but I just kept expressing my anger about it. I didn’t even thank her. It was very silly. And I really blamed myself for being that shy. I’ve never been able to express my feelings the way it should be. She was very kind and supportive. She helps people and tries to find a way to heal their pains and just help them to get through the tough experiences. I really loved that part of her.

But I’ve never been like her. Once, our math teach gave us our math grades. When he got my mark, she asked me about it, simply because she cares about me. When I told her it was excellent, she smiled and congratulated me. But I never did the same thing. So, when I saw her crying after school, my heart got broken. But I was unable to do anything. I couldn’t even hold her and help her to get over it. I failed in my second chance !

Once, she asked me to help her with some physical issues through “Messenger,” I agreed with pleasure. But I couldn’t even unlock my phone’s pattern, not because I was not helpful, but it was just hard for me to do it. I proved my disability to be loyal and honest, even for once. She was so kind that she never blamed me for being unfaithful towards my commitment. I really appreciated her attitude, but I thought very bad about myself and I didn’t know what to do..

One day before the summer vacation, I sent her a message through Messenger but it was too late… The sunrise turned out to a very painful sunset…


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