By my soul

Never did you tried nor did I

To express how I felt for you time to time

But if I find you now I might say these words to you

Do listen to me , for it is just for you

Times when I see you are the times that I miss

To feel like what I always wanted to feel

Your black shiny hair and blush on the top

Smile on your face and dimples by your cheeks

Shine on the face and six fingers on your wrist

Are the memories I have till I forget how to breathe

Loud are my feelings though it never reach to you

But it’s just mine and will rest by my soul

If you ever see this you will know who am I

The girl who always loved you and gave you shoulder when you cried

The story will live ,I may not

For the blink in your eyes

I could see no more

The thoughts you have

I can hear no more

Miles apart from me

what you left me for

Seasonal are flowers not my love

Even if you come after years

You will found me the same

They say the love travel distance

What if the destination is not known

They say it takes time

What if my watch is broke

Stories of love that i have heard before

Are they only tales

Or have any truth at all

Romeo and juliet never had a happy ending

In my case it never had a beginning

I met you in some place

I dont remember now

But the depth of your voice

Is like wow

It is a little different

How it is happening

For my love story

Isnt about the queen or the king

Neither it is the story of the princess

For their is no palace

All i see is mess

Time i spend with you

I will always cherish

Sweet as the berries

Long as a hour

But remember they also say

Love never fails

What ever be the depth

It always sails

Thinks about you sometime

Dont cry any more

Memories you gave

I dont want any more

Because love is not greed

It comes to you whenever you need

I might not be any more

But the love that I have will rest by soul