Cancer is Deadlier If You Don’t Have a Positive Attitude

First things first. There is no evidence that people with positive thinking and struggling with cancer live longer. But with the right attitude and thinking you’re shooing away the disease and you’re not letting it (cancer) to take over you.

“Cancer is deadlier if you don’t have a positive attitude!”

A positive attitude… that too towards cancer, a situation once diagnosed chances of survival and making through it becomes drastically less. That’s too much to ask for!

Think this way, every time we wake up in the morning, we have abundant thinks to think about, it could be what an amazing morning! feel like hitting the gym right away! 

But that’s not the case during a cancer phase! A cancer struggler might be sleeping but some abnormal cells are still awake and growing abnormally. It’s like a parasite is there in the body which keeps growing. There is no surety if they’re going to see the next morning.

It isn’t that cancer is incurable. But chances of survival are drastically less.”

Strugglers are at constant war with the parasite (growing abnormal cells) in your body. With therapies, rounds of operations, medication (ayurvedic, allopathic) and regular tests, chances of taking down the parasite are more.

Medications and therapies being so expensive (and painful) and regularly along with a manual of Dos and Don’ts, a person’s willpower starts decaying. Their thought process also starts eating them up and sometimes they give the fight (mentally) making them hopeless and depressed.

Because the fight will not be easy, because chances of survival are drastically less, and because there is no other way left other than living till the day you’re either dead or the parasite starts to give up (which is not always the case), you need to have a right attitude, mindset and thought process.

The question is how?

While medications and therapies do their work and leave the body with after effects, your mind is always there to talk to you.

“Be it a fight with cancer or with anything else, after developing negative thoughts, the war against it is very difficult!”

“Negativity takes over the person who keeps telling himself and to others that they are not going to make it or they have had enough of it!”

  • Whenever a negative thought comes in your mind simply talk back and tell your mind that nothing like is going to happen! But it isn’t like, everything will be better the very next day. It’s still a long war and struggles are still the same, but you’re staying strong and not giving up (during the moments when you’re about to).This is really helpful in the long run! Applying it as difficult as being like a ritual. But once applied, the entire mindset and attitude experience a change towards wellbeing. This how having the right mindset is helpful!
  • Cutting off irrelevant people, groups or social circles that cut you down or demotivates you. Staying away from negativity also helps you to stay away from negative thoughts. Both are handy. While you apply one of them, you’re one way closer to the other one.
  • Take pleasure in small-small things. It’s not easy to gulp the fact that only a number of days/months or years are remaining for you to die. Every day we miss so many beautiful things that can help us to overcome the fact that we’ve had a pretty bad day!

A parcel of birds chirping above you, a group of puppies jumping around each other, how a small kid keeps up the pace with her mother while they walk on a busy street and many-many more things like these that could have made your day, were skipped!
Appreciating things and oneself is a very positive activity that leads towards having a self-elevated life.

  • Indulge yourself with productivity. When you devote your time on productive things, your entire body feels the changes! Think of it like this, a person sitting all day in front of the TV or smartphone would only feel (really excited) when they can relate anything with the two!Whereas if that same time is spent on taking a walk, listening to music, reading, spending time family or near and dear ones … any struggle becomes worth struggling.

Let’s take a pledge on this cancer-day.

If we have someone in our circle who is struggling with cancer, we will always elevate him/her and respect her for being strong even when all the odds are in their favor. 

God forbid, if something catastrophic happens and you know that limited days are left to (to be able to decide if you’re making through or not) to survive, you will maintain a right attitude, mindset. With a strong and positive thought process, you should fight the parasite.

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