Top 10 Best Free Whois Lookup Software

Looking for a website details online is a common practice. Whether you are a programmer, an individual or, business owner, finding the website owner is the primary concern. Whois is one such program that stores internet record details which helps to find out who is the owner of the domain.

Hence, the name, Who-is. It stores all of the contact details related to an individual, group, or an enterprise that wants to register a domain name. Usually, the record consists of the registrant’s name and contact details and of the registrar’s. It also contains other details like the registration and expiration dates, recent updates, and more. Whois is based on either of the two data models where the details are stored – thick model and thin model.

However, finding domain information online using Whois can be time-consuming and hence, a Whois lookup software can be a smarter solution. These programs not just save your time, but also help you find the exact details of a domain or IP address along with registration details of the site, and lots of other crucial details. Here we have listed some of the best free Whois lookup software to choose from.

WhoisCL is another well-known Whois lookup software that’s available for free. This command line tool is lightweight and convenient that works as a great alternative to finding a domain detail online. This helps you collect accurate data related to the admin and the registrant in addition to the other tech details.

The software saves a good amount of your time by not requiring any of the activities you would otherwise do online. For instance, you save time on opening the browser, browsing through the website, adding the domain name and then wait for the details to show. Therefore, it’s much faster in terms of generating results compared to the online process.

It’s also super user-friendly since, all you need to do is to start the program, enter the domain name, and press the “Enter” key. It will pull up all the website related details in a jiffy. From information associated with the registry domain ID, registrar URL, name, email id or phone number to the details regarding the location, such as street, city, contact details, etc., it offers all the details.

Price: free

It’s a compact Whois lookup tool that helps you find comprehensive details about a website. It’s especially useful for those …

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14 Best Free Spell Check Software for Windows 10

Whether for writing online content regularly or for your institutional projects, a spell checker is a must these days. You are a native English speaker or not, these tools are useful for all. These online spell-checking tools ensure high-quality content with flawless English.

English is one language that’s highly spoken across the world. It’s especially important for business relations among countries. It has been recognized as the official business language by many countries due to which there are experiencing increased collaborations.

While perfect English helps improve your image where it requires, it also offers many advantages even to businesses. You don’t want to produce content with grammatical or syntax errors, would you? If you want your content to be liked and appreciated by all, you have to write it in meticulous English. The piece should convey your feelings clearly, for a better impact.

Since, you cannot be an expert in grammar overnight, using a spell check software can help you refine your content. Online grammar checkers are the perfect way to produce polished content free of grammatical, syntax, or punctuation errors. Let’s see some of the best free spell check software for Windows.

The free version of Grammarly is available as an extension on Chrome. It makes sure that the final content written by you is effective, easy to read, and error-free. Moreover, adding the app to Chrome helps keep a check on your spelling and grammar while working on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Tumblr. It can also be used anywhere else you write on the web such as blogs, blog comments, etc.

On signing up, you can also opt to receive weekly emails with personalized observations and performance stats. This is one of their most liked features.  What’s more? For those working on a larger content, can also create and store all of their documents in the newly developed online editor.

Price: free

Ginger Grammar Checker is a super useful spell-checker software that not only corrects any spelling mistakes but also refines your grammar. This is especially useful while writing emails, chats, on social media, and on other similar platforms. This free tool checks on spelling and grammar errors based on theories, such as full-sentence context and text-to-pronunciation.

While it helps correct grammatical and spelling errors, it’s especially helpful for people with dyslexia or anyone with learning issues related to English speaking and writing. It can be installed …

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How to Enable / Disable auto tuning Feature in windows 10

Windows 10 have an auto-tuning feature which tries to dynamically adjust the receive buffer size for transmission and latency of the link. In-fact this feature is present in all Modern Operating systems including Windows 10. So, its a Necessary Feature all together as it manages and adjusts Receive buffer size dynamically.

How to Check if Auto Tuning Feature is Enabled ?

1 – Open Command Prompt as admin by Searching cmd in Windows 10 Search box and then right clicking on the cmd icon and clicking on Run as Administrator.

2 – Now, run the following command given below.

netsh interface tcp show global

3 – In the output if Receive Windows Auto Tuning Level says Normal, then the Auto tuning Feature is enabled on your PC.

How to Disable Auto Tuning in Windows 10

Using Command Prompt: –

Just run the command given below in Command Prompt

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

Using Registry Editor

1]  Press Windows key + R together.

2]  Write Regedit and hit enter to Open registry editor.

3] Browse to the following location Given below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsWinHttp

4 ] Now, Right click anywhere on right side and create New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value

5 ] Now, Name this key TcpAutotuning .

6 ] Double click on it and Edit Value data to 0.

How to Enable Auto Tuning in Windows 10

Using Command Prompt: – 

Just run the command given below in Command Prompt

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal

Using Registry Editor

1]  Press Windows key + R together.

2]  Write Regedit and hit enter to Open registry editor.

3] Browse to the following location Given below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsWinHttp

4 ] Now, Right click anywhere on right side and create New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value if it does not exists.

6 ] Double click on it and Edit Value data to 0.…

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12 Best Free File Comparison Tools for Windows 10

Working on a computer on a daily basis also adds up those files and documents. The more the files, the more the junk, and so they need your special attention. You don’t want to keep adding up on duplicate files or miss any changes made to the files by someone else, do you? Comparing your files at regular intervals is the solution to this.

Comparing hundreds of files manually is a tedious task and virtually impossible. There are high chances that you would miss out on something. You might also want to double check with the files if there have been any changes made by hackers! The smartest thing to do here would be to use a file comparison tool to compare files effectively, while you save time.

While applications like Google Drive, or Dropbox may help you to a certain extent by running file revisions, you would need to use these services. For that, you would also need an internet connection. Besides, you need to use these services and upload the files to keep a track of the service on a regular basis.

Here we have shortlisted some of the best file comparison tools that makes things easier and saves time.

AptDiff is a freeware that’s now discontinued, but still available to download through some third-party websites. Despite being free, it’s an advanced and responsive file comparison tool for Windows. It lets you compare two files (text or binary) to check if any of them is a duplicate. It gets downloaded quickly and is pretty easy with no complications involved. From options to customize keyboard shortcuts, getting file backups, or personalizing the UI fonts and colors to supporting multiple languages, there’s a lot that it’s capable of.

Price: free

Those looking for a file comparison tool would find DiffMerge much helpful due to its powerful features. The application visually compares files and even merges them on major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, it graphically represents the modifications between the two files. Also, it features options like intra-line highlighting and complete support for editing. Similarly, it also shows the modifications (merging) between three files, graphically.

It enables the files to merge automatically whenever possible, and also allows complete control on the editing of the file generated. Furthermore, it compares the two folders side-by-side, while displaying which files are only present in a single file or in the other. …

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13 Best Desktop Search Tools for Windows

Your PC desktop is the place where you save most of your important files. These are the files that you need to access frequently. You keep adding files and as they pile up, you need to look for them using the Windows Search function. But, with so many files saved on the Desktop, you need to create separate folders for each file type and this can mess up your desktop.

So, when you want to look for a certain file, it can be challenging to find the right one quickly. Here’s when you need to use the search feature and the one that you automatically think of is the Windows search box. But the Windows search box does not usually livup toto the expectations. It can get really slow and flawed searching for files with a lot of indicators such as file name, type, size, location, etc.

So, for those who are frequently looking for files on the desktop, the Windows search is pretty basic. Hence, it would be better to use third-party search tools for Windows. Here we have listed some of the handpicked desktop search tools for Windows that make searching for file super convenient.

Everything is one of the leading desktop search tools that pulls up files and folders by name, instantly. It comes with a compact installation file making it easy to install. It sports a neat and straightforward user interface. The best part is, it indexes files quickly and even offers quick search. This tool takes up minimal resources to find the files you are looking for. While it helps you share files with others effortlessly, it also offers real-time updates.

Price: free

It’s a simple desktop search software that can use standard expressions to search the files. This helps the tool to carry out more dynamic searches and restorations. The software adds an input to the shell context menu to look for the chosen folders, effortlessly. Once the software is launched, it lets you customize the search function or restoration feature in multiple methods.

Price: free

For those who want to search their computer files and emails, Copernic Desktop Search serves best. The free version offers users to index and searches more than 119 file types. The pro version offers to search for frequently used files such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, PDF, Cloud Services and so on. It allows you to look up for …

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12 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows 10

Gone are the days when you would use a printed calendar to keep a tab on your days, festivals, or important tasks. Several modifications later, over the years, the calendar is an app now. No more do you have to follow a paper or desk calendar because life is about smartphones and laptops now.

You can either follow the inbuilt calendar on your devices or download an app for advanced functions. In short, it’s much more convenient these days, but yes, you still need a calendar. You can now do a lot more with these calendar apps. We especially like the sleek looks, added features, and the customization options. Windows being the highly used platform across the world, we have listed some of the best calendar apps for Windows for your convenience.

For those using a Windows PC, Mail and Calendar by Microsoft Corporation is one of the recommended calendar apps. It’s a lightweight app that does not require as much space as Outlook. It’s an independent app and so, does not need to be installed separately as an Office bundle.

This app keeps you updated on your email messages, helps you manage your schedule, and stay in contact with friends, family, and colleagues. Whether you are working from the office, or from home, this app is perfect for quick communication. It also helps you concentrate on the major aspects of all your accounts. It’s compatible with popular accounts like Gmail, Office 365,, and more.

Price: free to download

Efficient Calendar helps you manage your time efficiently, using the Calendar, Tasks and Events Modules. It comes with a responsive interface where the major features are located on the left end of the calendar. It also offers multiple calendar views (Day, Week, Month, and Year) along with list view helping you to keep track of your appointments and events.

It’s an easy to sync app that helps you synchronize your PCs and Mobile phones in just 4 simple steps. Among its other features are a powerful document letting you save your comments for ant tasks or events, option to set priorities for events and tasks, a regular reminder on the pre-set events or tasks, and a Recycle Bin (with backup and restore feature) where you can trash your old and unusable data.

Price: free version available; upgrade starts from $27.96

Google Calendar is one free app which is super easy …

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15 Best Free File Rename Software for Windows 10

Wondering why would you need a file renaming software? A file renaming software is especially useful for people in the profession of writing, photography, designing, or simply someone who handles a lot of files in a day. Given that manually renaming files can be taxing, these tools can be really useful.

While you can easily batch name files or folders in Windows by selecting them all and then pressing the F2 key on your keyboard. By doing this, a number of files and folders will be automatically added to make the name special.

However, you need a lot more control on in what way you want to rename your files in batch. For example, you may want to add a few words at the end or start of the file names, or you may even want to delete a specific number of characters from all the file names. Despite your requirement, using a good file rename software is a must. Here we have a list of file rename software for Windows.

Bulk Rename Utility is one of the most popular file renaming programs in the list for Windows. It can easily suffice your daily batch renaming requirements with ease. While the home screen can be a bit complex for beginners, it becomes really easy to use once you get a hold of it.

The program comes with all the features you need, despite your renaming requirements. Among its major features are:

  • Adding, deleting, or changing text in the file names;
  • Changing the letter cases for filenames;
  • Appending or Prepending text to filenames;
  • Deleting words, digits, characters, or symbols;
  • Revising extensions;
  • Copying the files or moving them, and
  • Supporting usual expressions.

The best part about the program is that it superfast. Moreover, it’s available in both installable and portable versions. The installation version adds a right-click context menu item that helps rename fast.

Price: Free for personal use; Starts from $49.95 for 6+ computers for business use.

Flexible Renamer is another great renaming app that comes with multiple options like renaming with the help of tags (ID3, Exif, etc.), numbering files, using wildcards or usual expressions, walking an order of folders, offering presets for regular renaming tasks (deleting parentheses), and more. What’s interesting is, the preview feature eliminates errors, and notifies of naming any disputes.

Amongs its other important features are, ability to rename using ID3 music, IPTC, DOC, HTML tags, …

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18 Best Free Internet Speed Test Online Tools

Internet is a basic requirement these days, just like a phone connection. Whether it’s running on your mobile phone or desktop, you want to stay connected 24/7 at the best speed. Moreover, there’s a pretty good cost attached to get the data at a certain speed. And so, when the speed slows down, that’s when the disappointment comes.

While all internet service providers make tall claims of offering the fastest internet service than the other, these are actually far from true. When you start using the connection, that’s when you come to know the actual performance. The best thing to do at this point would be to test the internet speed to check what you are actually getting out of the claims.

To check the upload and download speed in real, you need a reliable internet speed test analysis tool. Fortunately, there are a quite a few such useful online tools that does not just help you find out the real internet speed, but also helps detect any other problems related to the network.

Here’s a checklist of some of the best internet speed test online tools for your review.

If you are looking for a quick and easy internet speed test, can be your best bet. It’s a free online tool powered by that mainly checks your ongoing download and upload speed. Not just that, it also offers the latency and loaded latency numbers on its clean and simple interface free of ads.

The data gathered from the tool gives Netflix an in-depth look into the networks across the world. However, the primary aim is to equip internet users with a quick and effective look into their internet speeds.

Price: free is a well-known internet speed test analysis tool where anyone can test the actual speed of their data connection. It allows you to test your upload and download speed, and also the ping using plenty of servers across the world. Ookla Speed test is one of the most well-known internet speed test apps available in the recent times. It checks the download and upload speed along with the ping in just a few seconds. it’s one of the most accurate speed trackers around that also allows you to share your results. The company is also known to publish the monitoring results on the state of global markets and associated trends. The app is available to …

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16 Best Whiteboard Animation Software

We all love watching those whiteboard animations on YouTube, informative presentations, or TV commercials. These animations are used across different industries chiefly due to the way it presents and conveys the message to the viewers in the right manner. However, there’s a lot of pain that goes into creating stunning animated presentations. A traditional, still presentation on the other hand, can be monotonous for the audience.

Whiteboard animations are a great way to add life to your presentations. But, if you were wondering if companies hire animation experts to create these videos, then that’s far from the truth. While it’s simply satisfying to watch the cartoonist draw on the whiteboard, you would need a whiteboard animation software to add animations and special characters to your creation.

Yes, there are many such programs that help you get started with your whiteboard animation videos in just a matter of time. Best of all, these programs are feature packed, fulfil comprehensive needs, and are available at different prices. Here’s a rundown of some of the best whiteboard animation software that we thing are the most effective in creating those animated videos or presentations.

VideoScribe is one of the leading whiteboard animation programs that allows you to make your own whiteboard videos easily and quickly. Best of all, it’s available at a competitive price. Using this software you can simply select images, type your text, add background music, and the rest is taken care of. It allows you to create catchy content in matter of minutes. You can then publish it, and even share it on the social media channels.

It enables you to create as many videos as possible at a much reasonable price. Among its significant features are, convenient drag and drop facility, quick access to a library full of photos and music, 24×7 support from a community and team of experts, and countless of other features specifically suited for corporates and educators across the world.

Price: free trial available; starts from $6.50/month/$75 per year

Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, Explaindio is one of the best whiteboard animation software that’s trusted by millions of consumers across the world. With a mix of 2D and 3D animations, this program helps simply anyone to create professional looking videos irrespective of their experience levels. It also offers whiteboard sketch components and FMV (full motion video).

With loads of options to …

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13 Best To-Do List Apps for Windows 10

Tracking your agenda of the day manually, can be tedious on a daily basis. There are times, when you may miss important tasks just because you forgot to keep a track. To-Do list apps for Windows are a great way to stay on top of your tasks these days. They help you track your daily tasks for better time management, while allowing to stay productive.

But, while choosing your app, you must know your requirement. Whether you are looking for a to-do app with a straightforward interface, or something that comes with color coding or a multi-tasker, would be your prerogative. There are several to-do lists available on the online marketplace, but some of them are definitely a notch up. Here’s a list of some of the best To-Do list apps for Windows that can help you make your choice.

Wunderlist is easily the best to-do app in the list. It was known to be the best even since it was not taken over by Microsoft. This powerful tool that is known to boost your productivity, has been awarded the best to-do list app two years in a row, by the Verge and Apple consecutively. The best part about this app is that, you get just about every feature in the free version alone, unless you are also looking for premium features like unlimited task delegation and file uploads.

Using this app, you can add to-dos to your newly create to-do lists. You can also add notes and due dates to each item in the list. Once done, you can share this with your friends, family, or office colleagues with editing capabilities of their own. Best of all, it offers a clean user experience even when there are two people are working on a list concurrently. So, for instance, if you are sharing a grocery list with your roomie and if you visit the grocery store together, it becomes easier for you two to manage the list at the same time.

Bonus – it’s sleek design and the fact that it is easy to use. It makes the entire process like, adding and checking off items from the list easy and intuitive along with adding and marking off sub-tasks, adding a due date, adding reminders, and much more.

Price: Free version available; Upgrade available at $4.99/mo

Todoist has been around for years now offering several features to help you with …

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