Lou Reed Never Wore Brown | A Poem by G.S. Katz

The original Punk
Kid from Long Island
Who blasted into our Rock psyche
Alcohol Haze
Sweet Jane
New Sensations
Walks on the Wild Side
You could always depend on Lou
Always in our NYC mantra
Gays before there were Gays
Hard women
Transsexual lullabies
Lower East Side
Pain because it felt good
The music
Searing guitars
Off key slightly
Seedy one night stands
Sex in cheap hotels
With bad lighting
Somehow it wasn’t so bad
When Lou sang about it
One thing is for sure
Punk is wounded
We lost our Captain
Who went quietly into the dark night
R.I.P. Lou
You will be missed
Thank you
For never wearing brown……

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High Wire | A Poem by G.S. Katz

passion and romance
and then
the opening
the walkway looking west
a small cutaway
I held you close
staring into your laser eyes
holding you tight
tenderness spinning out of control
but a new control emerged
one you knew was buried
deep in my brow
matching you stare for stare
electrons and gamma rays
cross stimulation
I took your smile
and marked it
with my glare
taking you
under my wing
protecting you
feeding you
giving you breath
tasting your submission
leaving you hungry for more……

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I Bask in Your Glow | A Poem by G.S. Katz

you do have me
to have and to hold
I bask in your glow
and wait for your mail
with each new day
a new light
avenues of growth
living and laughter
warmth and connection

I can hardly believe how you have
taken me
taken my sharp edges and worn them down
pushed every layer back
accepting no less
calling me on my bs when appropriate
and swimming in my love and lust

you are gentle and intense
but you love with the passion of fire
you have claimed me and saw something in me
and taken it for yourself
deservedly so
I will protect you from the bad
and cover you in a shroud of love
your Man
Your Spirit
Your being inside of me
I share you
I am you……

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