Bepanah Ishq Sensitive Love Lines Shayari

Bepanah Ishq Sensitive Love Lines Shayari

Mohabbat Kisi Se Karni Ho To Had Me Reh Kar Karna
Warna Kisi Ko Bepanah Chahoge To Toot Kar Bikhar Jaoge

मोहब्बत किसी से करनी हो तो हद में रह कर करना
वरना किसी को बेपनाह चाहोगे तो टूट कर बिखर जाओगे…

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Love Shayari For Boyfriend Girlfriend

1) Most Romantic Love Shayari In Hindi For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Aa ja kareeb utar ja mujhme tu,
Meri bhaon mein aa ker lipat ja mujhse tu,
Kuch or na ho tere mere darmiya
Kuch is tarha mujhse aa kr mil ja tu.

2) Latest Pyar Bhari Romantic Hindi Shayari For Gf Bf

Aao pas sanam mere dur naa jane ke liye,
Rho sath zindagi bhar sath nibhane ke liye,
Har kadam sath sath chalenge
Mohabbat apni puri zindagi nibhane ke liye.

3) Long Love Shayari In 6 lines For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Main sumundar sa
Tu mujhe kinaara ban ke mil,

Aa kar meri zindagi ka
Tu mujhe savera ban ke mil,

Koi badi khwahish nhi mujh nadan ki
Bas tu aa mujhe mera ban ke mil.

4) Best Love Romantic Hindi Shayari For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Tujhe dekh kar kho jana,
Baat tujhse kar ke tera ho jana,
Mujhe acha lagta hai
Tere sapne dekhne ke liye din m so jana.

5) Hindi Love Shayari For Him Her In Hindi

Teri nazron se jab nazre takra jati hai,
Hume humse hi juda kar jati hai,
Na jane konsa jadu karti hai
Or hamare dil ko humse hi chhin le jati hai.…

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Screaming Silence

Excerpt: In spite of the fact that Auzita hates Mathew, he always loved her. He knew he is right

It was a cold chilly night. A man woke up in midnight around 3:00 am and lit a lamp to write something on his writing pad. He is Mathew, who lives in Srodie,a small town near Hague, Amsterdam.
It was 16th century, Amsterdam was under the Rule of King ‘Benedict’ . Mathew was scholar,writer and Philosopher. He was an active participant against the ill policies of Benedict’s Rule. He clashed with the current course of politics and society. There were many other writer also in the town but they used to write their article praising king’s policies and Rule. Due to their needlessness , they used to receive rewards and titles from king’s court.

On the other hand Mathew stood alone against King’s ill Rule. He used to write revolutionized article against King’s rule in the weekly journal called ‘The Amsterdam Journal’ and due to this he was arrested 3-4 times before. But he continued his writing. Mathew has mass support , people of Amsterdam knows he is right. He was fighting for the welfare and right of common people, they were with him. Benedict was reckless and believe in living extravagance and lavish life. He was least concerned about the welfare of people of his state.
Mathew was well know figure, people have full faith and support for him and they look upto him for a revolutionary change.He was a hero of masses, everybody liked him except one person. This was his wife ‘Auzita’.
Auzita used to scold and curse Mathew for what ever he was doing. Though she was not concerned about the article which he used to write, but she was concerned only about the condition of her family. Day by day they are moving towards poverty. She used to blame him for their pathetic condition. She was unhappy with her life and blame Mathew for this. But on other hand he used to explain her as what is doing is correct and for the welfare of everyone. But Auzita never paid any attention on this as she was frustrated with his idea of helping other. According to her, he ruined her life and was fit for nothing.

In spite of the fact that Auzita hates Mathew, …

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A Memory I just had

Excerpt: He was my source of life and happiness. I fell so deep in love that I couldn’t imagine to ever be this in love with anyone else.

I always dreamt of being treated like a princess.

The reality is different. I didn’t know. Nobody ever told me. I was naive. I still am. I just can’t get the unrealistic idea of someone loving me endlessly and genuine out of my mind. Something in me still screams and tries to reach that dream and that’s why I get disappointed every single time I am left alone. The thing is that its very hard for me to fall in love, it happens but it takes a lot of time.

Whatever.. my first love was in middle school. You can say that we were meant to be. You know in a class there is always the coolest girl and boy, and everyone knows they have something for each other and that they’ll get together, right? We were that couple. We were meant to be, but.. we were also meant to be broken, I guess. Still I loved him. I remember being so happy the time he asked me out. I felt unbelievably blessed and grateful for this boy. I remember praying to god and thanking him for this gift I got, that was love from the person I loved back. My life was in his hands. Or at least that’s what I wanted to think. He was my source of life and happiness. I fell so deep in love that I couldn’t imagine to ever be this in love with anyone else.

In my eyes he was perfect. Deep blue eyes, just like the ocean. Freckles that covered his porcelain white cheeks. His short light brown hair, that he kept short. His full lips and big strong hands that he had. His deep voice. His manliness. The way he laughed about jokes. The way he spoke, moved and watched at everything. The way that people behaved around him. In my memory all those moments of him feel so vivid.

Right now at this very moment I can see him sitting right in front of me, this 11 year old, looking me right in the eye. Looking at me as if I was the most amazing and captivating little thing on earth. We looked at each other as if we had discovered something …

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My Indelible Online Romance

“Guys…. I need to confess something.”

As soon as this words left my mouth I regretted and bit my lower lip out of nervousness. The eight queer eyes looked at me all in silence. Great! I am so dumb and such a party spoiler. I shouldn’t have done this. But I don’t even have a choice now. All this love and fame won’t be there if I carry on with the suspense.

Recently my book, “Falling For You Was The Best Thing” was declared the Book of The Year. Infinite readers and love from all over the world,was all what I was getting from these past weeks and honestly, I was cherishing all these lovely moments. But the contemplation of hiding a truth from my beloved readers, a question which everyone asked,whether a commoner or any interviewer still bugs me. All i ever did was smile mysteriously whenever this question was asked. But today I decided to confess them all the truth. Eight lucky readers got the chance to meet and dine with me and this was my only chance where I can reveal the real story. The dark story which is nothing compared to what I wrote in my book. Its now or never!

“What is it, Ana?” Franco, the blonde guy asked me.

I heaved a sigh and looked directly at them. They all were quiet as a lamb, waiting patiently and eagerly for me to start. A part of me was saying ‘No, let the world read your sunshine story. Let them believe in the happy ending.’ But I guess, I went for the other voice which asked me to confess.

“Ana… Are you okay?” My tranquility got broke by the question of Elsa. She had a worried look.

“Mmm… Yeah,sorry. Um-m I don’t know how to say this but their is something I need to confess something about yours all favorite character… Verone Smith.” I stopped to look at the expressions and as expected everyone had a hysterical look on their face. Without stopping, I continued, “Verone Smith was someone who is not just a character but someone real in my life…. I did not change his name in the book even because I couldn’t.”

“Who was he?” Cheryl asked.

The sounds of the  honking outside, people talking, the city-lights at distance, the eight faces sitting curiously in front of me and all other minor or …

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Broken Heart

High school experience:-

When I got enrolled in high school, I was wondering about the way my experience would be like. But I didn’t think about destiny. I never knew that there would be a sunrise waiting for me. So my first day there wasn’t ordinary like at all. It all started with a powerful sight! Because of it, my pain is still remaining.

When I saw her the first time, I fell deeply in her love, in her tricky web! She was just sitting over there, smiling to her peers and just talking about her summer vacation. She saw me, but she never talked to me. It seemed so hard for both of us to start the stranger’s conversation. It would be odd, at least at that level. But I never gave up staring at her unconsciously. And then came that moment, the first time when I get to talk to her. It was two weeks after the first day, which sounds pretty long! But yet, our conversation was brief and very serious.

I saw her shining green eyes, get a little bit more confidence and just said it. You may guess ‘I like your hairstyle or your shoes’ Or anything to get her attention. But I’ve never been that guy. I’m too shy to admit, even a little compliment. I told her “Your French is so fluent that it impressed me. She just smiled and said “thanks!”. I was stunned by her smile. It has a lot of magic. Its huge impact turned my life 360 degrees:

I just became another dude. But I kept treating her like all my peers. We only got to talk about homework, school project and that stuff… Unfortunately, things got so much worse, I became the pussy guy. All my classmates used to make their stupid bullies and call me names just because I was the kindest guy. Once, they said I was gay just because I wore a pink t-shirt. I felt so bad about it, and I got very mad.

But my tiny hero came and saved me with her little smile. She told me that my t-shirt was incredible, and she likes it. I could take that as a compliment, maybe build a first step in that relationship, but I just kept expressing my anger about it. I didn’t even thank her. It was very silly. And I really …

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My First Love


Short Story of My First Love
Photo credit: fiona_adam from

My last year in high school was truly memorable because of a sweet little teen-age girl that took my heart. School year 1956-1957 has just started when one afternoon a teacher introduced us to each other. It has something to do with a project in Pilipino we are to work together. The chance encounter was brief. I never remember what we talked. All I can recall was how delicate and graceful her hands as she gesture when she speak.

The sound of her voice was so pleasing. Her almond shaped eyes smiles when she laughed. There was the bloom of crimson on her damp lips and shades of scarlet on her smooth face. Her scent is heavenly. As if an unseeable bouquet of garlands surrounds her. And the way her shiny black shoulder length hair sway when she move her head fascinate me . She was the most beautiful girl I have ever met. When we parted that afternoon, my heart deserted me and went with her. She was my first love.

I sleep very little the night we met. I dream of her with my eyes wide open. I beg God to hurry up morning. The next day I saw her again after school and this time we spend a little more time together. I walked her home and that was the beginning of our many promenades. We discovered we have a lot of things in common. We delight in each other’s company. We shared stories and laughed a lot. Yet I lack the courage to tell her how I feel. The thought of losing her should I open up my heart, kept the verses I rehearsed countless nights locked in my mind.

But on the last simbang gabi in 1956, with the morning chill of December and the dark of the night waning, I confessed to her she is my first love. She look me long and deep in the eyes as if searching the truth in what I said. Without a word I took her hand and she allowed me to kiss it. Then she look down and whispered she is afraid. She has never been in love before and don’t know what to do. I gently lifted her face. The light as dawn break showed the worry in her misty eyes. I draw her towards …

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I don’t wanna meet her

Jab bhi use dekhta tha waqt ruk sa jata tha, sanse tez ho jati thi. Palke jhapkna bhul jatti thi, or dil ki rafter…… out of control. Par waqt koi mobile nahi jisse control kiya ja sake, badal jata hai, or  wo apni marzi se chalta hai or kismet ko bhi badalat deta hai. Or jab waqt hota hai hath me to kadar nhi hoti jab chala jata hai to insan time machine dhundta hai, sirf uski ek jhalak fir sepane ke liye.

Aj se takreeban 8 sal pehle shuru hui meri kahani, esa nhi tab use pehli bar dekh raha tha, wo meri classmate thi 10th standard me or bachpan se sath me study kar rahe the,  us din bhi class me tha me, or ek ladki ko dekh raha tha, because she was looking hot, but kismet ka khel start ho chuka tha, use( my love) ko laga usko dekh raha hu abd ye ek bar nhi pehle bhi ek kai bar ho chuka tha or mene bhi is misunderstanding to note kar liye tha is bar, and I felt that she is interested in me or classmate thi to pata tha single hai, or khoobsurat itni ke pucho mat, badi badi ankhe, lal rang, gol chehra, sharmili ada and I know its little filmy but wo thi hi kayamat, but bahot zada sidhi, tabhi to single. and I was play boy at that time, to mene 4 din follow kiya, ghar k samne bike pe round lagya like a proper chapri nibba, or wo gir gayi ishq me but mere layi bas ek naya number list me, or me to theek se dekhta bhi nahi tha use, and one day I asked are you single, to usne kaha kyu puch rahe rahe, and I was like ye kesa jawab hua, or kuch dina bad she again asked same question: – us din tune mera status kyu pucha, I said, because mujhe relation me ana hai tere sath. Or uski wahi katil ada, sharma ke niche dekhna, or boli, ab ek dum se kese bolu,me in sab se dur hu, to mene kaha soch k bata dena, or do din bad wo school ayi or sath me mere liye zubaan par han leke ayi. And like every play boy I went towards my plan quite soon, things happened and it was her first relation, so she tought may …

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The sinful seduction

Utkarsh and l are childhood friends. Both of us belonged to prodigious business families and one day the fateful incident happened. My father was shot by a dangerous mafia don and he succumbed to death. My mother suffered a sudden stroke and went into coma after learning about my father’s death.

I was left in shock and tears never seem to end until he came. Utkarsh was still in his business suit. His dark eyes were scanning the entire room with a hidden emotion until they met mine. Though entangled with darkest fears there jewelled a light in my life looking at him.

He took two swift steps towards me and brushed my hair back. His eyes were oozing love looking at me and he cups my cheeks in his rough hands. His thumb goes under my eyes drying my tears away and within seconds l felt myself encapsulated into an ebullient hug.

He stayed with me all the time expressing sweet nothings to me until I calmed myself down. He fed me with his own hands because I wouldn’t eat on my own and tucked me to the bed until I lept my eyes.

The hauling sound of thunder jolted me awake. I looked beside towards Utkarsh for some comfort. But the bed beside me was empty except for a messy note written in haste “sleep well sweet girl l will be back with in a few hours as l have some business work.”  The note sent unwelcoming thoughts in the pit of my stomach and sleep was far gone.

In the wee  hours of the next day Utkarsh returned home with blood marks on his white dress shirt and his black orbs were in a haze. I scanned his body carefully and my eyes went wide. There was a bullet shot on one of his arms. He smiled at me with tired eyes and laid his hand on the back of my neck pulling me towards him.

“l killed him.”  He says softly and continues “he is no longer a threat to you.” Saying those words he dropped to the floor. My world stopped and l trudged him to the car to carry him to the hospital.

The waiting outside the operation theatre felt like ages when the door opened and the doctor came out giving me a smile.

Utkarsh opened his eyes slowly after two hours and …

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Awesome Romantic Love Shayari In Hindi

Love Shayari On Kya Mangu Khuda Se

1) Best Romantic Love Shayari For Girlfriend Boyfriend In Hindi

Kya mangu khuda se aap ko paane ke baad,
Kiska karu intezar zindagi me apke ane k bad,
Kyu pyar pe jaan lutate hain log,
Aaj malum hua hain aap ko paane ke baad..!!

2) Hindi Romantic Shayari For Love

Chalo mohabbat ko thoda sawaar lete hai,
Thoda pyar tum kar lo thoda hum kar lete hai,
Zindagi me prem se bhare pyale jo adhe ho gaye
Chalo unhe wapic pura bhar lete hai.

3) Pyar Bhari Romantic Shayari For Girlfriend Boyfriend In Hindi

Dhoop mein tere aanchal ka ehsaas hota hai,
tanhai meine tera bhaon me aane ka ehsaas hota hai,
Tu bhale humse kitna dur ho,
Hume to har lamha lagata hai tu hamare pass hota hai.

4) Latest Love Hindi Shayari For Girlfriend Boyfriend

Rang jo bhare hai aapne,
Mohabbat ke jivan me hamare,
Aap ka ho jane ko mazboor kar rahe hai
Beinthaa ang ang ko hamare.

5) Most Romantic Shayari For Gf Bf Hindi

Aap meine kho jane ki chahat hai,
Aap ki aankho ki geharai me so jane ki chahat hai,
Sari hade tood ke aaj
Apke ho jaane ki hamari chahat hai.…

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