50 Motivational Quotes For Work To Keep You Inspired & Get You Through The Week

Only a few more days left until the weekend.

Do you sometimes find yourself spinning in circles in your cubicle, waiting for your work to start itself? The unwanted work pile and you are in a constant battle of a staring contest. The loser has to get up and actually do the work. But what do you care? You would rather imagine your assignments to grow a pair of arms and legs and write on themselves than do the work yourself.

Point is, we’ve all been there. Honesty hour: I just checked my phone for a text message and proceeded to scroll through Twitter until I caught up with what I already saw this morning.

We’re always going to have days where we feel demotivated and simply don’t feel like getting things on our to-do list done, but if you allow one day of being unproductive, you will spiral into a week …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 231 - 50 Motivational Fitness Quotes To Get You Back In The Gym & Ready For Summer

50 Motivational Fitness Quotes To Get You Back In The Gym & Ready For Summer

Your summer body is waiting.

Have you been feeling discouraged, unmotivated and flat out uninspired when it comes to your fitness and workout routine? You’re not alone in this journey of unwanted feelings, my friends. Once you slip out of a routine that includes going to the gym regularly, it feels ten times harder to get back into the groove.

Do not beat yourself up for not going to the gym as frequently as you wish. All of the greatest athletes have most likely struggled with the same issues that you are facing. However, sitting in your room and feeling sorry for yourself will not help better your situation.

Instead, try using some motivational fitness quotes and exercise memes to help you get inspired to get your body back in shape and ready for Summer.

Maybe your finances aren’t doing so well this year, and it is preventing you from …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 186 - Motivational Status to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Motivational Status to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Motivational Status – दीवार पर लटकने के लिए कुछ Motivational चाहिए? छवियों के साथ यह Inspirational Status आपको आगे बढ़ने के लिए धक्का देने में मदद करेगी।

सबसे अच्छी inspirational Status और Motivational Status शब्द, वाक्यांश, रेखाएं और बातें जो आपको सकारात्मक बने रहने में मदद करेंगी, आपके आत्मविश्वास को बढ़ाएंगी, और आपकी आत्मा को ऊपर उठाएगी ताकि आप बाधाओं को दूर करने के लिए खुद पर विश्वास कर सकें, कभी हार न मानें ,अपने लक्ष्यों को प्राप्त करें, और सफल बनें। Motivation एक शक्तिशाली, अभी तक मुश्किल जानवर है। कभी-कभी प्रेरित होना वास्तव में आसान होता है, और आप खुद को उत्तेजना के बवंडर में लिपटे हुए पाते हैं।

Life Changing Motivational Status

अनुमान गलत हो सकता है पर अनुभव कभी गलत नहीं होता, क्योंकि अनुमान हमारे मन की कल्पना है और अनुभव हमारे जीवन की सीख है।

दिन खत्म हो गया है, रात आ गई हैआज चला गया है, …

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65 Progressive Inspirational Quotes From Famous Celebrities

The best influential quotes from Hollywood’s hottest stars.

We all know these famous celebrities from Hollywood. We have their posters on our walls and their voices in our heads. We have been hearing their names and watching their television shows and movies for years. We tell ourselves that there was nothing like old Hollywood and imagine ourselves walking the red carpet in those fabulous dresses, and riding in those fancy cars, using those really long cigarette holders.

In reality, we know that being a celebrity isn’t all glamour. As hard as we fight for equal pay today, women in Hollywood back then had to fight to get even a fraction of what they deserved. In a time where many men believed women to be genetically inferior, these trailblazers took the world by storm, showing us that women can succeed in a male dominated business.

Alex Guy Balch was the first female …

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30 Motivational Quotes To Use In Your Gym Selfie Instagram Captions

Work it out!

Working out can be incredibly fun and very beneficial. However, the best part of a workout is getting to take a gorgeous gym selfie for Instagram — because what is the point of going to the gym if you don’t have pictures to prove it?

I, personally, am obsessed with spin classes, and part of the reason is because I have no idea how to ride a real bike … so it’s the closest option. In all seriousness, I love the feeling I get when I am doing well in a difficult spin class. It’s exhilarating! I also love the feeling I get when I post a cute post workout picture on Instagram and get to watch the likes roll in.

I’m also guilty of liking every gym selfie that comes across my feed. I love to learn about what workouts other people enjoy and learn about their workout …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 252 - 50 Motivational Quotes To Help You Make (And Keep) Your New Years Resolution To Lose Weight & Get In Shape

50 Motivational Quotes To Help You Make (And Keep) Your New Years Resolution To Lose Weight & Get In Shape

Get fit (for real) in 2020.

There are so many wonderful benefits from exercising! It helps improve your mental health and mood, increases your chances of living longer, and strengthens your muscles and bones. So if you want to commit to hitting the gym more regularly, you definitely should work towards that goal.

However, it can be hard to have the motivation to work out, but with 2020 right around the corner, you might have more of a drive to set and fulfill your exercise goals! It can be difficult to prioritize going to the gym, but with the right mindset and the motivation of the new year, you can do anything you put your mind to.

This is a great time to make a workout resolution and put an action plan in place to keep you on the right track. If you have been wanting to try some new …

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How To Start — And Keep — A Gratitude Journal Using These 37 Expert Prompts

daily gratitude journal prompts 0 - How To Start — And Keep — A Gratitude Journal Using These 37 Expert Prompts

This simple mindfulness practice can change your life.

Learning how to keep a daily gratitude journal can be a cathartic way to practice self-care and increase your overall happiness.

This simple mindfulness practice is a great way to gain deeper awareness of your own thoughts and feelings, while shifting your focus each day to center on those aspects of your life for which you feel most grateful.

How do you start a gratitude journal you’ll actually keep?

Like any habit, finding the time and inspiration to sit down on a daily basis and think about areas of your life you feel thankful for might seem daunting at first, but with practice and a little help from this list of quotes and prompts, you’ll be able to make positive changes that will benefit you for years to come.

Taking the time to train yourself in an “attitude of gratitude” by starting …

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50 Quotes For When You're Feeling Unmotivated & Need To Get Stuff Done (Like NOW)

For when you’re running on low battery mode.

Sometimes, your motivation dips low, and all you want to do is postpone your work for the week — just procrastinate.

Whether you’re working a full-time job or attending college, your days can get pretty exhausting. The early excitement of starting a brand new job or meeting new classmates dies down and your days become mundane, especially if you’re trying to juggle work and a social life. 

At some point, I’m sure you probably want to call it quits and just live out your days in the woods. I mean, what is better than being one with nature? Food and water are free, you won’t have any bills to pay and there are no reports or essays you have to type. The best part is, your problems are temporarily gone and left back in the city.

It’s OK to have these emotions once in …

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20 Fitness Motivation Quotes to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going to the gym often remains on the “to-do list” for some of us.

Of course everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle and be in shape, but how can we keep up in this fast-paced world? A full time job, a family that needs our attention, other duties that we can’t say “no” to…

Sadly, we start cutting-off things that we should actually do for ourselves and this always leads to negative outcomes. But how can we perform at our best if our bodies start to fail us?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stay fit or just clear your mind after a busy day at work, fitness should become an important part of your life.

And don’t be disappointed for not getting the results you want super fast. When it comes to getting in shape, consistency is the key. You must stick to your workout routine even if …

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25 Inspirational Quotes & Motivational Memes To Pick You Up When You Have A Bad Case Of The Mondays

Got a case of the Mondays?

Mondays are the considered the worst day of the week, and for good reason.

We have to get back to work and school and the chores of everyday life. We have to wake up early after two days of freedom, finish up the tasks we leeft for the next week, and so on. There is not enough coffee in the world to combat a case of the Mondays.

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate Mondays! But we can’t do without them. As much as we hate them, we have to return to the real world and get out of our weekend hibernation mode.

So, to inspire you and make your Mondays a little less blue, we have gathered 25 motivational quotes about Mondays that are sure to inspire you to make the most of your day (and week).

Some of these …

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