Bob Marley Quotes That Will Force Your Mind To Sing

Robert Nesta Marley, OM is popularly known as Bob Marley was one of the most entertaining and performing Jamaican singers and songwriters. He was counted as one of the pioneers of reggae. His musical career consists of a mixture of reggae, ska, and rocksteady as well as a smooth and distinctive voice and songwriting style. He was a sole person behind the popularization of Jamaican music worldwide, and this made him a global figure in popular culture for over a decade.

Bob Marley Birthday: Bob was born on 6th February 1945 in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica.

Bob Marley Family: Bob was born to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella Booker. Norval Marley was a white Jamaican originally from Sussex, who claimed to have been a captain in the Royal Marines and Cedella Booker was an Afro-Jamaican.

In 1963, Bob began his professional musical career after forming Bob …

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Bible Verses For Lonely Singles Who Are Tired Of Social Distancing

social isolation bible verses for singles - Bible Verses For Lonely Singles Who Are Tired Of Social Distancing

Think of it as a prolonged me-time.

Social distancing is hard for everyone, and if you’re single it can be lonely at times.

Spending time alone is not always a bad thing, but when you’ve been away from your friends for weeks at a time, you start to feel the impact more.

A part of you may think that if you had someone social distancing would be easier than it feels right now, and you wouldn’t be so tired by loneliness.

At least then, you’d be tired of being home with someone (perhaps) than having no option at all.

It can appear that someone who is in a relationship, living with family members or single at home with kids, has an easier time being distant from others because they have people there to help fight against loneliness.

When you’re single, and if you live alone, you do not have that …

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Rabindranath Tagore Quotes To Make Your Mind At Peace

Rabindranath Tagore the one and only man who is known for his elegant prose and magical poetry throughout the world. This great leader is also known by his pen name Bhanu Singha Thakur (Bhonita). The other names by which he is famous are Gurudev, Kabiguru, and Biswakabi. This true man was a polymath, poet,  musician, and artist from the Indian subcontinent.

Rabindranath Tagore Birthday: Tagore was born on 7th May 1861 in Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India (present-day Kolkata, West Bengal, India)

Rabindranath Tagore Family: Tagore was born to Debendranath Tagore and Sarada Devi. Tagore’s oldest brother Dwijendranath was a philosopher and poet. Another brother, Satyendranath, was the first Indian appointed to the elite and formerly all-European Indian Civil Service. Yet another brother, Jyotirindranath, was a musician, composer, and playwright. His sister Swarnakumari became a novelist. Tagore was married to Mrinalini Devi in 1883.

Tagore was an artist who …

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Thomas Edison Quotes that will Motivate You Intensely

An American inventor and a savvy businessman, who invented the incandescent electric light bulb and the phonograph is none other than Thomas Edison. A man who contributed a lot in the field of science & technology and gave birth to many devices in fields such as electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, motion pictures, and many others.

On 11th February 1847, Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, United States. He was the youngest of the seven children of Samuel and Nancy Edison. His father, Samuel was an exiled political activist from Canada and his mother Nancy Edison was an accomplished school teacher.

Edison was diagnosed with scarlet fever as well as hearing disabilities at a very young age and nearly deaf as an adult.

In 1854, his family moved to Port Huron, Michigan where he attended public school for 2-3 months. His teacher titled him as …

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John Muir Quotes To Connect Into Reality

John Muir the man who is popularly addressed by people as “John of the Mountains“ and “Father of the National Parks“ was a very impressive and influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, and environmental philosopher. Apart from this, he was a famous glaciologist and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States of America.

John Muir Birthday: John was born on 21st April 1838 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

John Muir Family: John was born to Daniel Muir and Ann Gilrye. He was the third of eight children: Margaret, Sarah, David, Daniel, Ann and Mary (twins), and the American-born Joanna.

John Muir was highly amused and fascinated with the East Lothian landscape. He used to spend a lot of time wandering the local coastline and countryside. He developed a strong sense & interest in natural history and the works of Scottish naturalist Alexander Wilson since …

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50 Wise Quotes About Money, Wealth & Finance

Money rules the world and causes more problems than it solves.

Money is something that tends to command and control everything in life. Everyone needs money to survive in one way or another. We work to earn money and spend money to survive. It’s an endless cycle. The pursuit of money can lead to greed and selfishness and honestly tends to be the root of most problems in life, but then ends up being the solution to a lot of it, too.

I often wonder what life would be like if we didn’t have to deal with money and just traded goods like in the old days? Wouldn’t it make things so much simpler? We wouldn’t have to steal and feel like some people are lesser than others. We would all be equals with no homeless people or people who can’t afford health care or food for people in general. Maybe it would work, …

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Marne Ki Shayari

मरना गिरना तो उप्पर वाले के हाथ में हैं, लेकिन मौत आएगी जब आएगी | पर कुछ लोग ऐसे भी है जो ज़िन्दगी से पहले ही हार जाते है, जीते जीते ही अपने आप को मरा हुआ महसूस करते है| ये लोग या तो प्रेम में हारे हुए होते हैं या फिर ज़िन्दगी के बोझ तले दबे होते है, कुछ लोग 2 वक़्त की रोटी के लिए पल पल मरते है तो कुछ लोगो के पास सब कुछ होते हुए भी ज़िन्दगी रास नहीं आती | किसी की ख्वाइशे इतनी ज्यादा होती है की वो अपनी जरुरत से ज्यादा चाह करने लगते है और जब उसे हासिल नहीं कर पाते है तो ज़िन्दगी नरक सी लगने लगती है| बहुत से आशिक़ अपने प्यार को ना पा पाने की वजह से भी मौत की राह चुनते है, तो कुछ गरीबी से निजात पाने के लिए ऐसा करते है| इन्ही मरने की …

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Karma Quotes That Will Bring Enlightenment In Your Life

Karma is all about what you do and what comes back to you.

You must have heard a famous saying, “What goes around comes back to you.”

Yes, this is true. Karma is your good and bad doings. If your actions are good, then you will receive goodness in return. But if your actions & doings are wrong, then you will receive worse in return. So keep a check on your doings.

The energy that you release into the universe, affects a lot as this is what will come back to you one day. You may call it Karma or a Golden mantra. Each one of us will surely receive it one day or the other.

No one can escape from this inescapable circle. Who so ever has taken birth and is a living species, will one day come under this belt of Karma.

If you have a good …

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30 Best ‘The Office’ Quotes

The worst part about prison was the dementors.

The Office has been a hit show for years and even though there are no longer new episodes, there’s still plenty of great material that has come out of the hit show that is relevant today.

You won’t go very long without hearing someone somewhere use The Office quotes or crack a joke from any of the hilarious characters the show has to offer.

Whether you are a Jim, Pam, Dwight, Kelly or Michael fan, there are a ton of hilarious moments from the show that will never get old. Just ask any true fan of the show, they most likely have binge-watched every single episode two or three times.

If you need a pick me up from a bad day or just a good laugh to keep you going here are 30 of the best The Office quotes to …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 242 - 50 LGBTQ Quotes About Love For All Types Of Relationships

50 LGBTQ Quotes About Love For All Types Of Relationships

Love is love, it doesn’t matter who you are or how many people you practice it with.

One thing we all have in common is that we all want to be loved. Whether you are in love with someone of the same gender as you are or not, we all want and desire the same thing which is to be loved. One of the best feelings to not only love someone but have them return the same love back. The worst feeling is being in love with someone who is not giving it back and this goes for all people regardless of their sexual preferences.

The fight to have the same rights as heterosexuals has been a tough one, but the LGBTQ community has been continuing to grow with support over the years, and these LGBT quotes about love prove that all types of relationships and all types of people deserve love.…

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