Grant Cardone Quotes That Will Influence You To Become Successful In Life

Grant Cardone, is the leading author of The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last as well as a sales trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has served in real estate and the auto industry. He has developed his $1.9 trillion multifamily real estate portfolio from scratch. In addition, Forbes Magazine has ranked him the #1 marketer in 2017.

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Grant Cardone Birthday: Cardone was born on 21 March 1958, at Lakes Charles, Louisiana, United States

Grant Cardone Family: Cardone’s father’s name is Curtis Louis Cardone and his mother’s name is Concetta Neil Cardone. He was born twin child. His twin brother is Gary Cardone.

The nationality of Grant Cardone is American and North American ethnicity. He is both the best-selling New York Times author and the Cardone Zone radio show anchor. He wrote seven books  Sell To Survive, The Closer’s Survival Guide, If You’re Not First, You’re Last, The 10X Rule, Sell or Be Sold, The Millionaire Booklet and Be Obsessed or Be Average.

He is a renowned international author, coach, and expert. His talk was heard around the globe by hundreds of millions. You can acknowledge him as an extremely effective entrepreneur who offers expertise and recommendations on business, promotions, branding, property, connections, finances, wealth, and more.

His books, audio packages, and workshops provide useful resources for building their economies on a journey of genuine liberation to all professionals. With many small businesses and Fortune 500 businesses, he has increased revenue in the quest for missed openings and the adjustment of the sales process. He has worked with thousands of other organizations such as Google, Sprint, Aflac, Toyota, GM, Ford. He owns and runs seven businesses with annual revenue of almost 100m.

Grant encourages its followers and clients to succeed in their duties, responsibilities, obligations, and to surpass old, unworkable middle-class misconceptions and limits so that they and their families enjoy real independence. His direct views on politics, industry, small business, retail revenues, employment, and headlines have made him a reliable resource for the media seeking comment and insight on real issues.

So as you know he is a man of words, and so his words are encouraging and motivating for all. Check out the most inspiring Grant Cardone Quotes that will influence you to become successful in life.

Grant Cardone Quotes

“I don’t have time is the biggest lie you tell yourself.” — Grant Cardone

“Leaving …

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Navratri Quotes || Navratri Quotes in Hindi

Navratri Quotes || Navratri Quotes in Hindi

Navratri Quotes || Navratri Quotes in Hindi दोस्तों जैसा का आप  सभी जानते हैं की कुछ दिनों में Navratri आने वाली हैं इस लिए आज हम आप के लिए navratri Quotes in Hindi में लेकर आ गए हैं जोकि आप को बहुत पसंद आने वाली हैं दोस्तों क्या आप को पता हैं की नवरात्रि को कभी-कभी महा नवरात्रि भी कहा जाता है

नौ दिन और नौ रात की पूजा की प्रक्रिया करते हैं और न केवल क्षेत्र में बल्कि परिवार से घर तक भिन्न होती है। हिन्दू  कैलेंडर के अनुसार, यह आमतौर पर अप्रैल और अक्टूबर में पड़ता है और हर साल तारीखें बदल जाती हैं।  शारदा नवरात्रि महान देवी माँ दुर्गा की पूजा पर केंद्रित है। वह बुराई का नाश करने वाला है और हमारे जीवन में नकारात्मक ऊर्जाओं को दूर करता है। शारदा नवरात्रि के शुभ अवसर पर, अपने सभी प्रियजनों को एक Navratri Quotes hindi और विचारशील संदेश देना चाहते हैं। आप उन्हें एक ”Navratri Quotes भेज सकते हैं

Navratri Quotes

माँ की आराधना का ये पर्व हैं,
माँ के नौ रूपों की भक्ति का पर्व हैं,
बिगड़े काम बनाने का पर्व हैं,
भक्ति का दिया दिल में जलाने का पर्व हैं

Happy Navratri
हो जाओ तैयार, माँ अम्बे आने वाली हैं,
सजा लो दरबार माँ अम्बे आने वाली हैं।
तन, मन और जीवन हो जायेगा पावन,
माँ के कदमो की आहट से, गूँज उठेगा आँगन में

हैप्पी नवरात्री शायरी सन्देश हिंदी में
नव दीप जलें, नव फूल खिलें,
रोज़ माँ का आशिर्वाद मिले,
इस नवरात्री आपको वो सब मिले
जो आपका दिल चाहता हैं। शुभ नवरात्रि।

जगत पालनहार है माँ,
मुक्ति का धाम है माँ,
हमारी भक्ति का आधार है माँ,
सबकी रक्षा की अवतार है माँ

हैप्पी नवरात्री स्टेटस
सारा जहां है जिसकी शरण में,
नमन है उस माँ के चरण में,
हम है उस माँ के चरणों की धूल,
आओ मिलकर माँ को चढ़ाएं श्रद्धा के फूल।

माँ दुर्गे, माँ अंबे,
माँ जगदांबे, माँ भवानी,
मा शीतला, माँ वैष्णाओ,
माँ चंडी, माता रानी
मेरी और आपकी
मनोकामना पूरी करे

माँ दुर्गा स्टेटस फोट व्हाट्सप्प
जब जब याद किया तुझे ए माँ
तूने आँचल में अपने आसरा दिया।
कलयुगी इस जहां में, एक तूने ही सहारा दिया।

जय माता दी विशेष
माता तेरे चरणों मे
भेंट हम चढ़ाते हैं।
कभी नारियल तो
कभी फूल चढ़ाते हैं।
और झोलियाँ भर भर के
तेरे दर से लाते हैं।

देवी माँ के कदम आपके घर में आयें,…

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Positive Vibes Quotes That Will Enforce Positivity in Your Life

When you start harnessing the power of positivity, your life gets amazingly impacted. A positive life makes every moment worth cherishing and every goal worth shooting for. Every influencer and motivator says that you need to think positively always. Well, they have reasons for saying so. When you feel positive, you naturally become an optimistic person even when your surroundings are miserable. As a result, you become a happy person with a more satisfying life.

The benefits of thinking positively are vast. But the question is how to train your brain to think positively?

Here Are 5 Quick Ways to Boost Positive Vibes Inside You

1. Ask Yourself If You Think Positively:

If you are not sure whether you are a negative person, ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Do I know how to maintain my happiness?
  • Do I do things to increase my satisfaction?
  • Am I staying relaxed most of the time?
  • Do I keep my work and life balanced?
  • Am I able to calm myself after an upsetting experience?
  • Do I live in the present every moment?
  • Do I know myself inside out?

If your answer to all the above questions is “yes,” you have scored a complete 100 on the test of positivity. When you know that you are a positive person, your happiness and well-being get improved automatically. If you want to increase the positive vibes in your life, keep reading.

2. Feed Your Memory with Positive Information:

When you memorize positive things, it helps you to increase the positivity in your life. That’s right. When you feed your brain with positive words frequently, a joyous life becomes more accessible to you. As a result, your brain also gets activated when there is something positive around you. And you also retrieve positive ideas and words easily.

If you struggle to determine how the positive words look, try Googling “most positive words” and read them. Feeding your brain with positive memories helps you to become a positive thinker.

3. Maximize Your Success:

We mostly blame and curse ourselves when something wrong happens. But do we really appreciate our wins? Most of the time, it is a NO. We always have the bad habit of downplaying our success. As a result, we fail to recognize our own effort that not everyone would put in. Instead of minimizing our small achievements, we should celebrate them. Many people praise us. …

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Long-Distance Relationship Quotes to Help You Keep Faith in Your Bond

In the contemporary world, we need everything to be handy- be it things or relationships. With the evolving and never-ending physical and mental needs, we want a quick solution to everything. And that is the reason many people believe that long-distance relationship doesn’t work out. If you are in a long-distance relationship, your friends, family, or relatives may even have discouraged it and advised you not to take it too seriously as it might end up breaking your heart.

No, I am not telling you that your long-distance relationship will be easy but trust me, the extra distance does not make the relationship impossible. Though sometimes it will get convoluted, and you could get depressed and desolate, the distance also makes the simplest things the sweetest. All you need to try to do is to stay put in your relationship and trust it. Holding the other person’s hand, feeling each other’s touch, walking together, smelling each other- everything suddenly means so much more in a long-distance relationship.

Thus, it’s understood that after so many challenges, long-distance relationships have their own surprises too. We want to keep your love distance love alive and strong; thus, here are some tips to make your long-distance relationship work:

“Long-distance relationships are hard, But they’re also incredible. If you can love, trust, respect, and support each other from a distance then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together.”


1. Avoid Unnecessary Communication

It’s never a good idea to stay overly tacky and overprotective about your partner in a long-distance relationship. When you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, it’s sometimes hard to adjust your time accordingly. But trust me, you don’t really need to speak for 24 hours a day to keep the relationship moving.

Many couples think that they need to talk for hours to subside the pain of the distance. This is not true. Unnecessary communication may make things worse. You might soon get tired of loving.

Always remember that less is more. And spamming your partner is never a good idea. Always wait for the right time and the right moment to share things with each other.

2. See the Positive Side

Don’t see the long-distance relationship as suffering for both of you. Instead, view it as a learning journey and test your love for each other.

Remember that real gold is never afraid of the test of fire. Instead …

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Navratri Wishes Images SMS Quotes in Hindi

Navratri Wishes,Images,Sms,Quotes,Messages – जय माता दी दोस्तों, चैत्र नवरात्रि 2018 की आप सब को बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाए. दोस्तों नवरात्रि 10 अक्टूबर से 18 अक्टूबर तक मनाए जाएगे, नौ रातों और दस दिनों तक चलने वाले नवरात्रि के पीछे वैसे तो कई पुराणिक कथाएँ प्रचलित हैं लेकिन मुख्य नवरात्रों में हम माँ दुर्गा, महालक्ष्मी और माँ सरस्वती के नौ रूपों की पूजा करते हैं. दोस्तों नवरात्रि के इन शुभ दिनों में अपने परिवार एवं रिश्तेदार और दोस्तों के साथ Navratri Wishes Sms शेयर करने के लिए हम लाये हैं Best Navratri Wishes Images Sms Quotes Greetings in Hindi जिन्हें आप Facebook और Whatsapp पर सब के साथ शेयर कर सकते हैं और आप शेयर जरूर करेगें.

Navratri Wishes Images Sms Quotes in Hindi

Navratri wishes sms quotes images in hindi

हे माँ तुमसे विश्वास ना उठने देना,
तेरी दुनिया में भय से जब सिमट जाऊं,
चारो ओर अँधेरा ही अँधेरा घना पाऊं,
बन के रोशनी तुम राह दिखा देना..!

लाल रंग की चुनरी से सजा माँ का दरबार,
हर्षित हुआ मन, पुलकित हुआ संसार,
नन्हें-नन्हें क़दमों से माँ आए आपके द्वार…..
इस नवरात्रि यही हैं हमारी दुआ… “जय माता दी”

May “GOD DURGA” give prosperous to you and to your
family.May her blessings be always with you. Jai Maa Durga

Happy Navratri Wishes in Hindi

1..2..3..4.. माता जी की जे जेकर,
इस नवरात्रि आपकी हर मनोकामना माता रानी पूरी करे….जय माता दी…!!

“माँ” की “आराधना” का ये “पर्व” है,
_माँ की “9 रूपों की भक्ति” का ये पर्व है,
बिगड़े काम बनाने_का ये पर्व है,
“भक्ति” का “दिया_दिल_में_जलाने” का पर्व है…नवरात्रि…शुभ नवरात्रि..!

Navratri 2018 sms in hindi

“May this Navratri brighten up your life With joy, wealth, and good health.”
“Happy Chaitra Navratri”

Navratri Wishes Sms 140 Character

पग-पग में फूल खिले, ख़ुशी आप सबको इतनी मिले,
कभी न हो दुखों का सामना, यही है इस नवरात्रि शुभकामना हमारी…!

देवी के कदम आपके घर में आयें. आप खुशहाली से नहायें,
परेशानिया आपसे आँखें चुराएँ, मंगल नवरात्रे हो हमेशा आपके…

May “Maa Durga” empower You and your “Family” With her nine swaroopa of name Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti…! “Happy Navratri “

जगत पालनहार है माँ, मुक्ति का धाम है माँ,
हमारी भक्ति का आधार है माँ, सबकी रक्षा की अवतार है माँ..!

Navratri Quotes in Hindi

जिसका हमको था इंतजार आखिर वो घड़ी आ गई,
होकर सिंह पर सवार माता रानी सबके घर आ गई,
होगी अब हर मन की हर मुराद पूरी,
हरने सारे दुख माता अपने द्वार आ …

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Dalai Lama Quotes to Turn Your Image into a Better Personality

A simple Buddhist Monk and a spiritual leader, Lhamo Thondup was born on 6th July 1935, in Taktser, China, northeast of Tibet. Later on, Lhamo Thondup was renamed Tenzin Gyatso. And then at the age of two years, he was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso.

The Dalai Lamas are considered to be the demonstrations of Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and the patron saint of Tibet. Bodhisattvas are realized beings inspired by a wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings, who have vowed to be reborn in the world to help humanity.

The spiritual leader began his monastic education at the age of six. The major subjects included logic, fine arts, Sanskrit grammar, and medicine. The minor subjects were poetry, drama, astrology, composition & synonyms.

He proposed a 5-Point Peace Plan for Tibet on 21st September 1987 in an address to members of the United States Congress in Washington, DC as the first step towards a peaceful solution to the worsening situation in Tibet.

Dalai Lama is a man of peace. In 1989, the holy man was awarded the Noble Peace Prize for his non-violent struggle for the liberation of Tibet. He became the first Noble Laureate to be recognized for his concern for global environmental problems.

The spiritual leader is full of wise words and full of positivity-filled attitude. His words are as noble and peaceful as him. So let’s have a look at the noble Quotes by Dalai Lama.

Dalai Lama Quotes

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” — Dalai Lama

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” – Dalai Lama

“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.” – Dalai Lama

“We are all here on this planet as tourists. None of us can live here forever.” – Dalai Lama

“Happiness is not something readymade it comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

“Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.” – Dalai Lama

“We can never obtain peace …

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Famous Confucius Quotes to Make You Wiser

If we read the world history, we will find many influencing and motivating personalities who have created benchmarks. Their lives not only inspired us but instilled the right paths to follow to improve our lifestyle.

There is a great saying, “people are not born great, but their work and contribution towards society and humans make them great.” One of those names is Confucius. His name is among the most celebrated philosopher of all time in world history.

Different times in world history, portrayed Confucius as a great philosopher, teacher, mentor, editor, activist, and prophet. His holy name “Confucius” came from a combination of Kang’s surname and then honorific suffix master. Many concepts and cultural practices in East Asia, mentioned his name, making him arguably one of the most significant thinkers in East Asian history.

Life of Confucius

The great philosopher Confucius was born at the end of an era known as the spring and autumn in Chinese history. The time was the 6th century BCE. He belonged to the original state of eastern China, known as Lu.

As per many reports, Confucius’s early ancestors are the “Kongs” from the state of song, who was known as an aristocratic family that produced several proficient counselors for the song rulers. In the mid of the 7th century BCE, the family lost their political standing and wealth.

Confucius is believed to live from C.551 to C. 479 BCE. He worked for the Prince of Lu in various positions. Later he started traveling widely in China while meeting with several minor adventurers, including incarceration that lasted for five days due to a case of mistaken identity. But you will be surprised to know that he calmly played his stringed instrument until the error was uncovered. After returning to his hometown, Confucius founded his own school for offering the teaching of the ancients to the students.

Confucius never considered himself a creator, but instead, he called himself a transmitter of the ancient moral traditions. His school was open to all classes, including rich and poor.

Confucius’s Works

Confucius started writing while teaching in his own school. He has two poetry collections, “The book of odes” and “The book of documents.” He also has written the spring and autumn annals telling the history of Lu and the “Book of changes” that consists of a collection of treatises of prophecy.

Confucius was the analects, although there is …

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Guru Tegh Bahadur Saheb ji Anmol Vachan & Quotes

Guru Tegh Bahadur Saheb ji Anmol Vachan & Quotes

Guru Tegh Bahadur Was A Ninth Of Ten Guru. He Was Born On 1 April 1621 In Amritsar, Punjab. He Founded The Sikh Religion And He Was Head Of The Followers Of Sikhism From 1665 Until His Beheading In 1675. He Was Executed On The Orders Of Aurangzeb. His Martyrdom Is Remembered As The Shaheedi Divas Of Guru Tegh Bahadur Every Year On 24 November, According To The Nanakshahi Calendar Released By The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee In 2003. He Died On 11 November 1675 In Chandni Chowk, Delhi.

गुरु तेग बहादुर दस गुरु के नौवें थे। उनका जन्म 1 अप्रैल 1621 को अमृतसर, पंजाब में हुआ था। उन्होंने सिख धर्म की स्थापना की और वह 1665 से 1675 तक सिख धर्म के अनुयायियों के प्रमुख थे। उन्हें औरंगजेब के आदेश पर निर्वासित किया गया था। उनकी शहादत को हर साल 24 नवंबर को गुरु तेग बहादुर के शहीदी दिवस के रूप में याद किया जाता है, शिरोमणि गुरुद्वारा प्रबंधक समिति द्वारा 2003 में जारी नानकशी कैलेंडर के अनुसार। उनका 11 नवंबर 1675 को चांदनी चौक, दिल्ली में निधन हुआ।

Guru Tegh Bahadur Saheb
1 April
We Miss You

सफलता कभी अंतिम नहीं होती, विफलता कभी घातक नहीं होती,
इनमे जो मायने रखता है वो है साहस।

दिलेरी डर की गैरमौजूदगी नही, बल्कि यह फैसला है कि डर से भी जरूरी कुछ है।

Give up your head, but forsake not those whom you have undertaken to protect.
Sacrifice your life, but relinquish not your faith

एक सज्जन व्यक्ति वह है जो अनजाने में किसी की भावनाओ को ठेस ना पहुंचाए।

गलतियां हमेशा क्षमा की जा सकती हैं, यदि आपके पास उन्हें स्वीकारने का साहस हो।

हार और जीत यह आपकी सोच पर ही निर्भर है, मान लो तो हार है ठान लो तो जीत है।

True Realisation of the actual nature of this material world, its perishable,
transitory and illusory aspects best dawns on a person in suffering…

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40 Best Suzanne Somers Quotes About Health And Wellness

Cancer survivor, Suzanne Somers, believes in balancing your hormones for a long, healthy life.

Suzanne Somers was born October 16, 1946 in California, and she has led a full, exciting life as a successful actress, author and businesswoman — paving the way for women in the health and wellness industry with her numerous best-selling books about aging, ridding your body of toxins and balancing hormones.

Somers was raised in an Irish-American Catholic family. Her mother was a medical secretary and her father was a laborer and gardener. Unfortunately, recalls her childhood as “joyless” due to her father’s battle with alcohol addiction.

Suzanne married Bruce Somers at the age of 19, gave birth to her son, Bruce Jr, in November 1965, and then divorced her husband not long after.

After becoming a model on the Anniversary Game show, Suzanne Somers met her second husband, Alan Hamel they married in 1977 and have been happily together ever since.

Known for her roles as Chrissy Snow on the sitcom Three’s Company in 1977 and as Carol Foster in the 1991 TV show Step By Step, famously blonde Somers has appeared on a variety of television shows and movies over the past few decades.

In 2001, Suzanne Somers was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she successfully treated with radiation therapy and lscador, a drug made from a mistletoe extract.

After her acting career, Suzanne Somers started promoting beauty and fitness brands through her online store. She was most famous for her involvement with The Thighmaster, but she her expertise as a fitness guru to the next level by writing numerous books. According to Somers, “writing is my greatest passion because I can share the things that matter most to me with you.” As of this year, Suzanne Somers has authored over twenty books, 14 of them being New York Times bestsellers — including Sexy Forever, Knockout and The Sexy Years. Her most recent book release, A New Way to Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances in Antiaging came out in January 2020, and it covers topics about aging well and natural alternatives that will increase your aging process to be a good one.

Over the last few months, Suzanne Somers has faced backlash for posting a nude photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!“, but many of her fans praise her …

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50 Intimate Love Quotes About Emotional Intimacy In Relationships

What is an intimate relationship? Quotes that define the characteristics of real emotional intimacy.

Intimacy in relationships is commonly misconstrued. It’s not all about the physical aspect of your relationship. It’s deeper and more meaningful and emotional than that. Love has to be given more credit. If someone only finds intimacy with their significant other in the physicality of their relationship, maybe that connection and those feelings should be reconsidered. Everyone deserves to be loved entirely for everything they are and stand for.

Intimacy is emotions, love, thoughts, effort, smiles, laughs, memories, fights, and passion.

Too many times love is taken for granted and not appreciated the way that it should be. Lust is so frequently mistaken for love. Feelings and attachments that develop from a purely physical relationship make things complicated when people are trying not to build an actual relationship. It’s so hard to be physical with a person without developing some sort of feelings or attachments for them. That’s how people work. A lot of love stories start from a simple hook up because they end up spending so much time together due to their moments of lust and horniness that they can’t help but start to get to know that person regardless of their intentions going into the situation.

Intimacy in a relationship is often not given enough respect either. People tend to dive right into the physical aspect of a relationship because that’s fun and exciting, but it can also take away from the real emotional connections between two people. Or it can even distract the couple from a lack of emotional connection between them that they’re not yet ready to address. If two people are in a bad relationship and they just avoid their problems by being physical, it prevents them from growing closer and getting better emotionally and mentally with each other because all they think about and focus on is the intimacy between them physically.

1. Open your heart to those who’ve earned it.

“There’s a place in your heart where nobody’s been. Take me there.” — Rascal Flatts

2. Honesty is the best policy.

“Intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’, that’s intimacy.” — Taylor Jenkins Reid

3. Dreaming about those you love

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