Excerpt: We started hanging out together daily. We went on dates and one day he proposed me in a very special and beautiful way.

It is the time when everyone passed his or her 12th standard. It is a turning point for everybody in career as well as love. Many relationships get apart because of the thought of the distance and some just casually break up but here, I am in love with somebody.

We started our relationship so causally on the note that we will never going to get serious about each other but that time who knows what will happen in future.

Our relationship started in 11th’s summer break. Summer breaks is the time when you don’t have things to do. It’s just time to rest, enjoy and family trips. I was having rest because my family did not go to any trip and there are some more people who are resting because there family also does not went anywhere. So we start meeting each other daily. There is this guy from whom I was getting attention. Also I just had break up a month ago and the guy also had break up some months ago. So we started bonding. The bonding was really good.

We started hanging out together daily. We went on dates and one day he proposed me in a very special and beautiful way. We were sitting in front of Jal Mahal and it’s 5AM and it was rainy season so the view, the air, the moment and everything were mesmerizing. He proposed ,I said yes. There were lots and lots of moments, which we spent together. We started sharing the top secret of our lives to each other and we realized that our life is really complicated. We decided that we would only make each other happy because there are many more things, which easily can upset us.

Biggest problem of Indian relationships is we ends it by saying there is no future of our relationship as our family will not going to accept us. It’s good to thought about future but seriously why, at least first see if your relationship will go to that extent or not. Yeah so, we passed our 12th and I don’t know fortunately or unfortunately but our course and college will be same but I asked him what happened, he replied “I am confused, Now as we will going to be in same college, we are having 3 years, do you think our relationship will work out this long”.

What scares him, the thought of being together for 3 more years then why would he was together from last one year. This was the longest relationship he ever had. I really get attached to him and I literally get serious for him but what hurts me the most is after 1 year of togetherness he is confused. Now, I am confused if true love ever exists.


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