Happy Indian Army Day 2019 Whatsapp Status, Quotes And DP Images

Army Day Wishes Status : Read Best Collection Of Army Day Quotes, Happy Indian Army Day 2019 Whatsapp Status, Desh Bhakti Shayari With Photos, Army Day Facebook Dp Photos And Best Indian Army Photo Shayari in Hindi And English.

मेरे मुल्क की हिफाज़त ही मेरा फ़र्ज है और मेरा मुल्क ही मेरी जान है ,
इस पर कुर्बान है मेरा सब कुछ , नही इससे बढ़कर मुझको अपनी जान है।।happy army day quotes 2019Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolor, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure. – Vikram Batra

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To find us, you must be good, to catch us you must be fast, but to beat us… you must be kidding.

I grew up in a time when people believed in duty, honor, and country. My grandfathers were both officers. My father was a General in the Air Force. My brother and I were both in the Indian Army. I’ve always felt a kinship with soldiers; I think it’s possible to support the warrior and be against the war – Kris Kristofferson

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Kyon marte ho bewafa sanam k liye???
marna hai to maro hamare watan k liye,
aise to 2 gaj jamin bhi nahi milegi dafan k liye
desh k liye maroge to hasinaye bhi dupatta utar degi kafan k liye
Happy Army Day

Tiranga Hai Aan Meri,
Tiranga Hi Hai Shaan Meri,
Tiranga Rahe Ooncha Sada Hamaara,
Tirange Se Hai Dharti Mahaan Meri!

There will be no withdrawal without written orders and these orders shall never be issued.”-Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw in 1962

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The enemy are only 50 yards from us. We are heavily outnumbered. We are under devastating fire. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to our last man and our last round.

Your Job is to Fight for Our Country,
My Job is to Love and Support You. Thank You for being My Hero.

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Loving a Military Man is not Hard.
The Distance is Hard, The Worry is Hard, The Sacrifices are Hard.
But Loving Him… That’s the Easiest thing I’ve Ever Done.

I Like to See a Man Live so that His Place will be Proud of Him.
Wishing you a very Happy Indian Army Day 2019

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Bravery is Daring to Try Where Others would Not.

“Without Heroes, We are all Plain People, and don’t Know How Far We can Go”.

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Thank You for Serving Our Country and Protecting Our Freedoms!

No Agony, No Pain, Shall Make Me Cry
Soldier Was I Born
Soldier Shall I Die
I Live By Chance
Love By Choice
And Killer By Profession
We miss home
coz we save homes…
Jai Hind..
Happy Indian Army Day

Happy B’day
Oh No

“If Death Strikes before I Prove My Blood, I Swear I’ll Kill Death”.

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The Way that People Dress makes them Part of an Army,
Dressed in their Own Uniform, Determined to do Something.

Happy National Dy
Oh I Forget

Happy Anniversary
No I Was Wrong

Happy Victory Day
Oh My God

Happy New Year
Oh Shit

Happy Army Day

ज़माने भर में मिलते हे आशिक कई ,
मगर वतन से खूबसूरत कोई सनम नहीं होता ,
नोटों में भी लिपट कर, सोने में सिमटकर मरे हे कई ,
मगर तिरंगे से खूबसूरत कोई कफ़न नहीं होता.

वो तिरंगे वाली डीपी हो तो लगा लो जरा…bhai ji
सुना है कल देशभक्ति दिखाने वाली तारीख है. . . !

Naa poochho jamaney ko,
Kya hamari kahani hain,
Hamari pehchaan to sirf ye hai
Ki hum sirf hindustani hain…!!
Happy Army Day 2019

अनेकता में एकता ही इस देश की शान है,
इसीलिए मेरा भारत महान है

खुशनसीब हैं वो जो वतन पर मिट जाते हैं,
मरकर भी वो लोग अमर हो जाते हैं,
करता हूँ उन्हें सलाम ए वतन पे मिटने वालों,
तुम्हारी हर साँस में तिरंगे का नसीब बसता है…

शहीदों की चिताओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले,
वतन पे मर मिटनेवालों का बाकी यही निशां होगा.

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