How Graphics Contributed To Film Industry – History of Graphics In The Movies

Graphics have made a special place in the modern era. Today we are using graphics for entertainment, education etc. Graphics have contributed even in the film industry. Today the movies we watch sitting in the cinema hall or at home, are full of graphics. Graphics have turned the way of creating and experiencing movies. It enhanced the movie watching experience of the audience.

CGI (Graphics) Animation:
Background information:
Today computer graphics and visual effects are becoming a very important part of commercial cinema. Since the first computer graphics were used in a cinema, there has been a lot of difference since then. Today, modern cinema cannot imagine without graphics animation.
The main 2 reasons behind this leap in the CGI technologies are,
1. Public interest.
2. Advancement in computer technology.
The main effects that CGI animation give to videos are Visual Effects and 3D Computer Graphics. Today, on the basis of this graphics animation, it is possible to create real atmosphere, fake creature, action sequence etc. in the movie.

History of the Graphics:
To learn the history of graphics and animation, let’s go at the time when Graphics Animation was in the Embryo stage. At that time science fiction movies were manually made all props, environments, and animals. They were made of rubber, silicon, and sometimes hydraulic systems in them.

But this was the result that was achieved by them.
1. All of these models had some limitations.
2. The technology of that time was not as advanced either.
3. The expense was heavy.
4. The look that came in was not realistic.
5. No realistic movements in the models.

But due to CGI (graphics animation), all these things (models, props, environment) were not needed now. Now, in the low cost, the creator could make more realistic games, movies without all of these things, which we first mentioned. Today’s graphics animation is so realistic and delicate that it is difficult to tell who is fake from them and who is the real one.

But this does not mean that these graphics animation has been so advanced with it. Many movies and many steps have to be taken for it to reach today. A long time ago, the movie that made the biggest impact with graphics animation was The Legendary Star Wars, which was released in 1977. The spaceship battle which was in the Star Wars movie was filmed with motion control technology.

This greatly reduced the work time and time of the movie maker. Then, in 1991, a movie comes in Terminator 2 The Judgment Day in which the morphing technique was first used. The transformation scene from robot to human or vice versa was made with the morphing technique. They put multiple layers in between the frames.

The 1997 Titanic Movie made a huge jump in the field of animation. Digital effects and 3D effects were well merged in this film.

Use of CGI:
This is CGI which makes the movie attractive for all ages. This is a new way of presenting things that increase the believability of the movie of the people. Along with the time and the money of the Creator is also saved because he does not have to make thousands of weapons, costumes, equipment.

Here we have to notice that whatever movies we have discussed above are just a small part of this CGI animation area. Over time, demand for new digital effects are also increasing, 3D animation technologies are getting advanced, computer graphics are evolving over time, and even advanced technologies are coming forward over time to increase our movie experience.
How does CGI influence the movie viewing experience?

Great Reality:
CGI creates an environment in the movie that is very close to reality. It is very difficult to tell in the movie that what is the real and which is fake. When we find things real, we can connect them well and the experience of watching movies increases manifold.

Greater Attention:
With the help of CGI, you can detail things very closely and meticulously. This detailed movie is more inspirational, more enjoyable and more memorable to the viewer.

Increasing the Emotion:

Because of CGI, the expression of the character can be shown with a lot of details. Many expressions can be produced in a single movie such as fear, curiosity, attraction etc. When we can connect emotionally with the movie then the movie itself gives a different experience. More than that what a movie creator wants?

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