How to apply Birth Certificate Online in India

Birth certificate is an indispensable document that serves as a proof of identity or age for a person in various circumstances. Birth certificate is generally issued upon the birth of a person. The government authorized document certifies the incidence of the birth of a child recording the legal information such as the date of birth, place of birth, parent’s name, etc. of the newborn. Here is the information regarding how to apply birth certificate online:

From where can you get your birth proof?
The provision of Section 7 of the RBD Act, the government has deployed a Registrar in each local Municipal Corporation. This authority is commonly known as Nagar Nigam or Nagar Nigam Palika (in Hindi). If it’s a smaller district or region, Panchayat or other local authority would be there to take care of this responsibility.
The provision of Section 7(5) of the aforementioned Act directs to appoint a Sub-Registrar under the aforementioned Act of Section 7(5). His attestation would be equally valid as the registrars. Both would enjoy the same rights and power.

When would you get free birth proof?
If you have applied for birth registration in India before 21 days of the birth, any of the aforementioned authorities would have to sign the application of your certificate of birth.
After this stipulated time, you would have to pay for a certain amount against the service. This fee can vary from place to place and from time to time.

How to apply Birth Certificate: Online Procedure

The Indian government has stepped into the digital landscape. But it’s sluggish. Therefore, only a few metropolitan cities have access to online registration of birth in India. You can check if or not your place is valid to get the facility of online registration.

  • Go to the website:
  • Move to the left pane where the signup dialog box will be given.
  • Click General Public Signup to register yourself.
  • As you tap, the Signup box will pop up. Fill up all valid details, including user name, mobile number, place of birth, user ID, district and village/town, etc..
  • If the Registration Unit field would be active and showing the name, it implies that your place avails this facility.
  • Put the verification code and tap on the tab Register.
  • Post registration, a thank-giving message will appear. It will prompt you to check your email ID for the confirmed registration.
  • Check your inbox. It will push you to set up a new password for login. Generate it.
  • Sign in again.
  • A form will appear to fill the name of the child, parents, and location.
  • Subsequent to filling it, submit it after 24 hours.
  • Download its soft copy.
  • Take its print out.
  • Then, visit the registrar office in person.
  • Get the form attested by either registrar or sub-registrar.

What are documents required for attesting the application form of the birth?

  • Letter of the hospital/ para-medical staff/ from medical record officer.
  • An affidavit attested by the SDM.
  • Copy of ration card.
  • School leaving certificate

It must be notified that the annexes must be attested by the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

It would take around 7 days to 3 weeks to get this certificate. But if you outsource, it may be a lengthy process. NRIs mostly prefer this option as the passport authority accepts the proof issued by the Municipal Corporation.

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