How to Dress for a Festival: Step By Step 


Music festivals are a lot of fun to attend. As the spring season approaches and leads to the summer months, there will be several fun music festivals and concerts to attend. Not only do you want to make sure you’re attending with your favorite people, but you’ll want to make sure you’re camera-ready for all of the amazing pictures you all will take.

There is a way to dress for a festival. Granted, you don’t have to pull out all the stops with the bohemian chic gear, but it’s great to dress in the right attire for a festival. Whether it’s your first time ever attending a festival or not, consider the following components you’ll want to add to your outfit. 

1. Water-proof shoes

If you were thinking about wearing sandals, think again. Whether you’re attending a festival in the spring or summer, they are typically outdoors. You never know when the rain will come. It’s rather uncomfortable to be outside with wet feet. Plus, depending on where you are, the temperature might fluctuate throughout the day.

Many festivals are located in areas that are spread out. When you’re walking a lot, you want to wear shoes that will support your feet. That’s why it’s a great idea to wear some water-proof shoes like Doc Marten boots. They’re in style, and they’ll keep your feet dry. You can easily wear them when it’s warm outside without feeling uncomfortable, but they’ll really keep things under control when it’s cold. For extra support, you can add some sole support gel pads.

2. Layers 

Since the weather fluctuates at these events, layers are important. Consider the temperature of where you’re going. Then, layer accordingly. If the weather will be on the cooler side, wear a leather jacket on top of a hoodie and a t-shirt. As it gets warmer, you can peel off the layers to remain cool. Hoodies are great because they are easy to tie around your waist when you’re ready to pull off a layer.

Since you’re at a festival, don’t just opt for the simple black t-shirt. Instead, show off your sense of style by rocking a fun graphic tee like the ones by Fazeapex Siksilk clothes. You can also rock some rock band t-shirts by the bands that will be at the festival.

3. Hands-Free Totes

When the music is playing and you’re ready to dance, there’s nothing worse than figuring out how to move with your purse or a large handbag in your hand. Instead, wear a hands-free option. A backpack is a great unisex option. You can pack your layers in the bag. You can also keep a water bottle on hand.

There are tons of chic backpacks on the market. Additionally, fanny packs are a great unisex option as well. If you’re a woman who wants to jazz her fanny pack up, find a bedazzled option. Fanny packs are perfect for carrying items like smartphones, cash and identification cards. Lastly, the crossbody bag is another simple option that many women love to wear when they attend festivals. It’s easy to throw on. It’s easy to keep track of. It’s also great for making a fashion statement.

4. Chic Accessories

Speaking of a great fashion statement, don’t forget to use chic accessories to do just that. Hats, sunglasses, and jewelry are a few of the best ways to add the cool element to your festival look. Boleros, fedoras and any other wide-brimmed hat can work well for an outdoor festival. If you prefer to wear a classic baseball cap, choose one in a bright color or a festive floral or leopard print.

Sunglasses are important for keeping the eyes protected. Plus, even if the festival is inside, there’s usually a lot of light from the stage. It’s okay to wear sunglasses inside to protect the eyes. Instead of opting for the classic pair of black shades, consider sunglasses with favorite shapes for the frames. Have fun with the neon shades like neon green or fluorescent yellow. If you’d prefer to rock an understated, classic pair of shades, aviators are universally fly.

Jewelry takes a look at the next level. When you’re headed to a festival, it’s best to limit the number of valuable pieces you keep with you. Therefore, opt for the costume jewelry that either looks real or has a funky flair to it.

Don’t wait until the last minute to build your outfit. Instead, focus on finding interesting pieces that you can place together. As you build your outfits, it’s a great idea to shop at a variety of places. You can find some pieces online. You can also find a lot of fun, unique options at local thrift and consignment shops. As you customize a look that works for you, you’ll feel confident as you step into the hottest festivals of the year.

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