Hug Day Quotes to Make Your Loved Ones Feel More Special

Valentine’s Week is about to end guys. With just 3 days remaining, 12th Feb 2020 is the Hug Day! It’s natural that after making promises to each other, you both smile that ends up with a warm long hug!

If 2 things that shouldn’t come with ifs, buts, and whys then they are definitely hugs and kisses! These are 2 magical things that make a person feel special (apart from increased heart rate and flow of blood .. and emotions!

We are sure you would definitely want to make a huge day as special as it can be! Hugs day is followed by kiss day. As both

Why are hugs so important?

Before we go into technicalities, hugs (and kisses) not only make a person feel special, but both of you get a sense of belongingness. If the home was a feeling, it would be that feeling that you get while hugging and kissing the person you love the most. Hugs are important because:

  • Unspoken Words is the language of hugs:

The way we physically interact with people communicates a lot. Through hugs and kisses, people say a lot then what they can communicate in words.

  • You’re safe from stress if you’re hugging him/her:

There’s a strange relationship between getting hugs and kisses and the immune system. People who get more hugs and kisses are less likely to get sick or fall under stress.

While you hugged your mother/father or your spouse, all the stress and tension were paused/blocked till the time the hug was there (and for some more time).

The feeling of hugs and kisses is irresistible and ecstatic. Don’t miss out on this thing be it in any kind of relation.

  • They are the reason behind less nervousness:

We’ve seen a lot of commercial ads where before a child is being called upon the stage, parents hug the child and all his fears just shoo away!

Make sure that before you leave the house for work, you hug your loves ones. Then you see it’s magic for the rest of the day (no matter how stressful).

  • Hugs boost oxytocin levels:

The cuddle hormone – oxytocin is one of the most important bases for relation. Trust, devotion, bonding, that soft corner, everything is related to this chemical.

Hugs and kisses are some activities that release oxytocin in the brain. Which is why you feel like hugging even tight or kiss more some more minutes!

  • Lower heart rate:

Obviously! Just before the stage speech, your heart was pumping hard and seconds after your mother hugged you, felt at ease in a flick of seconds!

Hugs did reduce your heart rate.

Hug Day Quotes for Him/Her:

“It is always the perfect time to hug your loved one; just hug and feel the warmth of love. Happy Hug Day”

“A hug is a love- doze for your heart and works like magic spells for your love life. Hug the one you love. Happy Hug Day.”

“Sometimes without any reason, a sudden hug can change someone’s life. And you did mine. Thousands hug from me to you my dear friend.”

“I was waiting for someone to come and hug me so tight that all my broken heart pieces get affixed, and then you came. Happy Hug Day.”

“There is something in a simple hug that always warms the heart, It welcomes us back home & makes it eaiser to part” – Jhonny Ray Ryder Jr.

“They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.” – Bil Keane

“Hugs can do great amounts of good – especially for children.” – Princess Diana

“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.” – Bil Keane

“They asked me what the happiest place on earth is. Some said that it is Disneyland, but I beg to disagree. IT is in the warmth of your arms.”

“When you have got no one else to hug, sometimes our teddy bears would do even if they do not hug back.”

“I hope a person would come to hug me tight enough to bring together all of my broken pieces.”

“If you have your loved ones with you today, you should hug them. Memories cannot be hugged!”

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