I got my True love- Ashutosh Singh

Ha maine bhi pyr kiya or utna hi intjaar kiya.
I was in 6 standard when i saw her.
She was looking stunning,very glamours.
The day i saw her i just lost in her smile.
The way she laughs i was like a person who stare a thing with full concentrate.
But destiny plays with me,that time i don’t have guts to go in front of her and tell me about my feelings.
So i just leave it on time.
But as we know if you love/like any one with your full desire than god makes it happen.
I had wait her for 10 years and now we are with each other.
I can’t explain about my feelings when i proposed her.
It was like a poet gets his poetry.
I was & i am very happy.
I jst want to say before telling bbbye.
I love her.
Thank you friends that’s from my side..

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