Invisible Love

English Poetry published on by Excerpt: Pagalita my shirt collar to tweak,with the heart silently is the,rain drops drops of water pearls, like the,cheeks,tears are rolling.

The result came at
Alhamdulillah passed all things
a little sit at the
cycle of the gate, walking
come to the right on and asked
brother,are you ever study in this college?
(An unknown
girl said to me, with
two more girls)
– I study in this college but
– Brother, do you know Yeaqub Hussein
( Girl )
– When I heard the name, I
drank a
flutter of the doctor,
it was my name, what is it?
I did not say anything to any woman,
my real name Yeakub Hussain (Yb) this identity

  • No Yakub Hossain (I) – Hey Yaqub Hossain whose Facebook
    is ”
    Aaral Me ” (girl), I
    know the name of my ID also.
    Kucha hai –
    yes yes sugar
    but the boy falls with me , but why? (I) –
    Surely you know what yeakob is !!!
    she was laughing)
    and I am walking without notice
    worthless kerasa
  • yes the story of a little boy
    writes well, I read in (i)
    cuuuuupa made
    him sort of story like this (she
    O bapas rays became increasingly jealous of what she
  • What do you need him?
    (I) –
    I love him
    Every story I read him
    his story, read the story yourself
    nayaka When you think that her
    love pelasi know himself
    by the girl’s)
    words, I would hear the parameterization
  • James, but she’s a girl
    talking to say
    you how he loved ?
  • I do
    not even know that, but I really love him
    Pelsey (girl) –
    even now what do I have to
    And all of a sudden his aidita asale
    do not
    think I know who killed the block
    want to speak
    for him at the time of the day kemdachi

I love my favorite ID,
” Aalay I”,
suddenly on that day,
did not have to
enter the IDET . I did not have to verify that I did
not get it, so I could not enter
ID after that. Do you have Jacob’s
– No
do not care if the girl’s face was dry and I felt a little worse – you do not worry and maybe
will come to college –
so I will come tomorrow also
– Well what is your name (girl)
– Gee I am I (I lied
– and I am Ahia Ahmed
(daughter) –
– Give your phone number to
you. You can not get him. – Please raise
0190000000 –
well then what do you do (Ahiya) –
right there
girls go and I also
went home and
then lying on my face and
wondering if
she really
loves me ? I will not
see you before.
Oh, I did not
give you identity. I read Yakub Hossain
“Gazipur Cantonment College”
before I ran the ID “I was running
it ” . Now it is broken, so
run it,
playing the game lying on the night, the
phone comes from Anon
noon only – hello Assalamu Alaikum (I)
– What do you mean
? (Stranger
‘s voice)
– But who are you?
– I am Ahiya Ahmed (daughter)
– Siri Amito did not know anyone with this name
– Hey I am the person with whom he spoke in the
– how are you now?
(I) –
I do not really miss Yakub –
I too (I)
– Well, how is Jacob as a boy?
Do you know what? (
Ahia ) – Seeing the truth I
know as much as I know that
Jacob’s boy is
good. There is a lot of relation in the festival and I like to
see Bad boy one
a little
pampered ) – This boy is silent!
I know that Jacob is a very good boy
and not a love in love

I do not speak to anyone, and as I see it, I
understand her love?
He speaks in the name of one of the worst
I have
you, that is what I shouted angry
words cut off because the phone
Brrr her angry!
So loved Yb a simuapa
anyways it’s playing will see that
, then dinner at the girl’s words,
think my baubalisa simuapa
hug him and gave a wake up
the next day at college he was sitting at
the yesterday’s daughter means ahiyara
after listening to the spirit, so it
so classes do not I’m sitting in the Canteen just
heard the phone call the Ayaar phone
— where are you? (Ahiya)
eito College Canteen sit in
– If’m gonna come oh
– came to him
a little later, I saw a girl does not
at me at
the sight of the goals of the frame glasses, the hair
and blue thripiche girl I
love the fore stopped
yet I do not give the identity
to come near the Ahya
– is there? (I)
–Yb where? (Ahiya)
ekhano not only
tabekemana will be (i)
oke, let
me kill the blocks and I wish him
, and did not know her daughter
how much is in trouble? (
Ahia ) – where do you read? (I) (I
changed the tone of speech)
– Yes, I ★★ (do not want to) Girls’ school in the ninth
grade reading
the ahiyara learn more from
the auction of his
eii fellow children of Jacob, Jacob
‘re still karalina Class Why?
Where did my friend Ridaya come from
here, now I
will go all the way
– Who is Yakub? (Ahiya said to Ridayake) –
Before ya ekha ****
stopped him in the
gesture – hey hey yahoo said
that he did not come, why do not come ridaaye

(I said eye

saw ) – Yes, yes – I’m thinking you’re Yb?
– No, no, no, why should I be Yb – I’m not
coming to Yb
– I do not think it will come today – I did
say any thing, it was a bit dry,
and the
mouth was dry. I
would like to tell you how Asif
really is,
but now I have to go. –
Ahiya went away
– What happened to this? I do not
understand anything, you mean yb! (Ridaya)
then told all ridayake
friend to see bhabike but
and saw a lot of shows, I
love all that De (ridaya)
balabo a little test before I
you be the last I’ll be orai
oke buddy
After that
I went home after returning from Riyadh
Since then, almost every day ahiya
college used
a variety of words would have sent
every day, she was disappointed left
, I
have understood that she Yb a simuapa
me a
lot of love
, but the seclusion and enjoy
very good feeling
, and how many days go, then that will be
a few days later
just when I’m lying on ahiyara
hyalo how are (i)
– you too bad
you guys are very bad
to you when the q Who balasi
Yb, who
met with you to remind
dicchenai not
me that’s going to burst, and it’s how
do understand (tears
The ahiya)
No kamdanota She just
accha Well, I promise
Tomorrow is
Friday, tomorrow afternoon, I
or Yb in a’ll agree
come and say
satyi I say?
Hya really genuinely
anneka thank
oke if tomorrow a new railway
station will leave at 4 pm
What (i),
Yb, who’ll take away your
thika I’ll leave
oke, then how am (i)
– Well, yes, the
girl will also call Kadaba
tomorrow, and I will tell him the next day, I will
cry for a day, and
then I
love crazy and I
do not want to cry madly and cry.
Tomorrow ends
the next day on Friday, with the exception of my Cricket League Final Match Match

I do not know whether it will lose to win.

If God knows what the price comes to me on my forehead.

Before 4pm, Ahia came out of
my favorite blue-colored
thripchike and came
with a light
brood for Yb, who already knew
what Yb was like.
After about half an hour to see ahiya
Ian left his
alone to see the mind becomes highly worse
Iain him to come to Yb means
–Yb Where?
You said not to
come with him ?
– Hey Cool Cool
Yb has stuck in a little work,
but told me
come very soon and it will come
– If I do not come today, I’ll
you (Ahia)
(If you kill me, I’ll
love you madly mad
– Kill him
now. Now you are going to have
Yb and you will
come –
new railway station is sitting in order to order the store. So
many people are watching this Friday. I am
talking about this Friday
and Ahia, but his
misunderstood – Yaar Yaakub, you are here! How
are you
When I heard this, I looked up with
my Imran Dulabhai and Sultana
Apu and my nephew

Looking at Ahya,
I looked at him with astonishment –
who is the
girl? (Apu) –
I do not know who this girl is, I do not know
– Well, I thought that your
– what to say, what’s the GF? – What is
Do you?
Now he is a free bamboo
see the anger ahiya phomsa phomsa
the atomic bomb explosion at any time
can cause
natuna khulachisa any ID? (Apu)
– Yaqub Hussein (Yb) (I)
– How do I find them as long
as the
cloud clouds
can rain any time (Apu)
– OK
However, she tahale
– you’re good
sister in law went away, and
I’m ghuriye eye
storm ahiya without any signal
at me
he’s gonna come down on my chest
and fell
with the rain began
sayatana! Dog! Get out! Bitcoal!
What else is
chitara! Butter!
The tissue, the tissue rain, began to fall on
chest in the form of a rock , I
do not know?
Could you have fun with me like
Do you know how much trouble I have suffered?
– If I did not have today today I would have given
(I) –
You have very bad tisuma the tisuma the tisuma
are feeling Hey, I
do need it
to me, so the very kamdaiso
ara kamdabona the (i)
ahiya me very tightly
over the
the very loud apuo rain
– -This ahiya the (i)
— say (ahiya)
brsti it is going to be wet, Quit
na na na Viejo charaboi do it
to me
because araro tightly fastened
ei crazy
bhijale I’m sick of my
mango I am going to serve from now
if something good happens to the disease, then I am happy
bring Ahya to the disease
Pagalita my shirt collar to tweak
with the
heart silently is the
rain drops drops of water pearls, like the
tears are rolling
pagalitake lap without going forward
ghurate came the rain prevented the
men looked surprised to see
a boy, a girl’s lap
Core ekapa ekapa that going forward
, and
He must
have kept quiet in the chest like a little bird,
so that
life is like