Irresistable attraction

Excerpt: Listen to me. I love you so much. I will marry you off with the best natured man and you will be ever happy.

Irresistible attraction

I ran and ran over the late night city of Delhi and hid myself in a trash barrel.  Two men passing by the lane unfortunately seem to have noticed me.  One of them came nearer “hey Little girl, what are you doing in that garbage bin at this late hour? ” He looks around in disdain and his piercing grey eyes land back on me. I pull my orbs down and looked at my sky blue evening ball gown which is now reduced to a rag.

A few hours ago…

“Wake up Angel, don’t you remember today is your birthday and you have to distribute sweets in your school?”

My mom beamed through the entrance.  I slid the covers out of my head and jumped out of my bed in a stretch.  Yay! Today is my birthday.  I dressed in my most favourite dress which I and my dad brought two days ago.  Seeing more of princess movies, it’s my dream to dress like a princess and I brought the most elegant evening ball gown.

I went down the stairs to catch my dad immersed in the news paper in his hands.  He saw me out the paper and instantly the corners of his lip twitch upwards.  “Baby Girl, wish you a very happy birthday” he wishes me with a smile.  He holds my soft little hands in his large ones and instantly a feeling of warmness touches my heart. After a few seconds he gets a ring, speaks to somebody on his phone and instantly his emotions change.

Immediately I was pushed into a bullet proof room “baby girl, no matter what you hear, never come out of this room.” 

He cautions me staring with his blood shot eyes. In a few minutes I could hear gunshots being fired like a never ending rain.  After some time the sounds of bullets calm down. With trembling legs, I come out of my hiding and see the silhouette of the person who is responsible to make my life a disaster.  I take the gun from the top drawers of my father’s desk where I know rested a revolver and abruptly fire multiple shots at the slayer who made my life a catastrophe.

At the age of thirteen I am already a bloody murderer and today, which happens to be my birthday is regrettably the most rueful day of my life.  I lost my parents.  Recalling the fact I burst into a yowl.  Putting my head in my hands I did not know how long I cried.  Then my conscience intervenes. I run away from the disquiet place which once I called to be my home, I hide myself in a trash barrel to escape from the esplanade.


“I am Ajit Arihant Acharye, CEO of Arihant group of industries and this is my friend, Anand.”  He points to a man who was standing beside him.  Ajit picks me up in his big warm hands and puts me securely in his car.  “Baby girl ones we reach the house you are going to tell me everything.”  He speaks to me in warning but in subtle softness.

Whatever he is, an Angel or may be a messenger of God I do not know. But he is my saviour.  He took care of every requirement of mine. He held up the law and took the responsibility of raising me up.  He is my guardian, friend, rescuer and most importantly my man.

Days rolled into weeks and weeks to months and then years.  Slowly I begin to have feelings on the man who raised me up.  I know it’s a sin to love the man who brought me up.  But I couldn’t control my emotions.  He is an Adonis, dressed to kill.  Girls worship the soil he walked upon.  He is dominant, enigmatic and his aura radiated control.  He looked into my eyes with his sharp grey eyes “what” he screams at me incredibly.  “You love me?”  I fidget with my fingers looking down and then nurture all my courage to look into his eyes and say “Yes”. 

He pats my head like one does to a child and looks at me in love with a smile on his face “Baby, attraction towards the opposite sex is quiet common in your age.  You are a teenager. But after a few years the feeling will fade away.  Listen to me. I love you so much. I will marry you off with the best natured man and you will be ever happy.” 

I shake my head unable to respond for the shock he gave.  I can never imagine another man in my life. I was adamant like a log for not hearing him.  I tried for years to grasp his attention and finally, I made it.

Both of us got married in the most affluent way.  The perks of being rich.  I became pregnant with his child and one night the fateful incident happened.  I underwent an accident and lost my child.  With the shock I received I suffered amnesia.  He took care of me like a mother to a child and nursed me like a benevolent husband.

After an unsupassed treatment and undying efforts of my husband one day I reached back to him.  He is my liberator, my spirit and the most compassionate human in this world.  He is …..MY MAN.


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