Karma Quotes That Will Bring Enlightenment In Your Life

Karma is all about what you do and what comes back to you.

You must have heard a famous saying, “What goes around comes back to you.”

Yes, this is true. Karma is your good and bad doings. If your actions are good, then you will receive goodness in return. But if your actions & doings are wrong, then you will receive worse in return. So keep a check on your doings.

The energy that you release into the universe, affects a lot as this is what will come back to you one day. You may call it Karma or a Golden mantra. Each one of us will surely receive it one day or the other.

No one can escape from this inescapable circle. Who so ever has taken birth and is a living species, will one day come under this belt of Karma.

If you have a good past record of your actions, then for sure you will not have to worry. Because you will receive good and positive vibes in return.

But, if your history holds evilness, bad virtues than you can expect negative vibes and ill-effects in return.

So, from this, it is very clear, that Karma is our own set of doings which comebacks to us in some way or the other. And it solely depends upon us how we act accordingly. And we have to make sure that we are ready enough to face its consequences on our life.

Hence, here we present you with some golden words of wisdom that will redirect you towards your karmas’. These words will teach you the real meaning of your doings. So read out the best Karma Quotes that will bring enlightenment in your life.

Enlightening Karma Quotes

“The way people treat you is their karma. How you react to the way people treat you is your karma.”

“Always be honest in life. Like karma, that honesty will make its way back to you.”

“Someday, karma will find you and punch you in the face. I hope that I’m there – just in case it needs some help.”

“Karma is a really simple concept: an action for an action – be it good or bad.”

“For the keynote of the law of Karma is equilibrium, and nature is always working to restore that equilibrium whenever through man’s acts it is disturbed.” — Christmas Humphreys

“Karma can be unforgiving, and it bides its time. You always have to look over your shoulder, because karma always gets payback.”

“If you want to be happy, stop thinking about revenge. When you stop focusing on someone else’s unhappiness, you have more time and energy to work on your own happiness.” — Karen Salmansohn

“The best revenge is always to move on and let karma do the rest.” — Karen Salmansohn

“You’re believing or not believing in karma has no effect on its existence, nor on its consequences to you. Just as a refusal to believe in the ocean would not prevent you from drowning.” — F. Paul Wilson

“Instant Karma’s gonna get you, Gonna knock you off your feet.” — John Lennon

“Karma isn’t fate. Nor is it a punishment imposed on us by some external agent. We create our own karma. Karma is the result of the choices that we make every moment of every day.” — Tulku Thondup

“Dear Karma, I really hate you right now, you made your point.” — Ottilie Weber

“Karma exists, chickens do come home to roost, and like my mother, Phyllis, liked to say, “There is always a day of reckoning.” — Donald Van De Mark

“The law of Karma is a manifestation of God’s will.” — Ramana Maharshi

“I must have killed a lot of cows in a past life for Karma to hate me this much.” — Katie Mcgarry

Final Words:-

Karma is our own doings and no one can escape from the effects of it.

It is our sole responsibility how we make our Karma good and turn it good back for us. If our actions reflect good behavior, charity doings, and peaceful actions than for sure we will live a happy life. So take a deep look before you do or act something.

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