Matt Mullenweg Quotes To Update Your Tech Skills

Matt Mullenweg’s full name Matthew Charles Mullenweg is an American entrepreneur and website developer. The man is known for developing the famous free open source web software WordPress which is now managed by The WordPress Foundation which is an independent Group run by his foundation.

Matt Mullenweg Birthday: Matt was born on 11th January 1984 in Houston, Texas, United States.

Matt Mullenweg Family: Matt was born to Louis Charles Mullenweg and Kathleen Mullenweg.

As a child Mullenweg originally grew up in Houston, Texas, where he attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and initially didn’t have an interest in fields of computer or technological world instead he studied jazz saxophone and wanted to build a career as an instrumentalist.

In his spare time, he is used to doing photography and is believed to be an avid photographer which is evident from his hundreds of stock pictures in Pixabay a photo collection website. Mullenweg traveled time between Houston, New York, and San Francisco Bay Area and is good at fishing.

Mullenweg is the co-founder and one of the founding father of open-source blogging platform WordPress, he is most popular for his publishing platform on the internet, and as the founder and CEO of Automattic an American technology company.

The techno-master reached the pinnacle of glories as the co-founder of the first of its kind open-source blogging platform known popularly today as WordPress, which has become the most popular publishing platform on the entire web world he has helped businesses expand worldwide and trend their reach to more customers.

He is also the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. Apart from these He also runs Audrey Capital, an investment and research company that Isan listed entity in New York Stock Exchange.

Mullenweg came to limelight by being recognized for his leadership and success by various international magazines. Some of the magazines are  Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch, Fortune, Fast Company, Wired, University Philosophical Society, and Vanity Fair. He received many allocates and awards for his exceptional work in the field of technology and computer sciences

Matt is the master of new-age technology and has taken the tech-world and blogging sites to another creative level. So let’s get more insights about him through his own words by checking out the most creative Matt Mullenweg Quotes to update your tech skills.

Matt Mullenweg Quotes

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” ― Matt Mullenweg

“The biggest motivation is not the money but the impact.” — Matt Mullenweg

“Technology is of those who strive today’s hard work for tomorrow’s successes.” — Matt Mullenweg

“A common quality I see of people who are successful is that they are voracious readers.” — Matt Mullenweg

“You can learn practically anything you want in the world online.” — Matt Mullenweg

“If you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version, you waited too long.” — Matt Mullenweg

“My own personal dream is that the majority of the web runs on open-source software.” — Matt Mullenweg

“Technology is closing the gap between what one can imagine and what one can do and as a result, the equality of opportunity is unmatched in human history.” — Matt Mullenweg

“I don’t have big ideas. I sometimes have small ideas, which seem to work out.” — Matt Mullenweg

“We focus on two things when hiring. First, find the best people you can in the world. And second, let them do their work. Just get out of their way.” — Matt Mullenweg

“If I were to wish for two things, they would be as much bandwidth as possible and ridiculously fast browser engines.” — Matt Mullenweg

“If you think of the ideas of open-source applied to information in an encyclopedia, you get to Wikipedia – lots and lots of small contributions that bubble up to something that’s meaningful.” — Matt Mullenweg

“I don’t care how someone lives or how good their spoken English is. I do all of my interviews on Skype text chat – all that matters is their work.” — Matt Mullenweg

“WordPress, it’s a complex tool; it’s like the back of a digital SLR… but that doesn’t work on a phone.” — Matt Mullenweg

“Don’t think about work in your bedroom or relaxation area.” — Matt Mullenweg

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