My Lost Love.. BooBoo – Celina Sharma

Friends, today I’ll be telling you my story. My name is Celina. This is the story of my life, a very true heartbreaking story that brings tears to my eyes just by thinking what happen with me. My name is Celina and today I will be sharing my story with you guys, this story is obviously related to me and with the Love of my Life Booboo.

Me and Booboo met in 2016, we started off as strangers and over time became very good friends. We were really close as friends and I was in a Toxic relationship at the time. I had my ups and downs with the guy I was dating by the name of Rohit.. Eventually that ended. Booboo was there to help me, support me, and guide me through it all. Over time, I started growing feelings for Booboo, started thinking about him more than just a best friend. We were spending a lot of time together, hours upon hours sitting in the car, chatting, talking, so of course without a doubt my feelings for him grow harder and faster than ever. On the day of February 14 2018, Valentine’s Day which I was suppose to spend with my bf at the time but ex boyfriend now..

Rohit. But instead decided to spend it with Booboo. We had a great night of awesome talks, long drives, drinks. Upon having a few drinks I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a warm hug outside of the restaurant we were at and he hugged me back. I was shocked at what I just did and what happen. But I knew those were my inner feelings for him coming out under intoxication. The night still went well, without any awkwardness. I went home and was thinking about Booboo the entire time. The next day, I saw him again.. We drank again. And expressed our feelings for one another. We hugged, kissed, and became boyfriend and girlfriend. That was the day we got official. But wait, there was a twist in the story.. He knew my ex boyfriend because through me they were friends he did not know how to face him and tell him that he is now dating his Girlfriend, so we both started avoiding Rohit and continued living our life and spending our entire time together. Day and nighr we would be together without skipping any days, he would buy me everything, give me all the happiness, nothing I ever asked for that I did not get, he brought the world to me, gave me all the happiness any girl could ask for. Along the way, we had so many people trying to break us apart but nothing tore us apart we were still strong and together. 4 months passed just like this..


Then one day, as things started getting serious Booboo confessed his inner feelings for me and told me that he wants to Quit drinking and smoking as his family does not approve of this.. I told him okay, and from that day on i cut down on my drinking. I had an addiction and a bad habit which I knew at that point on I had to let go and that’s what I did. I went from drinking every single day.. Everyday of the week to once in a while.
Now we are 6 months in, And his feelings for me got even deeper day by day, even I was falling tor him more and more and at this point I had given him my all. I met his family he had already met mine.. Back when we were just friends. But there was one thing bothering Booboo and that was my past.. He had a problem because he had seen the face of my Ex boyfriend and that would bother him a lot. Our relationship went from good to bad instantly. Every argument would involve my past.. And he just couldn’t take the fact that someone else had me before him. As days went by our fights got from bad to worse leading into making everything toxic. Things got bad, then

Recently.. One day we took a break. During this break.. I made a mistake and messed up everything between us I went outside with a guy from a dating site and he found out. I killed it, and shattered his world he is broken and today he is done with me for good.
Guys, one thing i wanna clear when I was with this person.. That I met on the social media site.. the entire time I was talking about Booboo regarding emotional support after that night i never saw him again. He feels cheated and today we are done for good. I want him back because I love him and cannot live without him. He means the world to me and I cannot see myself without him. I am broken

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