28 Best Bo Burnham Jokes & Funny Quotes From His Best Comedy Shows

Goodbye sadness, hello jokes.

Bo Burnham is a man of many talents — he’s a comedian, musician, actor, director, and poet. He got his start on YouTube in 2006. However, he was posting funny songs on YouTube before it became a platform that really created celebrities and careers. He was simply posting silly songs he recorded in his high school bedroom to share with his friends and family.

Bo Burnham’s YouTube videos became a hit and now they have over 200 million views.

In 2008, he signed a four-year record deal with Comedy Central Records. He also released his EP, Bo fo Sho, that year. In 2009, he recorded a half-hour Comedy Central special and became the youngest comedian, at the age of 18, to release a special on the network. His full-length album titled Bo Burnham also came out that same year.

Burnham was born and raised in …

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shayarisms4lovers June18 283 - 40 Inspiring Quotes About Good Books To Motivate You To Take Some Time For Yourself

40 Inspiring Quotes About Good Books To Motivate You To Take Some Time For Yourself

Get out of your head for a while.

We spend our childhood getting lost in books. Turning page after page of adventure after adventure. Rainy days were the best days because we got to sit in our favorite chairs with a brand new book and just learn how to shape a world using only hints from the words we’ve read.

We spend our adulthood by avoiding reading altogether. How do we forget the joy we get from a good book? How do we forget feeling like we truly know someone, and they truly know us, just in the confines a few pages and our minds?

How do we lose that feeling of adrenaline and excitement that builds in the split second of turning a page?

We need to remind ourselves of the myriad of worlds that are hidden behind the closed doors of our bindings and stacked tightly in the …

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26 All Time Best Betty White Quotes & Funny Memes In Honor Of Her (98th!) Birthday

Happy 98th birthday, Betty White!

There are people who are placed in the limelight with fame that comes and goes; and then there are people like Betty White — legendary actress from movies and sitcoms including The Golden Girls, That 70s Show and Hot In Cleveland — who still (on her 98th birthday!) has a personality that will last a lifetime as evidenced by her best quotes and memes throughout the years.

And on January 17, her charisma and charm have been given to the world for 98 years.

Betty White was born in Oak Park Illinois on January 17, 1922. Having a career that began at the young age of 17, she immersed herself to different areas of the movie business, such acting, hosting and producing.

She is widely known for her role in the seven-season show The Golden Girls, where she played Rose Nylund …

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50 Quotes On What It Feels Like To Be Overwhelmed (And How To Make It Stop)

Take a deep breath.

Everyone feels overwhelmed by life and stressed out at times — most stress is normal and  will pass. Instead of working yourself to exhaustion, know when to take a break. You can get a lot more done with a clear mind and a happy heart.

Only you know what is too much for you to handle so take care of yourself. Your tasks will still be there tomorrow, so if you want to spend today not caring about your responsibilities then let them go.

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to stay in bed, rest, and binge watch a television show. Don’t be afraid to answer yes to Netflix asking “are you still watching?” If you need time to reflect, then take a long walk and enjoy the scenery all around you. Maybe you have friends that you have been too busy to spend time with and …

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Ab To Hum Dard Se Khelnaa Sheekh Gye Hai, Bewafaa Shayari, Sad Shayari, Dard Shayari


Ab To Ham Dard Se Khelna Seekh Gaye Hai,
Ab To Ham Bevaphai Ke Saath Jeena,
Seekh Gaye Hai,
Kya Bataye Yaaron Ki Kitna Dil,
Toota Hai Hamara,
Ab To Ham Maut Se Pahle Kafan,
Oadh Kar Sona Seekh Gaye Hai..!!


अब तो हम दर्द से खेलना सीख गए है,
अब तो हम बेवफाई के साथ जीना,
सीख गए है,
क्या बताये यारों की कितना दिल,
टूटा है हमारा,
अब तो हम मौत से पहले कफ़न,
ओढ़ कर सोना सीख गए है..!!


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Aankhon Me Doob Jane Ko Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Shayari


Aankhon Mein Doob Jaane ko,
Dil Chahta Hai,
Ishq Mein Barbaad Hone Ko,
Dil Chahta Hai,
Koi Sambhale Bahak Rahe Hain,
Mere Kadam,
Wafa Mein Teri Mar Jane Ko,
Dil Chahta Hai..!!


आँखों में डूब जाने को,
दिल चाहता है,
इश्क में बर्बाद होने को,
दिल चाहता है,
कोई संभाले बहक रहे है,
मेरे कदम,
वफ़ा में तेरी मर जाने को,
दिल चाहता है..!!


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Mera jana huwa…..for my Barbie doll

Takdeer thi Meri esi ki Mera jana huwa
Bhalai thi dono ki esi ki
Mera jana huwa
Ab samjau to Kese samjau ki dur u hi Nhi hote log Bas
Mera jana huwa
Ab me to nikal aaya dur leke Teri yaad or
Mithi mithi vo Teri baat ki Mese dur mat jana
Lakin dekho fir Bhi
Mera jana huwa
Yaaaaaaar Bas samja Lo Khud Ko Kese Bhi
Ro Mat Bas chahe Jese Bhi
Aaunga pass tmhare me Vese Bhi
Bas abhi maaf kro
Abhi Na roko or keh do ki
Aakhir Kyu
Tera jana huwa
Nhi Tha koi javab tere is
Saval Ka
Jo Na jata me dur to Hota rishta apna Kamal Ka
Fir Bhi Mera jana huwa

Esa Nhi h ki me tuje yaad Nhi krta
Milne Ke liy baat nahi krta
Agar hoti vajah Na Itni badi to shayad me
Khudko tujse …

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