Funny Whatsapp Status


  • If I can look beautiful in my adhaar card,I bet I am handsome
  • My study schedule : Study-10 min Rest- 1 Hr
  • Reason why i change my status every day is my GF wants me to do that.
  • To save water , I drink Vodka
  • Marriage is subject to market risk.
  • Mahh phone,mahh status.LOL.
  • Drink till you become the greatest philosopher of your own world!
  • Its always fun to look back 5 years old photo of ourselves.
  • I didn’t fall,It was just that the floor needed some cleaning.
  • Which exercise machine do i need to impress girl? Trainer said ATM.
  • My humor is beyond your understanding. Isn’t that funny.
  • If brain is powerful why don’t everyone use it.
  • Most of the fruits I know now are just because of the shampoo i use.
  • I shampoo can be rich looking why can’t
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Best whatsapp status collection -1

  • Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.
  • Being challenged in life is inevitable, Being defeated is optional.
  • Choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… Because he will find an easy way to do it.
  • Experiencing life at the rate of 15 WTF’s every hours.
  • Girl are like moving car! Can change the road anytime whenever they find a better road.
  • Some people just need a High-Five, on the face.
  • Silence is better than lies.
  • Do it today, It might be illegal tomorrow.
  • I’m not anti-social. I’m anti-idiot
  • You can do anything, but not everything.
  • I always learn from the mistake of others who take my advice.
  • I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own font.
  • I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
  • I am only good at hiding my feelings
  • To live a creative life, we must
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Love Shayari – Mohabbat ka Imtihaan

मुहब्बत का इम्तिहान आसान नहीं!
प्यार सिर्फ पाने का नाम नहीं!
मुद्दतें बीत जाती हैं किसी के इंतज़ार में!
ये सिर्फ पल-दो-पल का काम नहीं!

Mohabbat ka Imtihaan aasan nahi,
Pyaar sirf paane kaa naam nahi,
Muddatein beet jaati hai kissi ke Intzaar mein,
Yeh sirf pal-do-pal ka kaam nahi.…

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Love Shayari – Tumhare naam ko

तुम्हारे नाम को होंठों पर सजाया है मैंने,
तुम्हारी रूह को अपने दिल में बसाया है मैंने,
दुनिया आपको ढूंढते ढूंढते हो जायेगी पागल,
दिल के ऐसे कोने में छुपाया है मैंने!

Tumhare naam ko hothon par sajaya hai maine,
Tumhari ruh ko apne dil main basaya hai maine,
Duniya aapko dhundhte dhundhte ho jayegi paagal,
Dil ke aise kone main chupaya hai maine.…

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Love Shayari – Jab koi khayal

जब कोई ख्याल दिल से टकराता है!
दिल न चाह कर भी, खामोश रह जाता है!
कोई सब कुछ कहकर, प्यार जताता है!
कोई कुछ न कहकर भी, सब बोल जाता है!

Jab koi khayal dil se takrata hai,
dil naa chaha ker bhi, khamosh rah jata hai,
koi sab kuch keh ker pyar jatata hai,
koi kuch na kehker bhi, sab bol jata hai!…

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Love Shayari – Yeh dil na jane

ये दिल न जाने क्या कर बैठा,
मुझसे बिना पूछे ही फैसला कर बैठा,
इस ज़मीन पर टूटा सितारा भी नहीं गिरता,
और ये पागल चाँद से मोहब्बत कर बैठा!

Yeh dil na jane kiya kar betha,
Mujhse bina puche hi faisla kar betha,
Is zameen per toota sitara bi nahi girta,
Aur ye pagal chand se mohabbat kar betha..…

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Love Shayari – Sar Jhukane Ki Aadat

सर झुकाने की आदत नहीं है,
आँसू बहाने की आदत नहीं है,
हम खो गए तो पछताओगे बहुत,
क्युकी हमारी लौट के आने की आदत नहीं है!

Sar Jhukane Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.
Aansu Bahane Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.
Hum Kho Gaye To Pachtaoge Bahut.
Kyun ki Hame Laut Ke Aane Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.…

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