Funny Whatsapp Status


  • If I can look beautiful in my adhaar card,I bet I am handsome
  • My study schedule : Study-10 min Rest- 1 Hr
  • Reason why i change my status every day is my GF wants me to do that.
  • To save water , I drink Vodka
  • Marriage is subject to market risk.
  • Mahh phone,mahh status.LOL.
  • Drink till you become the greatest philosopher of your own world!
  • Its always fun to look back 5 years old photo of ourselves.
  • I didn’t fall,It was just that the floor needed some cleaning.
  • Which exercise machine do i need to impress girl? Trainer said ATM.
  • My humor is beyond your understanding. Isn’t that funny.
  • If brain is powerful why don’t everyone use it.
  • Most of the fruits I know now are just because of the shampoo i use.
  • I shampoo can be rich looking why can’t
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