Screaming Silence

Excerpt: In spite of the fact that Auzita hates Mathew, he always loved her. He knew he is right

It was a cold chilly night. A man woke up in midnight around 3:00 am and lit a lamp to write something on his writing pad. He is Mathew, who lives in Srodie,a small town near Hague, Amsterdam.
It was 16th century, Amsterdam was under the Rule of King ‘Benedict’ . Mathew was scholar,writer and Philosopher. He was an active participant against the ill policies of Benedict’s Rule. He clashed with the current course of politics and society. There were many other writer also in the town but they used to write their article praising king’s policies and Rule. Due to their needlessness , they used to receive rewards and titles from king’s court.

On the other hand Mathew stood alone against King’s ill Rule. He used to write revolutionized article against King’s rule in the weekly journal called ‘The Amsterdam Journal’ and due to this he was arrested 3-4 times before. But he continued his writing. Mathew has mass support , people of Amsterdam knows he is right. He was fighting for the welfare and right of common people, they were with him. Benedict was reckless and believe in living extravagance and lavish life. He was least concerned about the welfare of people of his state.
Mathew was well know figure, people have full faith and support for him and they look upto him for a revolutionary change.He was a hero of masses, everybody liked him except one person. This was his wife ‘Auzita’.
Auzita used to scold and curse Mathew for what ever he was doing. Though she was not concerned about the article which he used to write, but she was concerned only about the condition of her family. Day by day they are moving towards poverty. She used to blame him for their pathetic condition. She was unhappy with her life and blame Mathew for this. But on other hand he used to explain her as what is doing is correct and for the welfare of everyone. But Auzita never paid any attention on this as she was frustrated with his idea of helping other. According to her, he ruined her life and was fit for nothing.

In spite of the fact that Auzita hates Mathew, he always loved her. He knew he is right and one day or the other Auzita will definitely understand his ideology. Mathew made several attempts to convince her but always failed to do so.
One day, Mathew published an article in ‘The Amsterdam Journal’ exposing king’s sex scandal . News reached to Benedict , he immediately asked his kinsmen to put Mathew behind the bar. The order was obeyed and soon Mathew was in jail. After a weak , he was sentence to death. As this news came out, there was revolt raised all around against the King Benedict by Mathew supporter. For a weak or two there was revolt continued but king didn’t change his decision. Auzita was shocked to see such a following for her husband. She now began to realize the greatness of Mathew who always fought for the welfare of other. She was sad and started crying.

This realization came very late to her when every thing was lost.
Finally the day has arrived when Mathew was to be hanged till death. Auzita with the permission of king went to see her husband last time. She was crying. They both were sitting a small room. Mathew had a long beard this time and his eyes constantly looking at the wall on other side. Auzita was crying and felt sorry for the wrong she did and said to him over all these years.
” I am sorry , please forgive me , I was fool who failed to understood a great man like you.’ She said to him .
But Mathew didn’t said a single word, he was calm and looking only one side of the wall. Auzita pleaded him to speak out to her. But Mathew didn’t utter a single word. He was silent . When only 10 second left for their conversation time, Mathew stood up and kissed her on her forehead and said
” I always loved you and I will……” .
This was the last word which she heard from him. Mathew was taken away from her and she left there crying.
After 5 mins of legal formality, he was hanged to death. A great soul left the world , leaving behind him a cruel king, his follower and a lovely wife, who lived rest of her life in the regret of not loving and understanding his great mate ,…Mathew.


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