Sweet and sober Good Morning SMS and Message for Family and Friends

पानी की बुँदे

पानी की बुँदे फूलो को भिगो रही है
ठंडी लहरें एक ताज़गी जगा रही है
हो जाएँ आप भी इसमें शामिल
एक प्यारी सी सुबह आपको जगा रही है..

Life May Not Be

Life May Not Be The Party You Hoped For,
But That Doesn’t mean you Stop Celebration,
Always Remember You Are The DJ of  Your Life
SPIN It, ROCK It ‘n LIVE it.. !

Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock!
May I come into Ur world?
I bring no flowers,no cakes.
But wishes to keep U fresh,
Prayer to keep U healthy,
And love to keep U smiling.
Good Morning

Good Morning

Do you know the meaning of Morning?
Morning means!
One MORE INNING given by ‘God’ to Play and Win!
Good Morning
& have a lovely win innings Day…

A Smile

A Smile is like a Sim card


Life is like a cellphone


You insert the
Sim card of a smile ,
A beautiful day is
Activated ?

Good morning

Keep smiling

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