30 Funny College Memes About Being A Broke College Student

If you’ve got student debt, raise your hand.

College takes it out of you and your wallet. It’s no secret that college is expensive, so it’s understandable that so many college students are broke, hitting the poverty line with such force that their $1000 textbooks fall out of their backpacks.

While it’s a sad fact, some humor emerges from the reality of broke college students. Of course, you’ll find your innovative broke students, your complaining ones and your broke students who just embrace their poverty head-on.

If you’re in college, you likely know the financial struggles most college students face and can relate to your peers’ tears and anguish on a personal level. However, there’s nothing more relatable than these funny memes about college life.

College memes can show how ridiculously funny your situation can be and how it looks to someone on the outside of it. These …

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